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  A NewsLink service for Dole Chile Monday, November 3, 2014 Investment market up as shipowners'confidence returns Shipowners' renewed confidence prompted theinvestment marker to rebound in September.In its latest report, Golden Destiny said thatfollowing a slowdown in market activity in thesummer, shipowners were again active not onlyin placing more newbuilding orders but in thesecondhand market as well. September'snewbuilding activity was up eight percenton-year while secondhand vessel purchasessoared also by eight percent compared to lastyear.The dry bulk segment is seen to rebound overthe coming months but oversupply is still a keyconcern.And as more vessels are sent to scrapyards,freight rates somewhat stabilize although assetprices remained unpredictable, according to theshipbroker. Overall the outlook of freight marketenvironment is fragile and follows thechallenging economic conditions of economicenvironment as China's weakest expansionduring this year puts in danger the globaleconomic recovery combined with the highvolume geopolitical tensions and recent pace of decrease of bunker prices, the shipbroker said.In its report, Golden Destiny disclosed thatsecondhand vessel purchases were up 74% inSeptember compared to the previous month butwas 13% down year-on-year. As for thenewbuilding market, the shipbroker noted thatorders were up 22% in September than in theprevious month although the figure marked a49% drop compared to last year. SAFETY STUDY SHORE WORKER DIES IN ONBOARD'BASE OIL' FIRE A tank cleaner died because ofmiscommunication that led to a base oil fire. NARRATIVE An offshore supply vessel was in port for tankcleaning of its mud and base oil tanks prior totaking on board a fresh cargo. The base oilwas a combustible liquid with a flash point of75øC.A specialist tank cleaning team arrived withtank cleaning, vacuum and storageequipment. A cargo surveyor outlined the workrequired and one of the team arranged a workpermit with the authorising ship's officer.Tank entry for the tank cleaners and thesuction hose was through a manhole locatedin the engine room at an upper level. Afteroxygen levels were checked, three teammembers entered the base oil tank with thesuction hose, while other members operatedthe vacuum equipment ashore.When all of the base oil had been suckedout of the tank, one team member climbed outand the three started to remove the hose fromthe tank. One of the hose connectionsbecame jammed and a second memberclimbed out of the tank to assist. Hesubsequently went ashore to the storagetanker. To facilitate the hose removal, thehose end section in the engine room wasremoved.The team members who were ashore withthe vacuum and storage equipment stoppedthe pumping operation and closed the storagetanker valves. A misunderstanding about thecorrect sequence of operations apparentlyoccurred, and this allowed the residualvacuum in the suction hose to be lost.With the hose partially disconnected in theengine room, the base oil remaining in thehose flowed out under gravity and splashedover the running engine. The base oil ignitedand a sheet of flame and dense smokeenveloped the area.The tank cleaner who disconnected thehose in the engine room and a crew memberescaped out to deck and raised the alarm.The body of the remaining tank cleaner, whohad still been in the base oil tank when the firestarted, was found at the bottom of the engineroom stairs. CONCLUSION - An investigation of the accident concludedthat the parties involved failed to have a safesystem of work in place. A poor appreciation,by all involved, of the risks of transferring baseoil was also apparent. The Permit to Worksystem was not fully understood and thepermit issued was inadequate for the plannedactivity.  