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  The aviation Industry has been growing over past few months after witnessing some of the worst times, thanks to increased taxes, high fuel prices, Union fights and standoffs ! The aviation Industry has also been in news for  all the wrongs reasons …  But, things are surely getting better with Aviation Industry registering close to 50% growth year on year as well as month on month. According to latest report released by Aviation ministry, there has been a sustained growth in  both the capacity and demand which continued even in the month of January, 2011. Indian Aviation Industry Market Share Indigo and Kingfisher  remained the top performers in the Industry on back of good and timely services. Kingfisher currently holds 19.5% percent Indian market share closely followed by Indigo Airlines which has 19.2% market share. Although, the Jet Airways and Jet Lite combined  market share is higher at 24.8 percent !    Seat Factor On back of festive peak season, December saw tremendous growth in seat factor ratio, with Indigo registering maximum seat factor of 93.3%. However, Jan seat factors dipped on lower demand. Flight Cancellations Indigo scored very well in this area as well which registered lowest cancellation ratio of just 0.5  percent. Spicejet (0.9%) and Jet Airways (1.3%) also witnessed quite less cancellations. On other hand, JetLite was by far the worst performer with 3.5 percent flight cancellations!    Passenger Complaints  Now this one is a surprise  –   Air India performed better than all other carriers registering least  passenger complaints with only 1.2 in 10,000 passengers complaining about various services . Go Air was the worst performer with just over 5 passengers in 10k complaining about their services. Out of the total complaints, 29 percent of all were for lost baggage, while 5.9 percent were refund related issues! Isn’t it surprising that passengers flying on Air India complain the least !    Aviation Industry in India is a significant one among those industry segments that have experienced a phenomenal growth across the globe over the past years. The open sky policy of the Indian government is one of the key factors that have allured international players into the aviation industry in India. Since long, the aviation industry in India has been growing in terms of number of air travel firms and number of aircrafts. Today, private airlines alone bear the burden of not less than 75% of the domestic aviation requirements. Indian aviation industry is the 9 th  largest in the world. As per the statistics released by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, in the year 2008 alone not less than 29.8 million people travelled to and from India which was a 30% surge from 2007. Industry experts have predicted that not less than 50 million passengers will be served by the India aviation industry by 2015. Widening opportunities in India will create room for over 69 foreign airlines entering the Indian aviation sector from about 49 countries. Growth of Indian Aviation industry The Civil Aviation market in India witnessed a CAGR growth of about 18%, which was valued at US$ 5.6 billion in the year 2008. This figure witnessed almost a doubling surge in August 2009 with the domestic airliners transporting more than 3.67 million passengers against only 2.92 million in the corresponding period of 2007, which was a increase up by 26%. The estimation made by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) states that the domestic airline traffic in the country will go up by 30% to 35% till in 2011 and 2012, while the international traffic is expected to increase by 15%. This would mean not less than 110 million passengers traveling by air by the year 2011. The Aviation Ministry in India has allotted US$ 9 billion to modernize the existing airports by the year 2011. With respect to the volume of domestic passengers, US have always been leading the sector followed by China, Japan and India. Between 2005 and 2008, the number of domestic flights in the nation rose up by 69%, while the domestic aviation sector grew by 9-10%. Some of the notable players in the India aviation industry include Kingfisher Airlines and Kingfisher Red (previously Air Deccan), Jet Airways and Jet Lite (previously Air Sahara), Air India and Indian (previously Indian Airlines), IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, Paramount Airways and MDLR Airlines. Future of Aviation industry in India  With a surging demand and with the entry of a large number of domestic and international companies into the sector, India aviation Industry is sure to witness a phenomenal growth in the near future demonstrating a CAGR growth rate of more than 15% in the forth coming years. It is also estimated that the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India will alone handle about 280 million  passengers by the year 2020. Industry experts envisage about US$ 110 billion new investments in the Indian aviation sector with not less than US$ 80 billion exclusively targeted for the  purchase of new aircraft and US$ 30 billion for developing the infrastructure at the airports.
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