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  Aj ã  k. ã}k'.  ã> j',  I, , r. . ; -4 'S'^i. >   3 ,.ãu / Jl-. ..,,575': Sll 0 ã'.i    M ãm IIKNIIV COUNTY. lm,i li.M H i.i'.li'tlv ( Mniiihiirn. Tli«- ^.lulil. 11.. ai.'.liil tU«' <i«4 oftlin-.- .V<'ar«. Hio ..nivM.ivivor i.f IIm f:uiiil.Vis Mo- .Vom.K<-Ht Willinui U., who was l.nin in Kih.x Cuuiiiy, HI., All} . 12, anil who i now Si-ntctiiry of 11<; .Ml.'^lMtasHnl Mannf.-n'liuiiig C<.m|Hiuy. He maf- i-icil Junol«V7,at Mt. rU-iwiuil, Anna M., .liiUKli- U V of lion, .lulin 11. Urayor, a fonnor luonunciit rcsnlotaof Mt. rioiisaiil. wluiwas fornmuy yi-ara County ami I'ml.alo Ju<i}ro of lloiiry County. Mrs. Sullivnn was horn in HullorCouiAy,U)uo, ami was hut lluvo ve»r.< of a} 0 when In r parents to ,„,va. TUeyi ^votw..cUiMron: Wilhn.u J. M-, .,Hly 27. IM7<J. ami Sue /.etta May, Imru June 11 IS« . Mr. Sullivan i.s in polities, iv KcpuD- liean, ami personally ami as a business man is justly liekl In liigit esteem in the cointminity. TheelderSullivan was a plain, straightforward riikn, thoroughly upright in character.In his youth he iud been a Whig, but on its formationjoined the r.anks of the Republican party, with which he thereafter acted. He was an advoento ofthe cause t,fI'l ohibllioii, and was a memberofthe Melliodist ICpiscopal (lunch for tnorethan forty-ftvc years, of whicli hiswidowhasalso been a member since ohildhooil. OliUlDON I'KCK, one of the prominent stock-dealers of Scotk TovnTshiF. hi Bclmont County, Ohio, Oct. 23, 1840, His parents were David and Elinor (Stockcy) I'eck, botliof wliom were natives of ReimontCounty, (Miio They were, the parents ofnine cliildren, ei-dit of whom are living: JohnT., a resident of m I'leasant, Iowa, is engaged in stoclc-.shipping; Corridon. of this sketch; Susan, wifeof Jotm W. AV'illis, of Louisa ConiiLy, Iowa; Jennie married Moms Hnlchlnson, of RelmoiiL County, lowa; MaryA., wid.nv of John Cameron, win. was a sol dier ill the late war. taken prisonerand eonfiiied in the Liliby, wlierche underwent all of the Inu'd- -hips of prison life,and died soon after being scut lii>mc; Elinor miirried Mr. lierry, of ilolmontComity, Ohio;Angeline. who is still single; (.eorge Henry County, Iowa,ami William C.,who ' i- M mol teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Peek were noteil for tlieir horn sty andfair dcaiiugnu'I were Idghlv ^Mteemcd l.v all  ho knew tiirm. Tlm.V were eon- .embers ..f the I'lesPyteriar. ( hureh. In polilii's Mr. l'e<-k was a .lelleison Deinoerat. The subject of Uii-^ ^helel. was leare.l ii|K.n a farm and reeeived a libeiKl e-lncatiou in DulT'ii Academy, at I'iUburg, reeeiving a dii.loma from 11,at institution. Ou the 2Kthof August, lh«2, he enlisted in the 'JHth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Com pany (Earn) was musteredinto the I'uiled .8Utes .service at Steiil.enville, Oliio. He was sent to Rich- moiid, reinforce Nelson,and while on the  -oa<l tolami-sville, waa upon at Cyuthiana. He prulieipated in the l.atUo of I'erryvilie against Gen. and wan there .letailed in the ImspiUd. Me was mustered out of the service on aceom.t of dm- hilities. .., He first entered Iowa on the ftth of I-ehniary,crossingthe river on the ice at Hiirhngtou. When he left Ohio he Intendedgoing to Cabfornni, andgoing to Omaha, he otYcred ids .services ma teamster, only asking his exi» nse-s to l.e pauh Not obtaining any cl.aneeto make the de^iro.l trip, he proeured a situation as clerk in the H. rndon House, nt  r.O permontli. Soon after .securing this situation it was reported that tlierc was smallpox iu tiie nly, so