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Sanskriti Group of Institutions is well known for graduate, Best engineering Institute in India, post graduate courses and Undergraduate courses also in India. We offer B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering, MBA in Business Management India, M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering courses in India.
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  MBA Colleges in India MBA is a popular course for grooming the young graduates from various disciplines to becomemanagers with adequate knowledge about managing any organization with balanced focus ondifferent fields of activities – in the production sector, services sector or other ancillary fields.ith the growth of economy and consequent growth of industries, institutions and service sector,there has been increasing demand for managers who can efficiently manage this industries!institutionas business enterprises to ensure fulfillment of their visions and missions. o meet this increasing demand, the #overnment of $ndia decided to allow management colleges to be set up in the private sector affiliated to the universities of different states, besides the reputed MBAcolleges in the government sector.%anskriti %chool of Business &%%B' has been established in ()*) under %anskriti #roup of $nstitutions. %%B offers MBA degrees to the students. he institute is affiliated to + + and isoffering specialization in -inance, Marketing, /, $B and $ . he management of the #roup nurtures the institute in every possible way to ensure that it isreckoned as one of the best management institutes of 0orthern $ndia. he faculty members are highlyqualified, competent, e1perienced and dedicated and they have been teaching and mentoring thestudents with total focus on holistic development. he faculty are drawn from $ndustry as well asAcademia. he results of the students in university e1aminations have been outstanding as would be evidentfrom the fact that at least one student occupying a position among the first three in the university inevery semester. Besides classroom teaching, care is taken to conduct seminars, conclaves, guestlectures, debates, management quiz etc. at regular periodicity to provide opportunities to the studentsto learn about the nuances of management from these co2curricular activities.$ndustry2institute interface is being maintained through regular contact with various industries andalso by deploying the students for internship during the summer vacation. 3are is being taken to provide quality placement to all students and for that, campus placement drives are being regularlyconducted along with the 4ob -airs being held twice a year. As a result of all these initiatives, theinstitute is already being recognized as one of the premier management institute of western +.. he design of the course takes into account the needs of the industries!organizations and accordinglythe curriculum has been designed by the university to cover the essential functional areas of management i.e. #eneral Management, -inance, uman /esources, Marketing etc. he same has been done with the idea of grooming the students with sufficient theoretical knowledge about the practices of management and also incorporating the programme of practical training in industries as a part of statutory requirement so that after 5oining the industry!organizations, the managers cancontribute appropriately to the growth of the organization.6ducated managers are found to be definitely better than those who have either graduate or post2graduate qualification in arts, science, commerce or any other area but having no e1posure to the skillof management as an integrated approach. Management involves taking decisions at every point of   time on various matters and successful managers must have the ability to take prudent decisions sincedecision without thinking about the consequences often lead to disastrous results. Mechanical Engineering Colleges in India he Mechanical 6ngineering &M.6.' branch is an evergreen branch of engineering which will e1ist aslong as the human beings will e1ist. ith the passage of time, mechanization is increasingly beingadopted by the society for different activities and the countries world over are progressively gettingindustrialized. he students are taught about installation, operation and maintenance of machines,designing and various other facets related to study of machine, theory of motion etc.$n today7s world, we can definitely say that we cannot dream of living a specific standard of lifewithout application of machines8 be it in the household or in the production or service sector. Becauseof the universal appeal of the branch, every engineering college in every country has introduced theM.6. branch to churn out mechanical engineers who can serve the industry in the specialized areas of designing, manufacturing, operation, maintenance etc. his is a 9 years degree &B. ech.' course in which practical classes are being conducted in addition to the theoretical teaching. he engineering colleges offering M.6. branch have installed machines!equipments for demonstration of application of theoretical concepts in real2life situations. he mechanical engineering department of %anskriti $nstitute of Management : echnology &%$M 'has been set up with the requisite infrastructure that includes laboratories for performing e1perimentsas per the requirement of the syllabus prescribed by the university. he instruments!equipments are of state2of2the2art. 6ach laboratory is being manned by qualified and e1perienced labtechnicians!instructors who work under the direct supervision of the engineers who are in2charges of respective labs. 61periments are conducted by the students and the results thereof are being recorded properly and checked on regular basis.-aculty members are highly qualified – M. ech.s : h;s 2 who have appropriate e1posure toteaching in well2reputed institutes before 5oining %anskriti #roup. he selection process for appointment of faculty members is very rigorous. he selection panel consists of eminent ;irectorsand <;s of M.6. department of reputed institutes. he select group of faculty members put in lot of hard work to ensure that the students understand thetheoretical concepts of M.6. and take e1tra care for proper application of the theoretical aspects whileconducting e1periments in the laboratories.%o far, M.6. students of %anskriti #roup have been well2accepted by the industry and performing wellas per the feedback received from time2to2time by the institute from different industries where pass2out students of M.6. department of %$M have been placed.  