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   ANGLIA EXAMINATION SYNDICATE Masters Level Paper 4 skills 2014 Key and Mark Scheme 1 Section R1 (10 marks) 1 mark for each correct answer. 1. D 2. B 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. D Section R2 (10 marks) 1 mark for each correct number placed below a letter. A B C D E F G H I J 9 13 6 7 12 2 8 1 15 11 Section R3 (10 marks) 1 mark for each correct word inserted in a gap. No marks if more than one word is inserted, even if the sentence is correct. No marks if the spelling is incorrect. 1.   one 2.   grapevine 3.   rocket 4.   doubt 5.   teeth 6.   track 7.   sailing 8.   limb 9.   house 10.   cloud Section W2 (10 marks) 1 mark for each fully correct answer with no mistakes. No half marks. 1.   We have the same conversation year in, year out. 2.   We’ll have to muddle through with what we’ve got. 3.   James is an expert on everything, with the exception of politics. 4.   Will Simon’s ability to drive be affected by his broken toe?   ANGLIA EXAMINATION SYNDICATE Masters Level Paper 4 skills 2014 Key and Mark Scheme 2 5.   We all need to get behind him on this one. 6.   He really takes us for granted. 7.   He always passes/ is always passing the buck. 8.   His arrival surprised us all. 9.   Under no circumstances should/must this document be shown to the staff. 10.   He is considered to be the best artist of his generation. Section W3 (15 marks) A single mark out of 15 is awarded for both parts of section W3. Give marks according to the following mark scheme. Content organisation 5 marks  Accuracy and appropriacy 5 marks  Task completion (including range of language) 5 marks     ANGLIA EXAMINATION SYNDICATE Masters Level Paper 4 skills 2014 Key and Mark Scheme 3 Section R4 Part One (10 marks) 1 mark for each definition.  Example  answers, there may be acceptable variations: a. example  exceeded / surpassed  b. deterioration [accept destruction] of the environment c. wealth/ plenty d. cultured/ sophisticated expressions e. causing/creating changes f. become congested    g. Necessity / requirement h. our resources are lessening   i. distributed/ apportioned     j. unselfish/ selfless k. model/ standard Section R4 Part Two (10 marks) Writing criteria apply. Candidates should make reference to at least 4 of the following (2 marks each) A further 2 marks should be awarded for linking of ideas and natural flow. ã   Saves money ã   Helps the environment ã   Encourages communication/ face-to-face interaction ã   Increases output by using goods more ã   Creates jobs in areas such as distributing/ couriering   ANGLIA EXAMINATION SYNDICATE Masters Level Paper 4 skills 2014 Key and Mark Scheme 4 Section W4 (20 marks) Writing criteria apply. At this level the composition must have a clear introduction, middle and end. It must answer the question, examining whether intellectual property law is just and workable, or unrealistic, and end by giving a rational opinion based on the argument presented. It must not be full of repetition, either in vocabulary or in structure, unless specifically and deliberately for rhetorical purposes. It must have a consistent style which fits an academic discussion, although some informality can be accepted if it can be seen to be used for stylistic effect. It must not have mother-tongue interference, or grammatical mistakes, although some error is acceptable if it is spelling or a common error which native speakers also often make. The title must be adhered to, the argument presented must be directly related to the title given and not to a variation invented by the candidate. There must be clear paragraphing, with an introduction and a conclusion. Good, natural, cohesive and linking devices between paragraphs and sentences must be used. The marker should ignore the rough notes; they are for the candidate's use only. The mnemonic and acronym CART should be used to assess the composition on each of the criteria below in order to judge it against the above outline description. C ontent organisation (paragraphing, linking devices, pacing and logic) A ccuracy and appropriacy of language (number and type of errors, mistakes; correct style and tone)  R ange of vocabulary and structure evidenced (versatility with words and structures to fit context; lack of repetition) T ask fulfilment (clear and robust answering the question posed in the title, not deviating from it or twisting it)  Maximum 5 marks for each of the above criteria: 1 mark 2 marks 3 marks 4 marks 5 marks Is definitely not C2 level in the criteria. Does not inspire the reader to feel the writer is fully confident in the category as an expert in English. Is approaching C2 level in the criteria but is not quite there in giving good evidence of being an expert in English. Just reaches pass level for C2, i.e. shows evidence of full competence as a literate and confident expert in English in the criteria. Minor stumbles, no more notable than a native speaker might make. Is definitely well inside the C2 boundary for the category. Impressive use of English giving the reader full confidence in the writer’s versatility, ability and expertise in English. Fulfils the criteria perfectly. No more could be asked of the candidate.
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