Mr. Peek left, going to Louisa County, where he had a brother living. Mr. Peck was engaged as a teacher in tlie Washington sclu>ol for eight years diirin ' thewinter,and during that time ho.spenthis snmmers in farming. Ho sul.sequenlly purchased luiulrU' ^has been ong.iged in farmmg ami stock- nising ever since. He is one of themost extcn- siveStock-buyers inUiis part of the county, and Ids farm, a fine one of 2a0 acres, is well slocked witli the iiest grades of horses and cattle. In poli ties, Mr. Peck casts his vote withthe Democratic party. f-^7M0S McMillan was bom in YorkConn- Mi ty, Pa., ill tlie year 180.^, and is a sou of in George and Rebecca (Cutler) McMillan. J George McMillan wius born ami married in Pennsylvania, and during his lifetime was a , fiirmer in York Counfy. The McMillans were I I'kicmls, and theirancestors i-amc from EnglnH'l^  HENRY COUNTY TUeir cbiMrenwereGeorge Eli Susan Amos JcBse ami Elisha. Allthe children came tothisStateandcounty and all except the youngest and Jesse were married in Pennsylvania. George and Elicam6firsttoIowaabout1837 settlingnear Franklin, Lee County. They each entered lands, and were followed bythebrothers Elisha,Jesse and Amos.Allthesonsentered lands, andtheywere purch. iaed at the first land sale held at Burlington, by Eli, for tlie cutireparty. George was the flret one married, Elizabeth BrunUm becoming hiswife, riiey brought with them to Iowa severalchildren, and Eli, who was a bachelor, returned to Pennsyl vaniaaftertheyhadlocated and was married to MissCarolineVail.WhentheyreturnedtoIowa Elisha then a. single man, accompanied them. He subsequently became the husband of Caroline Brown, of Franklin, Lee County. Hor father was an early settler of that county, and a well-known and prominent man.Susanbecame the wife of EdwardWickershara, inPennsylvania.He was for many years a farmer inLee County, where he roared a large family of children. At the time of his death he was worthJ100,000. Jesse also mar- rieda Brunton Lydla a cousin tohisbrother s wife. VAmos was firstwedded to Hannah Armitago, who bi)re ten children—Charles, George,Eliza, Jesse, Henry, Susan, Mary, and three who died in iDfaney.\ / Four of these areliving, andare all mar- fled except Charles. Jesse became thehusband of Elizabeth ;and resides at Primrose,.. Iowa. HenryjWeddcd Mary Hoover;they, areboth deceawd,having left one son andtwo daughters. Susan is.the wife of John Lewis, a farmer. Mr. Lewis was educated for the priesthood, butlater determined tobea farmer. The death of Mrs. MeMiUao mother of the childrenmentioned, oc- curred in Lec County. At that time they resided on a fine  arm, andtlie future wjis bright,beforethem;-hut sorrowand boroavemont come toall but Mr.McMil ai» found comfort in theloveami careofhls cluhlren. Scvilla Andrews becmne l.issecondwife,and was the mother of tenehildien: Elizabeth I. wife of SylviimiH Boniml, a wildier during tho civll War m.w a fnrinerof Leo OoiiiiLy; Sarah Km wife of Alexander Kreger, who died from the effects of wounds received at I lttsbiirg Laml- ing.She was themotherofonesonby him, and afterwardbecame the wife of Watson S. Kester ofthiscounty. Arthur wedded AnnieCarpenter; LydiaA.isthe wife ofLeviGregory aministerof theFriends in Salem;Hannah died at the age of seventeen;PlunieeisthewifeofWilliam Ilagan ofKeokuk.County andFlorenceweddedAlbert Banta Five children died ininfancy. Thedeath ofhissecondwifeoccurredinLee County and he seloctodforhisthirdwifeMrs..SylviaGarretson who was thedaughterofAbijahandElizabeth  Bailey) Johnson, of Oskaloosa. Her father was a merchantofthatcity