Marketing Strategies of Lg Electronics India (Pvt.) Ltd.

Marketing Strategies of Lg Electronics India (Pvt.) Ltd.
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  PROJECT REPORT ONMARKETING STRATEGIES OF LG ELECTRONICS INDIA (PVT.) LTD. Submitted in p!ti #u #i ment $# t%e !e&ui!ement $# '%e $! $# 'uine Adminit!ti$nJmi *md!d +ni,e!it- +NDER T*E S+PERVISION OFS+'MITTED '/MR. INTSAR ALIAMREENS$#td$t *i0Te% Eduti$n 1 ENROLLMENT NO. ODL234256426783T!inin9 Intitute S$ut% E:t03CO+RSE ''A 4 !d  /e! SESSION 763407638 JAMIA *AMDARD +NIVERSIT/; NE< DEL*I T%!$u9% CENTRE CODE 3636 SOFTDOT *I0TEC* ED+CATIONAL 1 TRAINING 0  INSTIT+TE; SO+T* E=T03; NE< DEL*I   1  TO <*OM SO EVER IT MA/ CONCERN This is to certify that the project work title >M!?etin9 St!te9ie $# LG E et!$ni Inid(P,t.) Ltd.@  by  M. Am!een; ODL234256426783 is an authentic work carried out by him under my guidance and supervision in the Bachelor of Business Administration from JAMA!AM A# $%&'#(T) through (*+T *T !,T'-! ' $-AT*% %(TT$T'. Thereport submitted has been founded satisfactory for the partial fulfillment of the degree of B.B.A. -------------------- M#. %T(A# A/#*J'-T ($'#&(*#2 3  ST+DENT DECLARATION  here by certify that the project report entitled on >M!?etin9 St!te9ie $# LG E et!$niInid (P,t.) Ltd.@ submitted in partial fulfillment of the re4uirement for the award degree of Bachelor of Business Administration to Jamia !amdard5  eemed $niversity2 elhi ndia2 is mysrcinal work and not submitted or the award of any other degree5 diploma5 fellowship5 or anyother similar title or pri6es anywhere else. Am!eenEn!$ ment N$. ODL234256426783   7


Apr 16, 2018
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