MATTERS FOR JAMAICA Grade 8 Student s Book

ENGLISH MATTERS FOR JAMAICA Grade 8 Student s Book Julia Sander Macmillan Education Between Towns Road, Oxford OX4 3PP A division of Macmillan Publishers Limited Companies and representatives throughout
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ENGLISH MATTERS FOR JAMAICA Grade 8 Student s Book Julia Sander Macmillan Education Between Towns Road, Oxford OX4 3PP A division of Macmillan Publishers Limited Companies and representatives throughout the world ISBN: Text Julia Sander 2013 Design and illustration Macmillan Publishers Limited 2013 First published This edition published 2013 All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publishers. Designed and typeset by Andrew Magee Illustrated by Ann Baum, David Burroughs, Beryl Sanders, Judy Stevens; Adam Hook, Patricia Ludlow and Clive Spong c/o Linden Artists; Jim Eldridge and Robin Lawrie c/o Beehive Illustration Cover design by Clare Webber Picture Research by Catherine Dunn Cover photos provided with the kind permission of: Louise Bennett Coverley (LBC) Estate, messrs: Judge Pamela Appelt, and Fabian Coverley, in the year of Jamaica s 50 th Celebrations, 2012; Colin Channer; Kwame Dawes; Lorna Goodison; Mervyn Morris; Rosemary Parkinson 2004 with permission from the estate of Trevor Rhone; Roger Mais by Michael Sloly; Writer Pictures/Angus Bremner, Writer Pictures/ Graham Jephson. Although we have tried to trace and contact copyright holders before publication, in some cases this has not been possible. If contacted we will be pleased to rectify any errors or omissions at the earliest opportunity. The author and publishers would like to thank the following for permission to reproduce their photographs: Alamy/Jon Arnold Images p18; Bananastock p195; Corbis/Orlando Barria p116, Corbis/Eleanor Bentall p180, Corbis/Eric Fougere p39, Corbis/Alexandros Vlachos p61; Digital Vision p139(tl); Getty Images p25, Getty/AFP p201, Getty/Eastphoto p70, Getty/ Johannes Eisele p44(b), Getty/Pornchi Kittiwongsakul [192(l), Getty/Narinder Nanu/Stringer p201, Getty/ NBAE p44(tr), Getty/Popperfoto p44(cr); Reuters/ Juan Medina p34, Rueters/Stringer India p192(r); Rex Features p19, Rex Features/ W.Disney/Everett p158, Rex Featues/MGM/Everett p140, Rex Features/ Universal/Everett p139(tr); Topfoto p52; Urban Images/ Urban Image.TV/56 Hope Road Music/Adrian Boot p20; Yale Centre for Art/Paul Mellon Collection p72 Declaration of the Rights of the Child 1959, reproduced with Permission of The United Nations p168 Printed and bound in Malaysia The author and publishers would like to thank the following for their assistance in compiling this course: Jason-Lee Daley (Campion College), Andrea Hitchener (Immaculate Conception High School) and Esther Tyson (Ardenne High School). These materials may contain links for third party websites. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, the contents of such third party websites. Please use care when accessing them. Table of Contents Scope and Sequence Acknowledgements Preface for the Teacher Section 1 Theme: Heroes and Heroines 1. Introductions Famous Jamaicans Fictional Heroes Challenges Points of View Assumptions 50 Revision and Practice A 58 Section 2 Theme: Traditions, Myths, Legends and Folk Tales 7. Out of Many, One People Traditions Myths Legends Celebrations Mysteries 102 Revision and Practice B 110 Section 3 Theme: The Media 13. Natural Disasters Endangered Environment Healthy Living Cinema Drama The School Show 154 Revision and Practice C 162 Enrichment Section 166 Reference Section Parts of Speech 202 Punctuation Guide 203 Sentence Structure 205 Composition Review 207 Grammar Guide 208 Glossary of Terms Used in Language and Literature 213 Scripts for Listening Exercises 215 Index 220 iv viii ix iii Scope and Sequence Section 1 Theme: Heroes and Heroines Units Listening and Speaking Reading and Responding Language Matters 1. Introductions Listening: Job interview, record details in a form Speaking: Present yourself 2. Famous Jamaicans Listening: Biography of Samuel Sharpe Speaking: Presentation of famous person 3. Fictional Heroes Speaking: Role play: negotiating, reaching a compromise 4. Challenges Listening: Complete summary of radio programme Speaking: Asking questions to form a hypothesis 5. Points of View Listening: Anti-bullying campaign, discuss opinions Speaking: Fact and opinion, small group discussion 6. Assumptions Speaking: Discuss assumptions about gender roles and work Pataki Full (Short story extract) Genre: Fiction Skill: Skimming Bob Marley: A Legend for Our Times Genre: Biography Skill: Scanning Harriet s Daughter Genre: Fiction Skill: Question and answer relationships How we communicate Genre: Expository Skill: Using prior knowledge Top Jamaican Sprinters A Clean Record Genre: Newspaper website+ comments Skill: Using a website Woman Work Every Light in the House Burnin Genre: Poem, Fiction Skill: Predicting Parts of speech review Verb to be: am/is/are Simple present Auxiliaries: do/does