andwasformerlyinbusi nessatWaynesville WarrenCo. Ohio.Hisfather Micajnh, was avery wealthy andnotedmanin WarrenCounty Ohio of wiiich howasoneofthe firstsettlers andDavidBailey hermaternalgrand father wasequally well known andwasoneofthe earliestsettlersofClintonCounty Ohio.OnbothsidesthefamilieswereFriends andwereintheir respectiveneighborhoods the first of their religion. DavidBaileyformorethanforty-eightyearsnevermissedaquarterlymeeting andbothmenwereexhortersandactivemcnjbersoftheSocietyof Friends.AbjjahJohnson had five flons and three daughters. All receivedtlieir education in Lafay ette Ind. Mr. Johnson forseveralyearsbeinga residentof that vicinity.Allthesechildrenhave becomenoted. J.KellyJohnsonisDistrictJudge andresidesinOskaloosa;Eliza daughterofDr. J P.GruwcU becamehiswife.M.D.Johnson laa wholesale merchantofLoaAngeles Cal. .and:  Is married, to Miss Sue Avery, a native of Boston, Mjisa.; OvertonA.Johnson adry-goods merchantatOskaloosa Iowa weddedLidaKemixjr ofOskaloosa Iowa;WarrenC. ujjmarrifd also   resides In Oskaloosa, where ho owns and oiwrutes ajuachinc-shop. Henry isamerchantofLosAn- ãgele.s Cab,and is married;Itobccui is the wife of  William UnnSoin. of Hahim, oneofthe woHltliy menofthiscounty;foriiiiuiyyearsshewasalonelierIn the city schools of O.^kitloosa, Annie is nnmarried andresideswithherbiotlierinC ullfornia andhas biienforsometimeengagediuteaching inu.Hiu. Mrs. Sylvia McMillan Is a eultUH d lady, and receivedheredueuliunatEarlhamCollege Ind. InbecomingthewifeofAmos MuMillaii sheas-  IIRNUYCOUHTY. ed,.cnth,,.atthoVllh.geaea,lo,,,y whe^^ 1 ,,<;,w,n,,ned,....d. n - ;;,^; ;^;- ;,,,o,j,,oto l -ron..l. nnd o^ the. Ian- I read It, th > ^ „l,|,rei.t..;ed   o t,o aeabinct-inuKi , ,.i iitiunto business ac- I and by /.c d ^ I ii',mwledge ofhis trade, lu I ,iuivcd a thoroug ^g^^l.ljaliedcuaUmt,be llie» I aceor.lauee wiUum I net uul to travel and sec Um ^I for actual bnsimsH. A,,Kf.i,i linly, | «n..dcrodovere.ventf..lyear in the 1 hind and branco. 1 „,ihimself in Rarls.then I history of Europe) m during this. I the focus ofthe pi litioal I Id,«rst Visitto the Krone cap t  ã J that the I^-olution occur d hat dr^^^ 1 ^ overEurope i thi., dier of freedom   „uere the .evo- g he retur..ed to h.s na^i^^^ h.tionaryep.r.twã=loton  f oTli ll and  hste.. ngainat theGoverh- the aide o y^^_^ puhlio met- p,d   .Jted tor high treason, and hll om mlns were sentencedto While many of b afterward released on of impvisonracni,bu Agsizes,be throughthe for appeal tothe Cour college- ,ate powerful „„er molested. The   as mate of bis > nriiiciDles in the fatber- 0, overthrow  ™7j:Ls of Germau J„rl land was suec,ed >^ ; iiroa.:. — d,iM,oo of .1.0 nrrf .....1 »oo,.,ul  V «j, CUO.I tor OS to..clcrly ..s if j;, « i„ ,,tur., sl.c is U.C rcc,p.o..t.. .., tion in tl.rI'igln'rt  f, .,,L,, „t l.orIn.s-   (fiftiiiU'liiUlron uml g«fl | '„f h\n iiumc < Ul. 0,.r suMcct Is n.n ^, nowKro«^\of tins com.t>. -, e...., bist„,.r „,.„sitiH WMW «» IVs nle,.so,sur- gencrbllrt* iVC his fnnnly- litf All that comesto wm « » rounded by AU l^ competence forold I Jiligcntly Inborcd presented by him ago.themhnvobecome I vith »2,000 cnsh, and someowner. 1 Very wealthy, la^es^ p,,„„ated, Charlesand I rriie children are all (.hildron of Iho 1 Jesse at West Volnl,  ..««,  ° I firstwife at Earlham College, n ajucated at I Thechildren of the secon w I Whittier's College, in Sale . ^^trwhTrtrb-aL^---- II page, showshim at his a va i l^yaically and 11 of Henry County's mtizcns. §„E0D0KE SCHUEINER Grand Tyler  o all the Masonic bodies m Iowa, e. a.e 'waX^r GToreX^Z ^Zisb rrussia ã;^;\ '^^Xr''thTU C^rl =f f-  r £ 1Vrt yonng ãflmo'' ' '  S T , ^oiieigncd to theeare ofan uncle, who i Sdl^nrwlth hlndness,and provided forhis land was su«?c?cdec >^^ potrlotsto Amoinen, 1^,^^ ãjooem.grants ron, h jp,,li„ore in ,1,33, they j, ,„ t,„ voyage of fifty a„ Amcrvcan^^^^n.