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  With the emergence of China and India as economic giants, there have been stronger investment inows into emerging Asian markets driven by rising consumer demand and healthier growth rates. Singapore, with its strategic position at the heart of Asia is well primed to ride this growth and establish itself as a premier nancial hub. !AS, as the nancial agent of the government will be at the forefront of these sweeping developments. I have always had a keen interest in nance and economics, coupled with a burning desire to answer the call of public service. ew organi#ations combine the fast$paced, dynamic environments public service entails with intellectually stimulating portfolios pertaining to monetary policy and nancial development. !AS is appealing for this very reason. %he fact that decisions and polices formulated at !AS will have a direct, signicant impact on the lives of fellow Singaporeans is a key factor that drove me to apply for the scholarship.  %he allure of an overseas education also provided the impetus to applyfor the !AS scholarship. It has always been a dream of mine to pursue an economics degree overseas to step out of the connes of my comfort #ones and embrace a more global perspective and outlook. %he appeal of the !AS scholarship lies in the fact that recipients are encouraged to pursue any degree that aligns with their interests, and this highlights the dynamism and e&ibility that I relish in a career. I believe economics is the one sub'ect that marries the precision and analytical tools employed in science with the ingenuity of thought that comeswith the study of the humanities. I particularly en'oy contrasting and criti(uing the various management strategies and tools that the government can use in controlling the economy. A career with the !AS would provide the ideal platform for me to pursue my interest in economics and grant me an opportunity to have a hand in shaping Singapore)s nancial future. Always one on the look out for fresh challenges and game for novel ideas, the plethora of responsibilities and departments such as the *conomic +olicy epartment, inancial Strategy epartment, among many others are an a-rmation of the dynamic and vibrant corporate environment present in the !AS. Another reason that drew me to the scholarship would have to be the summer internship programme oered by the !AS. Such internships would provide undergraduates with hands$on e&perience whilst mitigating against the punishing work schedule a career in the nancial sector would demand. Itwould also ensure that undergraduates studying overseas do not lose touch with the local community whilst maintaining the global perspective that denes !AS scholars. %he fact that scholarship holders are given opportunities to rotate departments and gain greater e&posure of the organi#ation)s overall functions is also another plus point. %his is especially sosince scholars would be challenged continuously and not remain restricted within conventional thresholds.  Above all, I have always kept an open mind to new ideas and skills and I believe this spirit of constant (uestioning and desire to learn will stand me in good stead in terms of adapting to the needs of a central banking career aswell as the hectic lifestyle that accompanies it. %he !AS scholarship truly lives up to its catch phrase of one scholarship, many opportunities, and it is for this very reason that I am so interested in the scholarship.


Jul 23, 2017
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