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    INSTALLATION OPERATION & MAINTENANCE DA PUMP I/B SLV/KTB CONFIGURATION    D   A   S   L   V   /   K   T   B    READ THIS BEFORE PROCEEDING It should be understood that the information contained in this manual does not relieve operating and maintenance  personnel from the responsibility of exercising normal good judgement in the installation, operation, and mainte-nance of the pump and its components. Only qualified personnel should work on this equipment, and only after reading this manual and becoming familiar with all of the safety notices and procedures contained herein. Safe and successful operation of this equipment is dependent upon its proper handling, installation, operation, and maintenance as described in this manual. It should be understood that the contents of this manual do not add to or modify any prior or existing warranty, agreement, commitment, and/or relationship between Flowserve and the purchaser. The sales contract between the parties contains the sole warranty for this equipment. During initial start-up of this equipment, it is recommended that the service of a Flowserve service supervisor be obtained to assure trouble-free operation. In some cases, the presence of a Flowserve service supervisor may be a contractual requirement for continuation of warranty. Check your contract. To schedule a service supervisor, contact Flowserve Corporation, Customer Service Department (1-800-547- 8671 or 908-859-7372   ), or contact the nearest Flowserve sales office.    D   A   S   L   V   /   K   T   B  Table Of Contents Section 1 Introduction Pump Data Sheet 1-1 Approximate Weights  1-1 Introduction 1-2 Safety 1-2 Description 1-2 CASING 1-2 IMPELLERS 1-3 CASING RINGS 1-3 CHANNEL RINGS 1-3 CENTER SLEEVE 1-3 CENTER BUSHING 1-3 THROTTLING SLEEVE 1-3 THROTTLING BUSHING 1-3 SHAFT 1-3 SHAFT SLEEVES 1-3 BEARINGS 1-3 STUFFING BOXES 1-4 RECEIPT INSPECTION 1-4 UNPACKING 1-4 Care During Storage 1-4 Painting/Rust Preventive 1-4 Lifting Equipment 1-5   TO LIFT UNIT 1-5 TO LIFT DRIVER 1-5 TO LIFT PUMP 1-5 TO LIFT UPPER HALF CASING 1-5 TO LIFT PUMP ROTOR 1-5    D   A   S   L   V   /   K   T   B   M   S  Table Of Contents Extended Storage Requirements 1-5 GENERAL 1-5 INSPECTION UPON ARRIVAL 1-6 STORAGE AREA 1-6 STORAGE PREFERRED (DRY) 1-6 GENERAL 1-6 ROTOR STORAGE 1-6 INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE 1-6 STORAGE NON-PREFERRED (WET) 1-8 Painting And Preservation 1-8 Start-Up 1-8  Drivers 1-8  Section 2 Installation Location 2-2  Foundation 2-2 Installation Check List 2-2  Level The Bedplate 2-3 PRELIMINARY ALIGNMENT 2-3 Grouting 2-4  Shaft/Coupling Alignment 2-4 TYPES OF MISALIGNMENT 2-5  ALIGNMENT 2-5 HORIZONTAL MOVE 2-7 VERTICAL MOVE 2-8 CHECK COUPLING ALIGNMENT 2-8  ASSEMBLE AND LUBRICATE COUPLING 2-8 DOWEL PUMP AND DRIVER 2-8 HOT ALIGNMENT CHECK 2-9  ALIGNMENT DATA SHEET – SHEET 1 OF 2 2-10  ALIGNMENT DATA SHEET – SHEET 2 OF 2 2-11  ALIGNMENT DATA EXAMPLE 2-12    D   A   S   L   V   /   K   T   B   M   S
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