Review of simple past Auxiliary: did Habitual past: used to Types of sentences Sentence punctuation Transitive/intransitive verbs Subject and predicate Subject verb agreement Indefinite pronouns Compound sentences Punctuation: commas, colons, semi-colons Countable and uncountable nouns, quantities Nouns which are always singular/plural Revision and Practice A Self-assessment questionnaire Parts of speech, subject verb agreement, transitive and intransitive verbs, punctuation Section 2 Theme: Traditions, Myths, Legends and Folk Tales Units Listening and Speaking Reading and Responding Language Matters 7. Out of Many, One People Speaking: Discuss information presented in graphical form 8. Traditions Listening: Radio interview about Chinese New Year Speaking: Short talk about a tradition 9. Myths Listening: Listen to a talk on myths. Identify key words Speaking: Discuss superstitions. A Unique Population Genre: Feature article/ expository Skill: Brainstorming, checking predictions Jonkunnu a come Genre: Newspaper report Skill: Making notes The Discovery of the Earth Genre: Myth Skill: Directed reading and thinking activity Tense sequence: simple past +past continuous, simple past+past perfect Reflexive pronouns Possessive adjectives and pronouns Tense sequence: simple past/present perfect, present perfect+present perfect continuous, simple past +past perfect continuous Conditional sentences (1st, 2nd and 3rd conditional) Perfect infinitives: must have been, should have been iv Words Matter Writing Enrichment Use of dictionary Words used as different parts of speech Autobiographical writing Prewriting strategies: Graphic organisers IT: Record and update personal goals Personality test: How Do Others See You Write letter to editor giving opinion Poem: One by James Berry Word building using root words, e.g. apply/applicant/application Idioms and proverbs Jamaican Creole and Standard English Suffixes: -ous, -ious, -ance, -ence, -ant, -ent Sound effects in poetry: rhyme, metre, alliteration, onomatopoeia Write a biography Prewriting strategies: discussion, webbing, note taking IT: Conduct research for a biography Informal letters Write a letter of apology IT: Type an letter using correct layout Making notes: main idea, headings, numbering/lettering, bullet points IT: Find out more about a person in reading text, make notes Paragraphing: topic sentence, supporting detail Write different paragraph types: chronological, giving opinion IT: Write own newspaper article Post writing strategies: peer editing, revising and publishing IT: Edit and revise paragraphs Writing process: pre-writing, note taking, paragraphing, revising UN Declaration of Rights of the Child Design a notice IT: Research: Find out more about UN Further extract from Harriet s Daughter Write instructions Poem: An Odd Kettle of Fish Learning styles: questionnaire Make notes on personal learning style Poem: Checking Out Me History (John Agard) Poem: The New Boy (Timothy Callender) Rewrite poem as a narrative IT: Rewrite story from different perspective Newspaper article: Whatever Happened to New Man? Irony, rhetorical questions Letter to editor expressing viewpoint IT: letters to other students Words Matter Writing Enrichment Research skills: Evaluate information sources Feature article Conduct a survey to gather information Magazine article: The World Population is Getting Bigger and Older Summarise graphic material IT: Edit summary Prefixes: pre-, co-, en-, ex- Sequence markers: afterwards, before, earlier, finally, first, meanwhile, then, next Simple report about a local tradition Structure and planning Editing and proofreading IT: Create display about different traditions Narrative writing Retell a well-known story Introductory and concluding paragraphs Sequence of events IT: Edit story Dub Poem: De Magic Poem (Benjamin Zephaniah) Limericks Write own dub poem and limericks IT: Find more poems on the Internet Two versions of The Ant and the Grasshopper (Aesop, Jean de la Fontaine) Compare and contrast different versions v 10. Legends Speaking: Panel discussion. Theseus and the Minotaur Brave Boy Rap Genre: Picture story, poem Skill: Venn diagram showing similarities and differences 11. Celebrations Listening: Note details about Sumfest Speaking: Make arrangements to attend an event 12. Mysteries Listening: Complete story table Speaking: Retell a story. Evaluate storytelling Fiction: The Dragon Can t Dance (Earl Lovelace) Poem: Jouvert Morning (Dave Calder) Skill: telling and showing descriptions I like to stay up (Grace Nichols) The Listeners (Walter de la Mare) Genre: Poetry Skill: Deducing implied meaning Simple, compound, complex sentences Subordinate clauses Conjunctions Future time: simple future, future continuous, future perfect, simple or continuous present to express future Phrases: adjectival, adverbial, noun, prepositional Revision and Practice B Self-assessment questionnaire Sequence of tenses, conditional sentences, joining sentences Section 3 Theme: The Media Units Listening