PGDM he (* st  century heralds the era of globalization and cross2culture workforce in the global businessenvironment which is intensely competitive. he business managers are required to gear themselvesup to face the challenges with requisite competence and create substantial impact on the performanceof business organizations in the production or service sector. -or efficient mental structuring of the students, a systematic approach to teaching2learning process isrequired to be followed so that enriched intrinsic knowledge of the managers helps them in taking prudent and 5udicious decisions at appropriate time that leads to success of organizations andfulfillment of their visions and missions.Managers are e1pected to apply the theoretical knowledge into practice for solution of problems faced by the business organizations and these are the aspects kept in mind while offering a course on ost#raduate ;iploma in Management &#;M' by an institute and designing its syllabi.%anskriti #roup of $nstitutions is offering #;M course to the graduates. he faculty members havethe e1posure to application of key management practices in the industry. Besides conceptual inputs inthe classes, simulation e1ercises and case studies form the part of the curriculum. he pedagogy followed is contemporary and designed to groom the students in appropriate areas of management so that they can successfully handle the situations faced in the industry &after they passout'. #uest lectures, seminars, business quiz and other activities provide necessary co2curricular learning opportunities that definitely go a long way in enriching the knowledge base of the students. he students of %anskriti #roup who have pursued the course have been doing e1ceedingly well inthe industry and the management of various organizations where they are employed are happy withtheir performances. <ur pass out students are being very well received in the 5ob market. TOP RANKING ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN INDIA  The engineering colleges are ranked based on the credits obtained on variousparameters judged by reputed organizations having long standing reputation in rankingengineering institutes. Sanskriti Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) is presently being ranked asone of the top most institutes of India especially in orth India. The ranking is notarbitrary! it s based on evaluation of consistent performance in di#erent parametersover a substantial period of time. $eside the IITs% ITs and &ovt. engineering colleges% there are more than 'engineering colleges in India and it is a matter of great pride and honour for Sanskriti&roup to be considered as one of the top most engineering colleges of India ithin fouryears since its inception.  The focus of management is on the important aspects of study of engineering courseand attention to details. The institute has highly *uali+ed and e,perienced facultymembers! its infrastructure in the form of libraries% laboratories% classrooms etc matchthe standards of premier institutions - it has in place necessarye*uipmentsinstruments for conducting e,periments.   The students are regularly e,posed to high *uality teaching by projecting the lecturesdelivered by eminent professors of IITs% IIMs etc through /T01 programme! very highclass documents are presented through 2ou3 Tube and various other facilities areprovided for ensuring high *uality learning inputs.4ny teaching learning process must have a direct linkage ith the re*uirements of theindustries to succeed in the competitive business environment. The engineers arere*uired to apply their knoledge in solving practical problems faced hile operating%maintaining% servicing% designing etc in any engineering industry. 5eeping this in vie%the students of Sanskriti Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) are regularlybeing sent to the industries to learn ho real life solutions are being provided by theengineers in the practical +eld. The students are also sent for internship during thesummer vacation and during this period of 637 eeks% they get e,posure to the style of operation and the processes involved in engineering organizations and service sectors. ã 4s a result of all these steps taken by the management% the students of SIMT arefairing very ell in the university e,aminations and are highly rated by creditrating agencies evaluating the performances of engineering colleges on di#erentparameters. The dedicated e#orts of the faculty members and the focus of themanagement on *uality education have enabled SIMT to be regarded as one of the top ranking colleges of India. It has been placed amongst top 10 EmergingInstitute; 14 th  in Top 30 Self-financed Engineering Colleges in North India byPioneer Newspaper; 3 rd  in Top 10 Emerging Engineering Colleges in North India bySilicon India; 2 nd  Best engineering Institute in Mathura by Indian Achievers Podium; AA+ in Top Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh 2013 by Careers 360, Awarded for80,cellence in 9igher 0ducation Institute in Mathura: by ;M4I < MT=% oida. etc. B.Sc. in Biotechnology Sanskriti Institute of 4pplied Studies (SI4S)% an institution under the Sanskriti &roup% isone of the very fe engineering colleges o#ering $.Sc. course in $iotechnology. In themodern era% applications of engineering are spread to non3conventional areas and bio3technology is one of those +elds. 4fter pursuing this course% the knoledge ac*uired bythe students in the +eld of bio3technology can be gainfully applied for increasingproductivity in agriculture sectors and enhancing nutritional value of food products%innovation of pharmaceutical products and various other +elds. The students enrolled for this course are getting proper e,posure to the theoretical andpractical knoledge of the science of biotechnology and its applications. The facultymembers are ell3*uali+ed and ell3e,perienced. 1aboratories are ell3e*uipped ithinstrumentse*uipments necessary for conducting various e,periments related to theplant biotech% animal biotech% microbiology% biochemistry% recombinant >4 technologyetc.  The faculty members are aare of the evolving nature of the biological science as aresult of various research orks carried out orldide and regularly revie the syllabifor accommodating contemporary topics as a part of the dynamic curriculum plannedout for enriching the knoledge of the students.
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