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  By TRlffi y'  1^ r^/fK'ji-iV-AL^vifsx-»'ii''^-.f::-:-. v ãiw4ti All adver ;sufe insertion the name pr^eiating the troth'. This is as it should [^ght in by® three o'clock = be,and be far better for all, if more attentionwaspaidtotheinvestigationof Man,' i^nd thenatttra lawsbywhichheis inE^||able|pdleDC0«r pHy'tli8ap|>Qinted; (br^be^^Sn^i of deafening thefarsofthe people, oniy preparedthem for reoeiifittg,endbetter ap* w^d like to see 8 gaod j^overfied, If such a course were pursued  — „„ n£t friends, drop in, with jtbera would be a great amount of good re-.jtjr Was hoptleBslj iost wttf (qitareupuldaccounis,m**—-^ ioiiog onlytothosewith ealingg. O^rDrs. MeGuire andAdams have dis-ling by this act, Ik *. . solved partnership. Dr. McGuire reUringj andsell'^tacrificerDg on n neof our sub^cnbsrs, are owing to the fact thathislhimsely of all power.Hei nee, in the way of mduc- , beallli will not permit himto practice for i rates not subdued were imd< tobecome subscribers toi r-i   . ^Wi iom«n hn» hrm,rrki jof Gofgey, wlio could With ^.Ki*ã *ãã ' ãã— .I have musteredone hundre- tave broughtone, coch., Fibm.—G. W, dt C. H. Thomas five thousand men capable ur aub^nbers will thus, announce,thm«gh our adverliaingcolumns. i vice: but as, already^stated ea, and if they do so, we ^ fact that they have opened a ^^Groce^-y   mkbtcly and surrendered i j«»JProvUio„Store l« tin. pl«c,oa the | nty^wUhoul . etipulatioo i m .or Uielr M »ea». ,» est oJ Slam street, two tloors north fcdontrv or bis nobic com rJnt the Tickcu for the  quMe^ j wa. th ereso damnahfe an .day,on to-morrow of »ne. jcmaumated. The Wood ol J ».« ã'ã« >tato'..tll.5n.»'; cruel .^ jproporUon of the public favor.ihea'^- and hitt nsmes on thi 'Tickets, : t ®nw his bleeding cowi ftiwforitte«J iisof the fact. i I2i, M.* to-inoiTow. The » suit from It. ofacts this himself by_ bls bMfliaiiitial^ the affect ions of his soldi wouldhardlyserveunder »a] wesay whejpi: hisactshads countryindisaster, that tl« j v.  V «>t -j^i^{Miii' :<Sr»   vv>v .;v;-:: i  xv> eration, v. ...chco*operation lessmadedictator, then, to Ex-Gov.Moaauw died at hU residence I try, STossuih, whohadlieeit i t the cash for Job Print- :|,j jbis county on Monaay of list week.— resigned infavor of Gorgey IS dooe» Bear this in ?|j^ ^^,^3 sick but a few days.Hewas a led hini in thatcapacity, ha ce no charges uponwidely known forhis virtues. j promised to use allins efil country.Kossuthwasonl) * bed tothe heart, byhiso OttrQur Merchants have all, we believe, jhandi. But to bleincKussu 1   ã a r in  f y^mw alion offn^pend- i^ddardtep . R- i)av1s. h alersperse 5i byf He _  Spencer ilSchoHr^^SS^ of the m in le the from le inmisfiNi ^ the Committee ef Arrangements* \TlONy ngostnext,willbe i^urgi incommemof*idia Emancipation.