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A NewsLink service for Dole Chile Wednesday, October 15, 2014 SAFETY STUDY BUT WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY Maritime industry likely to spend more on security Poor bridge team management practices while approaching and entering a narrow channel Maritime experts predict that the industry is led directly to the grounding of a 1,845gt likely to spend more on boosting security tanker. measures amid continuous threats posed by sea piracy, terrorism and environmental destruction. According to i
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  A NewsLink service for Dole Chile Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Maritime industry likely tospend more on security Maritime experts predict that the industry islikely to spend more on boosting securitymeasures amid continuous threats posed by seapiracy, terrorism and environmental destruction.According to industry analysts, the maritimesecurity market currently costs aroundUSD13.94 billion this year and the amount ismost likely to soar to USD20.87 billion over thenext five years.Experts say the surge will be brought about bythe international community's joint efforts infinding ways to better combat maritime-relatedcrime, as well as in developing state-of-the-artmaritime equipment and eco-friendly ship fueland vessels. Improving international tradethrough innovative systems will also prompt themaritime sector to spend more over the comingyears.Such an increase in security spending willmost likely be seen in Asia-Pacific, LatinAmerican African and Middle Eastern nations,whose maritime sectors are constantlyprogressing.Companies that specialise in maritime securitysuch as Trident Group and Northrop GrummanCorp, meanwhile, are slated to benefit from thespending surge as they continue to developintegrated maritime surveillance networks tothwart various industry-related menace such asillegal seaborne immigration, piracy threats andenvironmental destruction.These companies are also expected to helpmaritime corporations in linking further theiroperations, especially with regard to trade andinvestments. SAFETY STUDY BUT WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT THATWAY Poor bridge team management practices whileapproaching and entering a narrow channelled directly to the grounding of a 1,845gttanker. NARRATIVE The bridge watch consisted of an officer of thewatch, a lookout and the master. The vesselhad passed through the same channel a fewdays earlier on her loaded passage, andreciprocal courses had been chosen for thereturn passage. The planned track involved a40ø alteration of course just one ship's lengthbefore the entrance to the channel. The bridgethat spanned the narrow passage at itsentrance had a white transit light that markedthe centre of the bridge and the channel.As the vessel approached the channel at fullsea speed, the master took the con, switchedthe helm to hand steering and, againstcompany instructions, started to steer thevessel himself towards and through thenarrow entrance. The officer of the watch waslooking on without a defined monitoring role.However, he had plotted a position on thechart, which showed the vessel to be north ofthe charted course line, and the master hadaltered the vessel's heading slightly in anattempt to partly compensate. Before thevessel had moved far towards her track, themaster decided to steer directly for the whitelight, which indicated the centre of the bridge'sspan. The vessel had recently been fitted withan electronic chart system following a similaraccident on another of the company's ships.The master could see the electronic chartdisplay, but never received any formal trainingfor this equipment. As the vessel passedunder the centre of the bridge, the masterused 10ø of port helm to bring her around 40øto the required heading for the passage. Noallowance, mental or otherwise, had beenmade for the vessel's advance and shegrounded on the southern edge. LESSONS - This wheelhouse was well manned withqualified personnel, but the team was notused effectively to ensure the vessel's safepassage. A better arrangement would havebeen for the seaman to have steered thevessel while the OOW plotted positions andthe master oversaw the whole safe operation.- Passage planning was ineffective. Aplanned track that allowed the vessel to altercourse and steady up on the new heading wellbefore the entrance to the channel would haveprevented this accident.  