Manual on Anti Dumping , Countervailing Duties and Safeguard Measures

Manual on Anti Dumping , Countervailing Duties and Safeguard Measures
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  M anual on A nti –  d umping duties, C ountervailing duties and S afeguard measures For Manufacturers, Traders, Importers &Exporters Ra!umar S Adu!ia# Com $%ons , '' #, AIC(A, FCAradu!ia)vsnl com*ra!umarfca)gmail com+-.-+ /0+1*+-..0 -/1. TA#'E 2F C23TE3TS I Introduction 1Introduction to trade remedy measures 2Definition 2.1Anti dumping duties-What are they? 2.2 Countervailing duties -What are they?2.3afeguards measures-What are they?3. Anti-dumping and countervailing duties !imilarities and differences  #o $hom do these duties and measures apply?%Authorities regulating and implementing anti-dumping duties and countervailing dutiesand safeguard measures. II (T2 and 4ATT on Anti5dumping duties, Countervailing duties and Safeguards measures  1. Introduction  2.&A## Agreements 2.1 Agreement on Implementation of Article 'I of the &eneral Agreement on #ariffs and #rade 1((  2.2 u)sidies and Countervailing 2.3 afeguards measures  III 6ispute SettlementI7 Rules of 2rigin7 'egislative Frame 8or! for implementation and administration of trade protection measures in India 7I Anti5dumping duties 1 *ormal 'alue 2+,port rice 3Constructed +,port rice  argin of Dumping%/actors Affecting Comparison of *ormal 'alue and +,port rice0ie ArticlesIn4ury Analysis 5 *on-in4urious rice in relation to in4ury margin(Casual in 16Who can file an application?11Domestic Industry12Investigation for Anti-Dumping duties 13evy of anti-dumping duty1 Difference )et$een anti dumping duty and normal customs duty 7I Countervailing duties 1u)sidy7 its meaning2Initiation of Investigation3Conduct of Investigation Determination of in4ury and casual lin %Determination of In4ury0+valuation of In4uryCasual in 5Assessment of su)sidy for countervailing duties(rocedural re8uirements 16rice 9ndertaings11Imposition and Collection of Duties12Duration7 #ermination and :evie$ of Duty13u)lic *otice1 Committee on u)sidies and Countervailing easures1%Dispute ettlement10 *otifications 7II Safeguards measures 1Critical circumstances2Initiation of Investigation for safeguard duties3Determination of in4ury for afeguards measures Application of safeguard measures%rovisional easures  0Duration7 #ermination and :evie$ of easurespecial tatus 7III Investigation0 Anti-Dumping and Countervailing duties . afeguard duties  I9 Important (e: sites A:out t;e :oo!  I Introduction0 Introduction to trade remed< measures #he fundamental principles of the &A##;W#< system are reciprocity and non-discrimination. =o$ever7 a num)er of e,ceptions to &A##>s non-discrimination rulee,ist7 lie trade remedies measures7 government procurement7 and regional tradingagreements. #his )oo deals $ith trade remedies measures. #he trade remedies measuresrefers to trade restrictions7 $hich can )e introduced under specific circumstances7 providing protection from imports )eyond the protection granted )y the tariff schedulesnegotiated as part of &A##. #hese measures thus represent an e,ception to the&A##;W#< fundamental principles of reciprocity and non-discrimination.#emporary restrictions allo$ed )y the W#< are anti-dumping duties7 countervailingduties7 and safeguard measures7 tariffs to assist $ith )alance of payments pro)lems7tariffs to protect infant industries7 or tariffs for emergency protection@. ermanente,ceptions are general $aivers from )inding o)ligations7 $hich !in contrast $ith theother mechanisms ! must )e formally approved )y the W#< Council.  Countervailing duties and anti-dumping duties are special offsetting import ta,es allo$ed )y the W#< under specific circumstances of unfair competition e,port su)sidies or dumping on the part of trading partners@7 conditional on a detailed investigation sho$ingthat the domestic industry is )eing hurt. #hese are discriminatory measures7 in that theyare 4ust applied against one trading partner. afeguard measures are temporary traderestrictions protecting an industry from fair competition7 )eyond the protection afforded )y tariffs negotiated as part of &A##. #hey are non discriminatory measures as they areapplied to all trade partners.#a)le 1.1 summarises the measures of trade protection measures regulated )y the W#<and their purposes. #a)le *o.1.1  Temporary MeasuresWhat are they for?  Anti-dumpingAntidumping actions are duties to offset unfair competition from foreign e,porters7only applied to dumping firms.  Discriminatory measure Countervailing dutiesCountervailing duties are duties to offsete,port su)sidies granted )y the governmentof an e,porting country.  Discriminatory measure afeguardsafeguards #ariffs or 8uota to offset  fair competition from imports causing damagesto the domestic industry  Non discriminatory measure . 6efinition


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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