Matt 5.03 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

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  Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3) There are very few people who would agree that poverty is a blessing or thatthere is any bliss to be found in destitution. Most people would rather speak of the curse of poverty rather than of the blessings of poverty.The word which is used in the Greek for poor is ‘  ptochos ’ which is anadjective to describe not one who is simply poor but one who is completelydestitute (bankrupt. ‘  Ptocho s’ was always used in a bad sense! until it iswas ennobled by the gospel.This word srcinally meant poor in the literal sense of the term. man whohas no power! no prestige! no influence to defend himself against the insultsand the assaults of the world.#hat then is the poverty of the spirit$ %t is surely not financial destitution!or material poverty. &or does this e'pression denote poverty of the oly)pirit.*overty of the spirit is the personal acknowledgment of spiritual bankruptcy.%t is the conscious confession of unworth before God. s such it is thedeepest form of repentance. This is e'emplified by the guilty publican in thecorner of the Temple+ ,God be merciful to me! a sinner.-%llustration  )purgeon said+ ,% once know a man whom % believed was themost holy man % ever met until one day! % heard him told me that he agreedwith me.-This /eatitude has in it 0 basic truths about life+a.%t means that the way to power lies through the reali1ation of helplessness2 that the way to victory lies through the admission of defeat2 that the way to goodness lies through the confession and theacknowledgment of sin.This is an essential truth which runs through all of life. %f a man is ill! thefirst necessity is that he should admit and recogni1e that he is ill! and that heshould seek for a cure. #ithout this! he will never be whole. Simon SiewSoutheast Asia Union Mission 1   b.The second thing which this /eatitude does is to make a completerevaluation of what constitutes wealth. %t lays down that true wealthcan never consist in the possession of things. The man who hasnothing but money with which to meet life is a poverty3stricken man.c.The third thing this /eatitude teaches is that the way to trueindependence lies through dependence in God and the way to truefreedom comes through complete surrender to God.*overty of spirit therefore becomes a general confession of a man’s need for God. )uch a person recogni1ed that he cannot fulfill God’s righteousstandards himself and acknowledges his own spiritual bankruptcy! emptyinghimself of self3righteousness! moral self3esteem and personal vain glory.4mptied of these things! we are ready for God to fill us. %t is not surprisingthen! that 5esus promised that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor inspirit! for only a person who recogni1ed he is poor and is in great need willgo in search for that which he lacks.Those who are contented are beset with complacency! they see no lack of God and for that matter dis6ualifies themselves from heaven.*araphrased rightly! this /eatitude reads+ ,7 the happiness of the man whohas reali1ed his own utter helplessness and his own utter inade6uacy! andwho has learnt to put his whole trust in God2 for then he will humbly acceptthe will of God! and in so doing he will become a citi1en of the kingdom of God.- Simon SiewSoutheast Asia Union Mission 2
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