Source: UK MAIB  September a challenging monthfor shipping sector: OPEC The shipping industry, particularly the dirty spottanker market, continued to be dogged byseveral challenges in September, affectingvessels of all sizes.According to its latest report, the Organisationof the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)noted that dirty spot market activity, especiallyin the Middle East, remained at their lowestlevels during the month stemming from a slidein chartering activities that also prompted freightrates to fall.Global spot fixtures plunged by 4.8%month-on-month while Middle East-to-Westfixtures dropped by 31.1%.Tonnage oversupply, coupled with a surplusof vessels, also contributed to September'sshortfall, the OPEC said, noting that totalsailings went down by 0.09million-barrels-per-day in the said month. Portarrivals in all regions, except those in WestAsia, likewise posted a significant decrease.The plunge in freight rates affected the VLCC,Suezmax and Aframax segments and industryanalysts say such a negative development willlinger due to the upcoming winter season.But it was the opposite for the productsmarket, which was boosted by soaring cleantanker freight rates and a strong market activity.The OPEC said activities in both the East andWest Suez went up by one percent and ninepercent, respectively, in September compared tothe previous month. Better Polar Code, ballast watermanagement sought International Maritime Organisation (IMO)secretary-general Koji Sekimizu cited the needto finish the second phase of the Polar Code andthe involvement of more countries in ballastwater management at the MEPC67 sessionrecently.Sekimizu stressed that the Polar Code can stillbe improved by further addressing measures onpollution prevention, as he remains optimisticthat its implementation is on target for January2017. The principal remaining task for thisCommittee is now to finalize Part II of the Codeaddressing pollution prevention measures andthe associated MARPOL amendments, Sekimizu said. This will be timely to demonstrate to theoutside world that the organization is once againtaking the lead as a global standard-setter bypioneering the first-ever internationally bindingregime covering the full range of vessel design,construction, equipment, operational andtraining matters, environmental protection andsearch and rescue in the remote and inhospitablewaters surrounding the two poles, he added.Sekimizu lauded Japan, Jordan, Tonga and theRepublic of Congo for becoming the newcontracting parties since MEPC66, and hopesfor more states to become active in ballast watermanagement in the future.  PAGE 2 - Wednesday, October 15, 2014   SHIPPING DATABALTIC EXCHANGE Market snapshot: (October 14)Dry Index BDI 948 -6Capes!e Index BCI 148 -#6$ana%ax Index B$I 88 &1'pra%ax Index BI 9 * -'+andys!e Index B+I 1, -# EXCHANGE RATES e. /ork (0e Cs) 23n Crrency D n 23n n D CrrencyBrtan ($ond) 15 9,6 ,56*8'Canada (Doar) ,588 151*9#Chna (/an) ,516## 651* ro 15*64 ,5'9,8Inda (7pee) ,5,16# 6154#,,Indonesa (7pah) ,5,,,,8* 1**,'5,,apan (/en) ,5,,9#4' 1,6599,,or.ay (rone) ,51 *, 65 '8#$hppnes ($eso) ,5,**# 44584,,$oand (oty) ,5#,,8 #5#*,,7ssa (7be) ,5,*44 4,59464n3apore (Doar) ,5'8## 15*'6'krane (+ry;na) ,5,''* 1*59 64 The new sub-committee on Implementationof IMO Instruments, which held its first sessionin July, finalised its work on the intensivelydiscussed draft Guidelines for port State controlunder the 2004 Ballast Water ManagementConvention. I therefore urge the committee toresolve the outstanding issue of sampling andindicative analysis of ballast water and to adoptthese long-awaited guidelines at this session, the IMO official said. Underwater search reveals nosign yet of MH370 Australian authorities released their first updateon the latest underwater probe for missing flightMH370 Wednesday, saying more than 670square kilometres (260 square miles) had beensearched without success, AFP reported.The Malaysia Airlines aircraft carrying 239people vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur toBeijing on March 8 and no sign of the jet hasbeen found despite a massive air and sea search.The Boeing 777, which is believed to havecrashed into the southern Indian Ocean afterinexplicably veering off course, is now thesubject of a renewed underwater hunt far off western Australia.The Australian Transport Safety Bureau(ATSB), which is leading the search, said theMalaysian-contracted vessel GO Phoenix wascontinuing to conduct underwater searchoperations.The underwater search began on October 6and followed a survey to map the seabed. About127,000 square kilometres of the search zonehas been mapped so far.Sophisticated vehicles attached to the ship bytow cables have been programmed to detect thebiggest parts of the aircraftlikely to be in onepiece, such as engines and fuselage. GO Phoenix continues to conduct underwatersearch operations, the ATSB said. At one point, operations were halted in orderto recover the deep tow vehicle and rectify acable connection fault. Operations