Source: UK MAIB  EU, China officials holdshipping policy talks Officials from the European Union and Chinahave held discussions on shipping policydevelopments between the two parties inHaikou.Delegates from the Chinese Ministry of Transport, the European Commission'sDirectorate-General for Transport and Mobility,EU member states, China Shipowners'Association and the European CommunityShipowners Association (ECSA) took part in themeeting, which is held for the 11th time.During the event, European officials called forChina to open up market access barriers forinternational shipping.According to ECSA secretary-general Patrick Verhoeven, China needs to lift the restriction ontheir ports to reduce transit times andtransportation costs, increased revenue andefficient utilisation of the facilities.Verhoeven noted that since the Chinesegovernment promised to launch a free-tradezone pilot project in Shanghai, foreign-ownedshipping companies are still not allowed totransport international cargo between Chineseports.European shipowners also talked aboutconcerns on taxation, trade practices, portcharges, navigational rules and vessel trafficservices as well as procedures for exit and transitvisas. The next implementation meeting will beheld in Poland in September 2015. Work underway to assessdamage on grounded barge A damage assessment is being done by the USCoast Guard (USCG) on a barge that ranaground off Kodiak, Alaska, over the weekend.According to officials, a USCG helicopter willconduct an aerial survey. The barge, which wasbeing towed by a motor vessel whiletransporting some 2.2 million gallons of fuelproducts prior to its grounding, had beendirected to anchor until the damage is assessed.The barge has already been refloated and all of its crew members are safe, authorities said, butan environmental assessment is still needed tobe completed. The Coast Guard is deploying resources tothe scene and has directed the vessel's owners toanchor until a thorough damage assessment canbe made, said Capt Paul Mehler, commander of the Sector Anchorage. Our priority is to ensurethe safety of the public and the environment, headded.The incident followed the grounding of a134-foot barge in the Beaufort Sea afterbreaking free from its tow amid a strong stormlast week. As of Friday, the authorities have yetto locate the unmanned barge. Officials believethat the barge may not have entered Alaskanwaters because of ice coverage that nowstretches up to ten miles offshore. It is unclear what level of future effort will beapplied to locating the barge and dealing withthe fuel that was known to be on board, PacificEnvironment spokeswoman Sue Libenson said.  PAGE 2 - Monday, November 3, 2014   SHIPPING DATABALTIC EXCHANGE Market snapshot: October 31Dry Index BDI 1428 +4Capesize Index BCI 32 +18!ana ax Index B!I 1233 +11#$pra ax Index B#I 8%2 +1&andysize Index B&#I 4'( ) EXCHANGE RATES *e ,ork -.ri C/s0 .n C$rrency #D in .n in #D C$rrencyBritain -!o$nd0 1%%1 '24Canada -Do//ar0 88'% 112(China -,$an0 1'3' '112%5$ro 122( (%82India -6$pee0 1'3 '148Indonesia -6$piah0 83 1287apan -,en0 8%' 1122%*oray -rone0 1481 '(2'!hi/ippines -!eso0 223 44%3!o/and -9/oty0 2%'( 33(6$ssia -6$b/e0 232 43328#inapore -Do//ar0 (((% 1284kraine -&rynia0 ((2 12% UK logistics confidence remainshigh amid challenges Logistics sector confidence is still high but morecontrolled in the United Kingdom over the pastsix months despite facing usual challenges in theindustry.According to the latest UK LogisticsConfidence Index, optimism in the sector wentup by about 36% since it plunged to its lowestpoint in late 2012.The rating was achieved amid a slightdecrease in confidence compared to last year.The bi-annual index, which surveyed over onehundred senior decision-makers in logisticsbusinesses in July and August 2014, disclosedthat almost 75% of the operators are looking toincrease capital over the coming months.More than 76% of the officials estimate theirturnover to rise in 2015, the report said.It also noted that logistics operators areconcerned over margin pressure. Another keyissue for the sector is attracting and retaininghigh-quality staff, according to the index.Meanwhile, 81% of the operators believed thatthe logistics industry is better compared topre-recession era and almost 50% of the sectorexpect conditions will improve over the next sixmonths. INCIDENTS Route du Rhum yachtingfavourite crashes into cargo ship One of the favourites in the Route du Rhumyacht race from France to Guadeloupe crashedinto a cargo ship just hours after setting off,organisers said on Monday.Thomas Coville, 46, was not hurt in theincident but his boat, the maxi trimaran SodeboUltim, lost the front of its starboard float andthere appeared to be damage to its central hull.The boat was forced to limp off towardsRoscoff on the northwestern tip of France.Coville won the Route du Rhum, held everyfour years, in a monohull in 1998 and finishedthird in trimarans in 2006 and 2010.He was one of the favourites for the tenthedition