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  A NewsLink service for Dole Chile Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Second-hand ship sales down;newbuilding stable Sales of second-hand vessels dipped in the pastweek on the back of a dismal output from thedry bulk market.In its report, Lion Shipbrokers said that therewere only seven bulker transactions over thepast seven days, noting that one of the mainreasons behind the plunge in sales was thecombined holidays in key markets such as Chinaand South Korea.But the newbuilding market posted a stableperformance in the past week and only thesegment's wet sector registered contraction.According to Clarkson Hellas, there were alsono new orders for container and petrol vesselsalthough the tanker market received 12 ordersslated for delivery until 2017. In dry, there is only one order to report, withBerge Bulk contracting two firm 37,000 DWTHandysize bulk carriers at Imabari Shipbuildingin Japan. Deliveries for these vessels are notknown, but the pair will be financed by JapanBank for International Co-operation andco-financed by the Bank of Tokyo-MitsubishiUFJ, Clarkson Hellas said.The companies that made new transactions fortankers as follow-up to their orders last yearwere China Merchants Energy Shipping andMaran Tankers and Frontline 2012.Meanwhile, sub-continent rates for thedemolition market went on to post another solidoutput on the back of several deals finalisedbefore the Diwali and Eid Mumbarak holidays,Lion Shipbrokers said. SAFETY BULK CARGO DISCHARGERECOMMENDATIONS IN ALGERIA The P&I (Europe) Club has issued its 1000thbulletin with recommendations regarding bulkcargo discharge in Algeria. It should beremembered that there is always a potentialintransit loss of weight due to loss of humidityand dust. Under normal circumstances, thesubsequent shortage, if any, should beconfined at a very small percentage (below0.5 %). However, when the cargo isdischarged by means of non-tight grabs, thereis a further shortage claim as a result of thecargo spillage during the dischargeoperations. The spillage can be even morewhen the trucks are overloaded and the shorescale is far from the pier.In addition to these obvious causes ofpossible shortage, there are also other factorsthat may contribute to create an apparentshortage on paper: lack of accuracy of theshore scale and failure to read and record theweights.Source: P&I (Europe) Club India-Myanmar containershipping launched A direct container shipping between India andMyanmar has been launched in Krishnapatnamport in southern state Andhra Pradesh, one of the largest ports on the East Coast of thesubcontinent, PTI reported.The fortnightly container service, operated bythe Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), wasflagged off on Saturday.An official of Krishnapatnam Port CompanyLtd (KPCL) said the Yangon service wouldboost bilateral ties between the two countries. Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd (KPCL)has always been at the forefront in servingstrategies and methodologies that would bringvarious corporates and trade associations fromboth the countries to partner and do business formutual benefits, KPCL Managing Director CSasidhar said.The port handled 58,000 containers last yearand expected the number to go to over one lakhin the current year, he said.Shipping Corporation of India Director (Linerand Passenger Services) S Narula said theYangon service would open immenseopportunities for exporters and importers in bothcountries. Maritime workforce summit setin New Orleans New Orleans is set to host a key maritime forumon Wednesday. Called the Annual Port Port of New Orleans Maritime Workforce Summit, theconference aims to educate and engagecommunity stakeholders on maritime jobopportunities. The inaugural event will beattended by New Orleans' education officials,maritime industry players and workforcedevelopment professionals.New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Cortchief executive officer Mark Romig said theforum seeks to encourage the local communityto support efforts in boosting the maritimeworkforce in line with efforts to enhance thecity's economic development. He added that theforum is also aimed at improving the Port of New Orleans' multi-modal transportation.The Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans ans the