^^^^ ^ prac  ' ã f dv of'the English language, andsucceeded I tical studj oft {4 leader bv bia com- 1 30 well that he was leader 0) ^ I  .j- ..^.I'Vclui  About DeborahMcMillan Griffith Vale Heferencej Genealogy of the Vale, Walker, Littler and Other Related Families byGeorgeWalkerVale Deborah Thomas Vale died at Warrington, seventh month, twenty-sixth dav. l8o i. and John Vale married second month, thirteenth day, 1806, DeborahMcMillan Griffith, widoyr of William Griffith,atthe Warrington Quaker MeetingHouse. The following is from a copy of their Quaker marriage certificate which is on filein the Library of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphias.«  ^ p nWhereas John Vale ofthe Township of Warrington inthe County of Torkand State of Pennsylvania, son of Robert Vale  S^ahhis ceased and Deborah Griffithofthe Township, county  stateafsd. Daughter of GeorgeMcMillan   rm his wifethefonaerdeceased. Having appearded be foreseveral Monthly Meetings ofthe People called fakers at Newbury   Warrington and Declared theirintentionof marriage with each other according tothe good order used amongst them.  nd having consent of the survivi^ parents  parties concerned. Theirproposals of marriage was allowed ofty the said meetings ,,^ wRow theseareto certify whom it may concern that for the acccmplisn— m&it of their saidmarriagetheythesaid JohnVale k Deborah Griffith appeared ata publick meeting at Warrington inthe County of Tork afsd. this thirteenthofthesecond month in theyearofour l^rd one thousand eight hundred  six and then and thereinthesaid assembly thesaid John Vale takingthesaid Deborah Griffithbythe hand did in a solemn manner openly declare that he took her the said Deborah Griffithto be hisw^e. Prooisingwiththe Lord^s assistancetobe unto heraloving and faithful Husband untill deathshouldseparate them  or words tothe same effect and thenani there in the same assemblythe said Deborah Griffith did in like manner declare that shetook him the said JohnValetobeherhusband ising withthe lord^sAssistance to be unto him a loving and faithfuU wife untill deathshouldseparate them  or words tothe same purpose).  And moreover the said John Vale   Deborah Griffith sheaccordingto the custom of marriage assuming the name ofher husband did then and there to these presents set their hands.-.j  And for a further confirmation we whosenames arealsohereunder subscribed who were present at thesolemnizationofthesaidmarriage subscription have as witnesses there unto set our hands the day  year above written ^ John Vale DeborahVale Israel Cook Jonathan Marsh Nathan Vale Wllsa Walker Joseph Walker James McElwee Elizabeth McKLwee Daniel Cookson Asahel Walker Mary McMillan Maiy Vale Susanna Morris Th<Haas McMillan Jane McMillan Willing Griest Anne Griest Phoebe Sach NathanHussey Hannah Hussey Isaac  leaver William Ross Isaac WalkerJohn  leaver Susanna  leaver Thomas McMillan Ruth McMillan Joseph McMillan Abraham Griffith W. Bdmondson Amos Griffith William McMillan Ann McMillan James Thomas Robert Vale Jacob McMillan AbelWalker William Vale Joshua Vale Elizabeth Vale Sarah Vale GeorgeMcMillan George Griffith Ann Griffith JamesVale lydia Vale Jonathan McMillan Jane Hussey Hephzibah Walker Abraham Griffith Leah Walker Slisha Vale
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