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  WHAT IS THE REQUIREMENTS OFORGANISATION CULTUREWHAT ARE THE INFLUENCES THAT SHAPE THE CULTURE    Organization culture Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace which may be defined by all of the life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing, and so forth of the employees. While executive leaders play a large role in defining organizational culture by their actions and leadership, all employees contribute to the organizational culture.    Requirements of organization culture    Beliefs and values, your customer is always on a right      Behaviour    Artifacts    Rituals    Symbols    Influences that Shape the culture Normal there are 6 factors that shape the culture which are given below,    Width of organization In this factor, normally estimated the size of organization this may be the size of business, size of management and employees size of require building etc.    Latest technology Which technology has been using organization which type of technology is be used by organization is sufficient to manage the business if this is sufficient then organization can be progressed and spread their business.     Ownership of organization Which type of ownership of organization, it is sole tradership, partnership, is a public company or a private company mostly have the which types of shareholder have a small number of shares or a large number of share everything is require to know.     Age of organisation In shape of organization culture, organization age is main factor, if age of the organization is on a maturity then culture will be improved mostly we can say that the age of the organization is the age of organization culture.    Work history In decisions making, work history is mostly count which type of work done by organization in past if organization takes some wrong decisions in past then the next time, to avoid them in shortly, past is the learning experience of an organization for the future.    Diversity In term of product range, geographical spread culture make up of its stakeholders. WHO ARE THE STAKEHOLDERS WHAT WILL BE THEIR NTEREST WITH AN ORGANISATON WHICH HAS A BUSINESS OF CHAIN OF DEPARTMENTAL STORES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY    Stakeholders individuals that have an interest in the wellbeing of the company and are affected by the goals, operations, activities of the organization. One who has a share or an interest, as in an enterprise to organization, stakeholders are those persons which are directly involved in any organization and have an interest to expand the business.  They have high interest and high power in organization. They are of three types,     Internal stakeholders,  employees and management are the part of internal stakeholder and their interest in organization is how to run a business and make a strong influences, they work in organization for the continuous of business existence. Manager and employees have individual interests and try to achieve the goals.      Connected stakeholders,   they are directly connected to organization to achieve the goals which they have interested, connected stakeholder are may be    shareholders,    customers,      suppliers,    Banks and financiers etc.      External stakeholders,  government, the community, pressure groups are mostly the external stakeholders, they have high power but have low interest. the external stakeholder are have some objects to an organization.      Makro a chain of business in Pakistan Makro a big departmental chain in Pakistan, who has spread his branches in every city of Pakistan and earn a huge profit .here a questions arise in my mind why makro is earning a huge profit from every city? Everybody know that makro is a business which provide everything which is the necessities of a normal person.    Stakeholders interest in makro Every type of stakeholder has a different interest from a makro. which we can explain briefly,     Internal stakeholders interest from makro Makro is a well growing business, in which the main interest of employees and their managers are, to make High  salaries, good Job security, Good working conditions, Fringe benefits, Health and safety, Promotion prospects, to provides good Training opportunities in organization and every types of facilities should be provide him.    Connected stakeholder interest from makro In makro every connected stakeholder has a different interest, such as:    Shareholders interest from makro are may be makro earn high profit, we will enjoy a high dividend, become the positive image of makro in market ,makro enhance their capital etc    Customers have the interest from makro is that, makro provide him a good quality products, cheap products and every product would be safe and fair etc.    Banks have the interest from makro is to give the loans and earn interest on loans and trading of their shares and debentures to earn profit from organization    External stakeholder interest from makro    Government interested to makro is to get a tax which increase the revenues of the government. but the government has more power to their interest.    Pressure groups in with includes the societies, workers etc. interested in organization but their interest rate in not so high. WHAT WILL BE THE ETHICAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF AN ORANIZATION WHO MANUFATURED THE FOOTBALL AND EXPORT IT IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES    Ethics What is right and what is wrong is called ethics
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