and Speaking Reading and Responding Language Matters 13. Natural Disasters Listening: Summarise a news report Speaking: Make an emergency telephone call Floods Wreak Havoc in Dominican Republic Genre: Newspaper report Skill: Prioritising actions Adverbial and adjectival clauses 14. Endangered Environment Listening: Summarise views expressed in discussion Speaking: Short speeches for and against an issue Have Your Say Genre: Television debate Skill: Recognise subjective and objective language Noun clauses Punctuation: hyphens 15. Healthy Living Listening and speaking: Give instructions for recovery position Compare layout and impact of posters You are what you eat! Genre: Leaflet Skill: Identify persuasive language Passive voice Double negatives 16. Cinema Listening: Film review Fill in missing information on posters Speaking: Arrange to go to movies with friend 17. Drama Speaking: Discuss different forms of non-verbal communication Craig Griffith: Sci-fi Fanatic Genre: Magazine interview Skill: Identify realism and fantasy The Model Student Genre: Drama Skill: Identify features of a play Gerunds and infinitives Punctuation: brackets, dash Quotation marks Reported speech 18. The School Show Speaking: Discuss characters in plays and movies Present a character The Audition (Everard Palmer) Genre: Fiction Skill: Identify language relating to drama Reported questions, instructions, requests and advice Revision and Practice C Self-assessment questionnaire Passive voice, clauses, reported speech, quotation marks, hyphens vi Connectives: Cause and effect Comparing and contrasting Reporting events Write a newspaper story Write from a different perspective IT: Write and publish a news story Legend: Jamaica s True Queen Distinguish between fact and fiction Prepare a storyboard Using a thesaurus Descriptive writing Setting the scene and choosing the right words Description of a festival or celebration IT: Edit description Brochure: Jazz it up in the Caribbean Persuasive writing Design brochure and make a radio announcement IT: Design a brochure Review of literary terms Hyperbole Writing a review Write a poetry review Subject of the poem, way it is written, own opinion The Three Witches (extract from Macbeth) Old Higue (Martin Carter) Write a poem or story IT: Find out more about Shakespeare Sequence markers Using a thesaurus Summarising, planning, writing story openings Words Matter Writing Enrichment Problem words Using a spellchecker Formal letters Write a letter of complaint Extract from a novel: Faces of Love (John Hearne) Write factual and personal accounts IT: Edit eyewitness account Jargon Subject specific vocabulary Argumentative writing Essay planning: points for and against Introduction and conclusion Newsletter of Environmental group Poem: Poisoned Talk Write a song or poem or design poster with environmental message Adverbs of frequency Prepositions used with adjectives Prepositional phrases instead of, except for Phrasal verbs Connectives: Adding information Emphasising Giving examples Phrasal verbs Persuasive writing Design a poster and a leaflet on the benefits of exercise IT: Design a poster Writing a review Write a film review Determine evaluation criteria First draft, revise and publish IT: Create a movie magazine Character study Plot characteristics and motives onto graphic organiser Write about actions and motives of characters in plays, films or books IT: Record details in table Plan and write about a school show Design a programme for a show and write a press release Write a letter describing the show IT: Design programme and send Order of paragraphs, checking for spelling mistakes Planning essays, proofreading Young people and HIV/AIDS, leaflet and real-life story Plan group entry for a competition; hold meeting and take minutes IT: Prepare agenda and minutes of meeting A Close Encounter (poem by Adrian Rumble) Website comments on UFOs Write text of an IT: friends about UFOs When My Father Comes Home (play by Shirley Warde) Write stage directions Role play a police interview Write a report IT: Write a newspaper article Expository text: Drama Round the World Classify information IT: Research drama forms on internet vii Acknowledgements The author and publishers are grateful for permission to reprint the following copyright material: Extract from To the New World in Pataki Full by Colville Young reproduced by permission of Cubola Productions; Extract from Harriet s Daughter by Marlene Nourbese Philip reprinted by permission of Pearson Education Limited; Extract from Woman Work in The Complete Collected Poems reprinted by permission of Little, Brown and Random House Inc.; Extract from Every Light in the House Burnin by Andrea Levy Headline Review, 1995, reprinted by permission of David Grossman Literary Agency; Extract from The Warau People discover the Earth from Tales from the West Indies retold by Philip Sherlock (OUP, 2000) Philip Sherlock 1966, reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press; Brave Boy Rap from Groovy Greek