Mayor Restrictions

An article written in the spring of 2013 as a reporter for the Northwest Missourian about the restrictions placed on electing a city mayor because of city classifications made by the state of Missouri.
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  BRANDON ZENNER  Missourian Reporter | @brandonzenner  Without votes by fellow citizens o󰁦 Maryville, the City Council meet-ing April 8 appointed Jim Fall as the new mayor o󰁦 Maryville.Maryville has a government system in which fellow City Coun-cil members select the mayor every  year. City Council members are elected and serve three-year terms  with no limit on the amount o󰁦 terms one may serve.“I feel that the whole council is better served i󰁦 everyone on the council and community is more involved,” Fall said. “With how our system works, you have to stay in- volved because you could become Mayor at any time during your ser- vice.” According to City Clerk Sheila Smail, the elections take place the  way they do because o󰁦 the  JIM FALL State regulations prohibit Maryville citizens from voting on mayor position SEE   MAYOR  | A5  MAYOR  CONTINUED FROM    A1 classfication o󰁦 the city by the state o󰁦 Missouri. “Maryville is a third-class city with a city council/city manager form o󰁦 gov-ernment,” Smail said. “State statutes put this election system in place based on our form o󰁦 government.”Smail said the mayor serves a one-year term, but can be re-elected as long as he is in o󰁦fice. City Council and government members see this way as working well. The only di󰁦ference with the mayor position and the mayor pro-tem position is the power to limit debate as  well as guide and set agen-das for meetings.“I’ve never heard o󰁦 any complaints or discussion among city members at any point,” Fall said. “I believe that the way it is run right now is doing just fine.”Fall was previously the mayor pro-tem, who stands in at meetings in the ab-sence o󰁦 the elected mayor, previously Glenn Jonagan. Jonagan nominated Fall, and he won uncontested in a 4-0  vote. “Unless the dynamic o󰁦 our city and citizens change drastically, this is how it should be done,” Fall said. “It works for our city the best.”

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Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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