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  Matthew Sherry Curriculum Vitae Business Analyst / Project Manager Certifed PRINC! Practitioner Violet Cottage #he $eadlands %ownton &iltshire SP' ($P ) #el* +,-,, '. (0 1m2 ) mail*matt3sherry4u54net Overview An enthusiastic widely)e67erienced PRINC! certifed e67ert in de8elo7ing and leadingI# 7rojects at a senior le8el across we9 ser8er and distri9uted 7lat:orms4 ;8er a decadewor5ing with 9lue chi7 com7anies has led to outstanding s5ills in the I# sector4 <ey7rojects and 9rands include ;! Bu7a =ames $ay BP Price &aterhouse $ewlett Pac5ardand Barclay Card4 &ith a num9er o: years consulting has 9uilt on strong strategic s5ills ena9ling ra7id analysis o: di8erse sta5eholders commercial and user needs to createa77ro7riate cost)e>ecti8e solutions4 Key Skills Project Management* Multi7le I# 7rojects including BP?s @ul: oil rig incident medical data4 Peo7le Management* I ha8e managed teams o: ().' sta> in multi)I# 7rojecten8ironments4Change Management* %esigned change management 7rocesses and 7rocedures4In:ormation Architecture and sa9ility* Created :ocus on ser)Centred 7roduct design4Business  Systems Analysis* Analysing 9rie:s and 9usiness needs to 7ro7ose solutions4Projects* Communication Ris5  Management strategies 7lus end to end management4%e8elo7ment Models* Agile 7rocess ado7ting &ater:all RA% and Prototy7ing methods4( rd  Party* Management o: su77ly chain and wor5 7ac5ages4 67erience o: I#I :ramewor54Business S5ills* Client liaison 9udgeting team moti8ation analytical s5ills 7ro9lemsol8ing4%e8elo7ment anguages* SD VBA 1Ad8anced2 VBScri7t VBE P$P 4N# Shell Scri7t4Business Analysis* se case Story 9oarding $igh and ow end a77lication s7ecifcations Employment History Fusion Peo7le @rou7 G ending =une !+.. 1E month contract2 Business Analyst I was contracted to design and document a :ull de8elo7ment li:e cycle 7roject toim7lement a single recruitment 7ortal a77lication across the grou74 #his ena9led a singlein:ormation 7lat:orm :or all users4 #he analysis was com7leted success:ully tos7ecifcation and documentation deli8ered :or 7re)7roject stage4 #as5s included* ã Produced current so:tware :easi9ility study and systems analysis4 ã Produced o8er8iew system design :unctionality story 9oarding and sam7le code4 ã AcHuired user :eed9ac5 and created documentation u7dates4 ã Produced se Case? documentation4 ã Produced 7roject PI% documentation :or 7roject initiation stage4 Mice  MegahertJ 1BP2 G ending Fe9 !+.. 1' month contract2 Project Manager I was contracted to 7roject manage the im7act on health related injuries / inllness in thefeld data :or the %ee7 &ater $oriJon 1BP @ul: o: Me6ico2 oil rig incident4 I 7rojectmanaged numerous resources to 7roduce the statistical analysis charts and re7ortingtools 7lus the 7resentation documents4 #he fnal 7roject was com7leted as 7ers7ecifcation time and 9udget to the Senior $ealth %irector astern $emis7here BP? inreadiness :or deli8ery to the S Congress4 #as5s included* ã Project communication ris5 and management strategies and 9udget controls4 ã Creation o: Change management 7rocedures and 7rocesses 1I#I Framewor524 ã Project stage management and end to end deli8ery4 ã Analytical s5ills to create chart 7resentations4 ã Client liaison at senior 9oard le8el 1%irector o: $ealth BP24 . K Page  Matthew Sherry Curriculum Vitae Business Analyst / Project Manager Certifed PRINC! Practitioner ã Management o: ( rd  7arty wor5 7ac5ages 1S24 ã Management o: de8elo7ment team4 ã Build and maintain customer / su77lier sta5eholder relationshi7s4 RR %onnelley @%S G!