Hero Raps by Tony Mitton reprinted by permission of David Higham Associates; Poem Jouvert Morning from Let s Celebrate by Dave Calder Dave Calder 1989, reprinted by permission of the author; Extract from Chutney Power and Other Stories by Willi Chen, Willi Chen 2006, reprinted by permission of Macmillan Education; Extract from The Listeners from The Travellers by Walter De la Mare reprinted by permission of the Literary Trustees of Walter de la Mare and The Society of Authors as their representative; Extract from A Time to Say Goodbye by C Everard Palmer C Everard Palmer, ISBN , reprinted by permission of Macmillan Education; One from When I Dance by James Berry reprinted by permission of Peters Fraser & Dunlop (www. on behalf of James Berry; Extract from the Convention on the Rights of the Child reprinted by permission; Checking Out Me History 1996 by John Agard reproduced by kind permission of John Agard c/o Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Limited; De Magic Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah (, 1996) is reproduced by permission of United Agents ( on behalf of Benjamin Zephaniah; Extract from The Ant and the Grasshopper retold by John Long reprinted by permission of the author; Extract from Faces of Love by John Hearne, Faber & Faber 1957, John Hearne reprinted by permission of David Higham Literary, Film and TV Agents; Extract from When My Father Comes Home from Ping Wing Juk Me, Six Belizean Plays by Shirley Warde reprinted by permission of Cubola Productions. These materials may contain links for third party websites. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, the contents of such third party websites. Please use care when accessing them. viii Preface for the Teacher English Matters for Jamaica is a new four-book course which incorporates the requirements of the Jamaican teaching syllabus. The Grade 8 Student s Book is divided into three sections of six units. Each section covers one of the themes of the Jamaican English syllabus and is followed by a revision unit to be used at the teacher s discretion. Language skills are closely integrated and a flexible approach to the activities is recommended. Interactive activities such as pairwork and groupwork are frequently suggested, but teachers can of course adapt these to the needs of their students and the constraints of their teaching situation. Listening and Speaking Each unit begins with a section which introduces the topic and practises aural and oral skills. Listening passages practise the skills of listening for a purpose, listening for gist and for detail, and distinguishing between what is relevant and irrelevant. Downloadable recordings of the listening passages are available online, and transcripts can be found at the back of the Student s Book and in the Teacher s Book. Speaking exercises draw on students prior knowledge and practise essential skills, for example: summarising, agreeing and disagreeing, negotiating with others. Reading and Responding English Matters Grade 8 includes a very wide range of texts. A variety of reading strategies such as skimming, scanning and predicting are practised. Higher order comprehension questions are included from the start. The study of literary aspects of texts is included, for example: elements of poems, imagery and story structure, to enable students to appreciate the texts they read in literature classes. Language Matters Each unit includes a range of exercises which practise grammar in a systematic way. Brief notes are provided with each new grammar point and a fuller explanation is given in the Reference Section at the back of the book. Words Matter This section includes exercises which help students to develop their vocabulary such as finding synonyms, adding prefixes and suffixes, using a dictionary and a thesaurus. Students are encouraged to keep their own vocabulary notebooks. Writing This section focuses on the writing process and provides a wide range of tasks. Students practise key skills such as planning, making notes, summarising, paragraphing, writing and proofreading a first draft, and producing a final copy. They are encouraged to develop a writing portfolio. Enrichment Two supplementary pages for each unit are provided at the end of the book. These include a range of texts which consider the theme of the unit from a different angle. They also include a range of more extended writing tasks. They are intended as a resource for teachers, and can be used not only to stimulate more-able learners, but also to provide interesting additional material for the whole class. IT Suggestions for using Information Technology are given in the majority of units. Reference Section Students should be encouraged to use this section for themselves to support their learning. Teacher s Book and Workbook A Teacher s Book which contains useful advice on how to use the Student s Book is available online and in hard copy. A Workbook which gives extra pr
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