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Ancient mathematics in India
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  The   Mathematics   of    India Chapter   8  Increasingly   Harder ‐ to ‐ Read   Timeline  Aryabhata I, Varahamihira, Bhaskara I & II, Brahmagupta, Mahariva SuiQin Qin JiushaoLiu HuiGnomon, Nine Chapters INDIACHINAYuan / MingSongTangWarring States WarringStates ZhouShangHan500 CE0 CE500 BCE3000 BCE2500 BCE2000 BCE1500 BCE1000 BCE1000 CE1500 CEMuslim / Kerala SchoolImperial Guptas / Classical1500 CE1000 CEJainism / BuddhismIndo-European / HinduIndus Valley Civilization1000 BCE1500 BCE2000 BCE2500 BCE3000 BCE500 BCE0 CE500 CEMycenaeanMinoanGREECEChristianRomanHellenisticClassical ArchaicDark500 CE0 CE500 BCE3000 BCE2500 BCE2000 BCE1500 BCE1000 BCEMESOPOTAMIAEGYPTIntInt1000 BCE1500 BCE2000 BCE2500 BCE3000 BCENew KingdomMiddle KingdomIntOld Kingdom Archaic AssyriaOld Babylon AkkadiaSumaria  Indus   Valley   Civilization  Indus   Valley   Civilization ã  Very   advanced   brick ‐ making   technology. ã  Over   15   kinds   of    Harappan bricks   have   been   found,   but   they   all   have   their   dimensions   in   the   ratio   of    4:2:1. ã  They   contain   no   straw   or   other   binding   material,   and   are   still   usable   today.  

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