++( to !+.+ Senior ead Analyst / Project Manager  #he role in8ol8ed deli8ering 9usiness)critical technology solutions to time and 9udgetwhilst ensuring the 7roduction en8ironment 7er:ormed with SA4 Additionally I wasres7onsi9le :or 7roject managing 9es7o5e a77lication de8elo7ment and solutionsanalysis :or new reHuirements4 I regularly led client meetings to deli8er 7rogress u7datesand ascertain new reHuirements4 My client 9ase included Virgin Media ;range ;! NF B;C South &est &ater and BPA4 #as5s included* ã Project 9udgeting and fnancial management4 ã Project communication ris5 and management strategies4 ã Change management 1Business as usual2 and 7roject change managementstrategies4 ã %e8elo7ment using VBE VBA SD and ni6 Shell scri7ts4 ã Project stage management ris5 register issue register e6ce7tion re7orting and7roject stage 7lans4 ã %ata Cleansing  Integrity #esting4 ã Change management systems management  RP systems 1I#I Framewor524 ã Systems design and Confguration Management4 ã @ra7hics design using Photosho7 and Ado9e Firewor5s4  =ames $ay G!++! to !++( So:tware Consultant / Project ead  #he com7any had a legacy system o: customer SIP data stored across a series o: s7readsheets located on 8arious networ5ed ser8ers4 I consolidated the data into a secure SDser8er data9ase and created an intuiti8e gra7hical user inter:ace through a 7rocess o: end)user seminars and senior management reHuirements4 #he system de8elo7ed hado8er 0++ users4 #he so:tware was deli8ered in the reHuired time :rames4    #as5s included* ã Project management o: small de8elo7ment team4 ã So:tware de8elo7ment on certain as7ects o: the so:tware4 ã A77lied PRINC! methodologies 9ut not a true PRINC! 7roject4 ã Produced se Case? documentation4 ã Managed end user testing sessions4 Com7aH / $ewlett Pac5ard G!++. So:tware Consultant  #hrough a series o: client meetings and a story 9oard de8elo7ment RA% model Ide8elo7ed a cost o: downtime? tool as 7art o: $ewlett Pac5ard?s R;I so:tware suite4 #heso:tware used s7readsheet models 7re7ared 9y Price &ater house? s7ecifcally :or thistool4 #as5s included* ã VBA  VBE coding4 ã Story 9oard com7ilation4 ã Client liaison and sta5eholder sign)o>4 ã So:tware de7loyment strategy and im7lementation4 ã Su77ort documentation code archi8ing and hand)o8er documentation4 Business Training ! K Page  Matthew Sherry Curriculum Vitae Business Analyst / Project Manager Certifed PRINC! PractitionerSe8eral RR %onnelley management courses including leadershi7 and 7er:ormancemanagement4 I was :ormally trained as a Systems Analyst VBE and VBA de8elo7er4 ;thertechnical training included SD Ser8er !++( I#I Framewor5 and we9 languages4 I amalso a certifed 7roject manager PRINC! Practitioner 1Register num9er* P!R/.'!'24 Academic .--E G .---* Portsmouth ni8ersity Portsmouth4 BSc Com7uting !*. 1$ons2.-, G .--* Salis9ury College o: Business  Finance Salis9ury4 %i7loma in Business  Finance Technical Skills Project Management #ools* Visio Microso:t Project 6cel 1VBA2 Plan View4@ra7hic %esign #ools* Ado9e Firewor5s Photosho7 and P%F :orms4&e9 Programming* $#M P$P =a8aScri7t =Duery4%ata9ase de8elo7ment  %esign* SD Ser8er %9ase II MS Access MySD4Business A77lication %e8elo7ment* VBE VBA Shell Scri7t 4Net;7erating Systems* &indows inu6 Mac ;S NIL4Framewor5s*I#IMethodologies*PRINC! Agile SCRM &ater:all RA%4 Personal Details %ri8ing icence*Full 1no 7oints2Interests / $o99ies*Achie8ing @ol: S5iing Mountain 9i5ing4 ( K Page
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