University of New Orleans(UNO) will co-host the event.Among the notable speakers at the summit areUNO president Peter Fos, Port Purchasing andContract Administration manager Terry Martin,who will deliver a speech meant to lureentrepreneurs to venture on new projects withthe Port, and Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond. The maritime industry is an economic engineand the source of high quality jobs inLouisiana, Richmond said, expressing hisdelight to be part of the maritime workforcesummit he believes will benefit the localcommunity. Vietnam-flagged tanker goesmissing after leaving Singapore A Vietnam-flagged tanker has gone missing enroute from Singapore to the Vietnamese port of Quang Tri and is feared hijacked, a world piracywatchdog said on Tuesday, amid growingconcern over piracy in Southeast Asian waters,AFP reported.There has been no contact with the vesselsince shortly after it departed Singapore lastThursday, the International Maritime Bureau'sPiracy Reporting Centre said in a news alert.The state-run Vietnam News Agency said thevessel belonged to a shipbuilding company inthe northern Vietnam port of Hai Phong and wascarrying more than 5,226 tons of oil and 18crew. The fate of the crew and vessel is unknown, the Kuala Lumpur-based piracy watchdog said,urging ships transiting the region to keep alookout for the missing tanker and report itswhereabouts if seen.Southeast Asia has seen a spate of daringhijackings this year, centred on the Strait of Malacca running between Malaysia, Indonesiaand Singapore.The incidents have fanned fears that theregion's busy shipping lanes - plagued by piracyfor centuries - could once again become aproblem area after an earlier surge in seabanditry was largely suppressed over the pastdecade by regional navies.  PAGE 2 - Tuesday, October 7, 2014   SHIPPING DATABALTIC EXCHANGE Market snapshot: (October 6)Dry Index BDI 1029 -8apes! e Index BI 1#$% -2$&ana'ax Index B&I 889 2*pra'ax Index BI 101# -11+andys! e Index B+I %$0 0 EXCHANGE RATES ,e .ork (Mon /s) n *rrency D !n n !n D *rrencyBr!ta!n (&o*nd) 136049 0362$1anada (Do//ar) 038966 1311%$h!na (.*an) 031629 631$905*ro 132619 03#924Ind!a (*pee) 03016$ 613%200Indones!a (*p!ah) 03000082 122143007apan (.en) 030091#$ 10930100,oray (rone) 031%40 63492$&h!/!pp!nes (&eso) 03022$ 4438200&o/and (/oty) 03$019 $3$100*ss!a (*b/e) 0302%1 $93##01!napore (Do//ar) 03#8$% 132#64kra!ne (+ryn!a) 030##2 1239%40 The majority of the recent attacks haveinvolved tankers whose oil or fuel cargoes weresiphoned off to other vessels. There have beenno reports of deadly violence. South Korea ferry disasterblamed on overloading, redesign South Korean prosecutors said Monday that adeadly combination of cargo overloading, illegalredesign and poor helmsmanship led to the Aprilferry disaster that claimed more than 300 lives,mostly schoolchildren, AFP reported.The coastguard's botched initial response alsocontributed to the high death toll, the SupremeProsecutors' Office (SPO) said,releasing thefindings of a five-month-long probe into thedisaster.It backed charges and evidence presented atthe ongoing murder trial of the vessel's captainand crew that the Sewol ferry was overloadedwith cargo and not carrying enough ballast tobalance the vessel correctly.Investigators also found that a redesign in2012 to increase cargo capacity had impaired theship's stability, leaving it top heavy. The ferryhad essentially lost its ability to maintain itsbalance, the SPO said in a press release. SECURITY US Navy to use new technologyin defending warships A new technology adapted from the NASA'srover on Mars is set to be unveiled by the USNavy in defending warships through sensitivesea lanes.The Office of Naval Research announced thatarmed, robotic patrol boats with no sailors onboard will be the technology used to escortingand defending warships after conducting anearlier demonstration in August.During the said demonstration, 13 roboticpatrol craft escorted a ship along the JamesRiver in Virginia with five of them guarding alarger ship. Eight other patrol craft were thendeployed to probe a suspicious vessel based on asimulated scenario conducted by the US Navyofficials.Naval research chief Rear Admiral MatthewKlunder explained that the demonstration aimedto replicate a transit through a straight. Itcould be the straits of Malacca, it could be