were quicklyrecommenced. GO Phoenix is searching the area consideredthe most likely final resting place of the plane,based on detailed analysis of the aircraft'ssatellite communications. ICS airs worry over 'premature'oil pollution fund closure The smooth running of the well-establishedglobal regime for compensation from oilpollution from ships may be under serious threatdue to a decision by governments to wind up the1971 International Oil Pollution CompensationFund (IOPCF), the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) said in a press statement.At next week's IOPCF meeting in London,ICS (in conjunction with BIMCO andIntertanko) will argue that it is premature towind up the 1971 Fund when there are stilloutstanding claims not covered by the current1992 Fund. Some of these claims are subject tolitigation, with money potentially still owed tothe shipowners' insurers, the Protection &Indemity (P&I) Clubs. ICS is thereforesupporting the position of the InternationalGroup of P&I Clubs on this issue andadvocating a rethink of the decision, confirmedby an IOPCF meeting in April this year.The shipping industry believes that thedecision to wind up the 1971 Fund beforeresolving outstanding claims is in breach of the1971 International Convention on theEstablishment of an International Fund forCompensation for Oil Pollution, and will alsoresult in a serious threat to the operation of the1992 Fund, to the detriment of future pollutionvictims' interests. INCIDENTS Vessels warned on oil spill inMobile channel Two boats containing 2,000 gallons of oilcapsized at the Mobile, Alabama shippingchannel on Monday, prompting the US CoastGuard Mobile Sector to warn vessels that arepassing through the area.The Coast Guard is leading a probe on thecause of the accident after the 52-foot(15.8-metres) tugboat and a 26-foot (7.9-metres)boat sank around 10:45pm Monday. Theauthorities confirmed that 55 crew memberswere rescued from the two ships.Officials said the two sunken boats weresurrounded with booms to avoid the lubricatingoil and the fuel inside from contaminating thebay. (But) some oil has escaped and it emitting asheen in the bay, US Coast Guard LieutenantBradley Parker said.US Coast Guard Mobile Sector Petty OfficerChad Jackson disclosed that the shippingchannel resumed uninterrupted vessel traffic buthe told vessel crewmembers to transit the areawith caution.  KVH Media Group Ltd    produces the market-leading KVH SatNews service, incorporating  NEWSlink   which provides 75+ titles for seafarers.  Address:   15 Nafpliou St., 1st Floor, P.O. Box3627, 3317 Limassol, Cyprus. Tel:   +357 25340360  Email: Copyright   ©2014 KVH Media Group Ltd is aKVH company. All rights reserved. HI-TECH ALFA LAVAL UNVEILS FILTREX FILTERFOR PUREBALLAST 3.0 Alfa Laval has launched an alternative filteroption for PureBallast 3.0. Under the newFiltrex filter, the system will be allowed tooperate in fresh, brackish and marinewaters with a UV transmittance as low as42%.New standards have been set for theenergy efficiency, compactness andflexibility of Alfa Laval's chemical-freeballast water treatment system, PeterSahlen, PureBallast R&D Manager at AlfaLaval said. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.0 isequipped with a Filtrex premium filter.Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.0, which hasbeen tested and approved for use in verychallenging condition, can operate at fullflow down to a UV transmittance of 42%,which gives a high level of security forvessels that operate globally.The system can operate in marine watersof any temperature and in areas with verypoor water quality, the manufacturer said. BMT LAUNCHES SIMULATOR FORMARINE COLLISION STUDIES BMT ARGOSS and BMT Surveys,subsidiaries of BMT Group Ltd, said in apress release that they have launched anew service as part of its marine casualtyinvestigation portfolio.Using REMBRANDT, the real and fasttime simulation tool developed by BMTARGOSS, the Collison Reconstruction andSimulation Team will be able to accuratelyreconstruct specific incidents involvingcollisions in order to identify the root causeand any lessons that can be learned.The simulation uses shipboard VoyageData Recorder data, radar images andregional AIS information combined withhigh fidelity ship models, which can bere-modelled to required parameters, toproduce 3D simulations. Voice, radar andposition data sets are automaticallysynchronised, together with environmentaldata and navigational circumstances, topresent a complete reconstruction ofevents for in depth analysis. TheREMBRANDT simulator is regularly usedby an international client base of cruise,ferry, LNG, tanker, container and bulkcarrier operators and port authorities.
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