of the race, which takes competitorsfrom Saint-Malo in northern France toPointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe, AFP reported. One dead, 4 missing after boatsinks in South China Sea One person has been confirmed dead and fourothers are still missing after a fishing boat sank on sea off China's southernmost HainanProvince on Monday morning.The provincial maritime affairs bureauconfirmed that 12 of the 16 people on board thefishing boat were salvaged by the crew of anItalian cruise ship that was passing through thesea area 36 nautical miles east of Qinglan Portin Wenchang City in Hainan.But one of them died and two others are stillin critical condition.The bureau has ordered air and sea search forthe four missing.The fishing boat with 100 tonnes of grosstonnage belongs to a sea fishing firm inShenzhen City, south China's GuangdongProvince.The boat went offshore from Qinglan Port onFriday and started to returned to the port from10pm Sunday.It is not immediately known what caused theboat to sink, Xinhua reported. CO-OPERATION China eyes 'new maritime silkroad' partnership with RI Chinese President Xi Jinping will push forcloser trade and maritime co-operation withIndonesia under the establishment of the 21stCentury Maritime Silk Road, a reference to theancient trade and cultural route between Chinaand other parts of Asia, Europe and the MiddleEast.Only weeks after the inauguration of PresidentJoko Jokowi Widodo, Xi has sent his foreignminister Wang Yi to Jakarta to discuss bilateraland regional issues.The Chinese foreign minister is scheduled tomeet with his Indonesian counterpart, Retno LPMarsudi, at the Pancasila Building in Pejambon,Central Jakarta, on Monday.The Chinese embassy's head of press andpublic affairs, Zhang Yongchao, said that thetwo chief diplomats would discuss anarray of topics including the forthcoming visit of President Jokowi to Beijing to attend the APECsummit and to meet with Xi. They may touch upon important bilateral,regional and international issues of commoninterest with the aim of further strengthening theComprehensive Strategic Partnership under thenew circumstances, Zhang told The JakartaPost on Sunday.After Jokowi's inauguration, Xi congratulatedthe newly sworn-in President on his assumptionof office, Jakarta Post reported.  KVH Media Group Ltd    produces the market-leading KVH SatNews service, incorporating  NEWSlink   which provides 75+ titles for seafarers.  Address:   15 Nafpliou St., 1st Floor, P.O. Box3627, 3317 Limassol, Cyprus. Tel:   +357 25340360  Email: Copyright   ©2014 KVH Media Group Ltd is aKVH company. All rights reserved. PORT OF THE WEEK PORT OF SAVANNAH The Port of Savannah is a major seaportlocated at Savannah, Georgia. Itsextensive facilities for oceangoing vesselsline both sides of the Savannah Riverapproximately 29 kilometres from theAtlantic Ocean.Operated by the Georgia Ports Authority(GPA), the Port of Savannah competesprimarily with the Port of Charleston inCharleston, South Carolina to thenortheast, and the Port of Jacksonville inJacksonville, Florida to the south.It is comprised of two modern, deepwaterterminals: Garden City Terminal and OceanTerminal.The GPA operates one other Atlanticseaport in Georgia, the Port of Brunswick,located at Brunswick, Georgia, as well astwo interior ports linked to the Gulf ofMexico, Port Bainbridge and PortColumbus.The complex is home to the largestsingle-terminal container facility of its kindin North America.Garden City Terminal is the fourth busiestcontainer handling facilities in the country,encompassing more than 1,200 acres andmoving millions of tons of containerisedcargo annually.Between 2000 and 2005 alone, the Portof Savannah was the fastest-growingseaport in the United States, with acompounded annual growth rate of 16.5%.The US national average is 9.7%.On July 30, 2007, the GPA announcedthat the Port of Savannah had a recordyear in fiscal 2007, becoming thefourth-busiest and fastest-growingcontainer terminal in the nation.The authority handled more than 2.3million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) ofcontainer traffic during fiscal 2007 - a14.5% increase and a new record forcontainers handled at the Port ofSavannah.In five years, the port's container traffichas jumped 55% from 1.5 million TEUhandled in fiscal 2003 to 2.3 million TEU infiscal 2007.
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