thestraits of Hormuz, he said. EVENTS Mexico to host NAMEPAmaritime day conference The North American Marine EnvironmentProtection Association (NAMEPA) is set tohold the North American World Maritime Dayfrom October 23-24, to be hosted by Mexico.International Maritime OrganisationSecretary-General Koji Sekimizu will grace thetwo-day conference, where he is expected totackle the importance of maritime education andheritage.As host, Mexico is set to conduct studenttraining on marine debris and beach cleanupduring the event, where Sekimizu, who is alsoQuinta Roo state governor andsecretary-general, will be joined by RADM PaulThomas of the United States Coast Guard inproviding opening addresses. Since 2006, we have been producing a NorthAmerican World Maritime Day to honour themaritime industry and its value to globalsociety, NAMEPA executive director andco-founder Carleen Lyden-Kluss said. We are honoured that this year's event will beheld for the first time in Mexico, reflectingMexico's important position as a maritimenation and its commitment to the maritimeindustry and the preservation of the marineenvironment. SHIPWRECK UNESCO says wreck off Haitiisn't 'Santa Maria' A report from the UN cultural agency releasedMonday concludes that a shipwreck found off northern Haiti could not be the Santa Maria, thelost flagship from Christopher Columbus' firstvoyage to the Western Hemisphere, as a USexplorer had claimed.UNESCO said a team of experts who exploredthe site at the request of the Haitian governmentdetermined the wreckage was from a morerecent vessel for reasons that included thediscovery of copper nails and pins, used tofasten ship components, at the site, TheAssociated Press reported.The Santa Maria would have used componentsof iron or wood, the agency said.The report, which the agency said wasconducted in a neutral and scientific manner, found that it is possible the actual wreckage maybe buried under what is now land because of heavy sedimentation from nearby rivers.It also recommended further archaeologicalinvestigation of the area.  KVH Media Group Ltd    produces the market-leading KVH SatNews service, incorporating  NEWSlink   which provides 75+ titles for seafarers.  Address:   15 Nafpliou St., 1st Floor, P.O. Box3627, 3317 Limassol, Cyprus. Tel:   +357 25340360  Email: Copyright   ©2014 KVH Media Group Ltd is aKVH company. All rights reserved. MARITIME INSTITUTION ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOATINSTITUTION The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is acharity registered in England, Wales andScotland in the United Kingdom.RNLI provides, on call, a 24-hour lifeboatsearch and rescue service around the UKand Ireland, and a seasonal lifeguardservice.The institution has saved more than140,000 lives since its foundation in 1824.The islands of Britain and Ireland havealways been vulnerable to the dangerscoming from coasts due to weather andvarious calamities.In the early 19th century, there was anaverage of 1,800 shipwrecks a year aroundthe British coasts, and this danger was anaccepted part of life onboard.Coastal communities often watchedhelplessly as vessels foundered.After witnessing the destruction ofdozens of ships from his home on the Isleof Man, and getting involved in rescueattempts himself, Sir William Hillaryappealed to the Royal Navy, thegovernment and other eminent personshelp in forming a national institution for thepreservation of lives and property fromshipwreck. This effort resulted in the organisation ofthe RNLI in 4 March 1824.Throughout the 19th century, volunteersin sail and oar-powered lifeboats took onhigh seas in rescue after rescue, and theInstitution supplied the equipment theyneeded, including the introduction of corklifejackets in 1854.The 20th century saw the RNLI continueto save lives at sea through two worldwars. Lifeboats moved from sail and oarpower to petrol and diesel, and the firstwomen joined their crews.Recent years have seen a significantexpansion of the service, with theintroduction of RNLI lifeguards and the firstlifeboat station on an inland waterway, bothin 2001.The organisation has current training andassistance programmes in Bangladesh,Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cameroon,Kenya, Philippines, Senegal, Tanzania,Gambia, Uganda and Uruguay.
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