^ in cimnection with It isexpected that CincinnaU^ will be meeting. We in- LibertyandHuman* St,1851.'23-4W. ementa N NOTICE. ^retofeFe J, r,bOorq.m. 185L 23-3W they fiW ãto winWlaiai|8lj^ 1Hatwtdesphtoigetn ii^^: bui^ cannotdosowithoutwhatI Have ai.'B^apy W»',«' WafnevHI^,J JEFFERSON riiii COMPANY OF ClNClNNAn* 1NOCJRPORATED by tlic State ^oF JL ^l<K),OOeOapival. Ofiice, Brburweira in<rg, cornerVineandFourthstreets. in su?ance elfbcieti in this Company oiltiie^lutu* alandJointStocksystems,'fHeygrantor purchase annuities, confer . endowments, makecontractsuponandappertainingtode fense and reversionary inter^ts eoanected with Life Risks. *Some of tfie wciiliaradvantages of this .Company aTO--»l. Uhasacapitalor S100,000^ vvefl secured, Has tvro ^^oartmejits, bein*^ securedbythe whole capitalotthecom pany andits accnmulations. 2, ilteratesoi premium in the joint stock department are re- du<^ equal  ^to an annual cashdiviflead inad vance ofthirty- three andone-tnirdper 3.Inthemutualdeparuneni,butone-haltot theannualpremiumisrequiredmc»sn,wneu tlie insurance is for life, and the annual premiiun amountsto $40 dividend ot profits annumlyt scripissueddrawinginterestandtransiew»e 4.Thelifeofthe husband maybeinsttredtor die benefit of the wite, Uu-. insurance payable to her; free from allclaiiiisof crtNlitors or repre sentatives.Wearcnotawareofprovis ioninanyother Company in Ohio; itis oftheEnglish Companies, andbut tew otthe Easterncompanies.'5.*rhejpfemiuinsmay bepaid emi-annuaHy,orqiiarierlv.itpretei- red.6.The prenviuiiis received willbeinvest edinliteWest,andthe money paidannually forlifeinsuranceretainedamongus. All (^loulc iiisiir;wba are notceriauiofleaying tbeitfanjiUee tn coWbrtableaioumatances, and all whoseiugota : dependuptm.tnewper- epnalcxertioiis.jUtergyttien^PHysicians, Law- . yete, Mycliahies. Clerks, BooK-keCTers, and .thweInpublic officers. Also,Merchnnts, Trales en diMl MamifUciurers in active biiM- neSB, whose priipeii' depehdaapo»* tfie*vic»sn- tudsSfttitdi).a.l*h*8ewhosereal<»tateis eacdiWhisftM'.  A Thosewho t^ui|e: theen- dorse'iuept of *rt«en; frietids fewthSiV aecihSty-.? Thealhpafi^te vir3hom%nt ^ e tbew finnilieattdproyidedfbr at tt^r i. President.. W, W,.CoBe,jT.;fr^t;T.- fd HP the}a^ firm,df liate fketpbjr DOtifii^i i^i^heald bd C^8w) m /numi^ O-ATUErr^^ :rvL iSs / A.-  T? Cljrvi, -^ / Ui . OpinhiUiiity j^oinpt.atl^itiqii HWt; mhiiy'ã.lyears Vvjlffe a^fe m ^ã0''- till a II .Jrli 15  S almve theMorrow Waynesville, May 2^, ^^CAMFORl AIR TIGHT stove. Kelly   prisi^n i areconstatil^y piai Waynesville Foiinnryihe ^ and feMy^proved Pookb byGieE»on,I>eeein is cohstructedwith. DOUBLE FUf For Summer and IVinter us whichmaybeused,thus afi okv in the useof fiiel.Th< and so arranged as to insnre REGULARITY IR These advantages with o themselves to the purchaser; fidito render dilsEtoveone LATEST AND thathaseverSeen introduce May 28,1851, PAINTIN The undersdsned has h thathewoulddo ^1kin VH^T hemeansHoiise^Slgreverydescription ot- 'Fan^u^ customaryprice .Ashaii» ronagerespecifiifiiy sioHciied SAMUELC Jil respectfullyaimbj^ticls ihhi'he W|BJbis m£t^p^^ ãi: jNtdL^^dh, wfii idomiortable as welt  J noN }tg» in qommeraot- iaEmiuicipatioii.V n consectioK with tis fexpectM finti nnali^ will be pSeetinjg'^ We is- and Human* ments. rI IO-ticb: etofore existing orunivisibi?4aydis-   j BLECHKE.. J.R. BOOROM. S51> 23-Sw tothe late firin. of arehereby notifiedi It to leave, and it   hitS:ridiouid be IAB, Eain £?£. Souihofthe viile4®il ofinyjiousef 5ofBedsteads,Bod- ,andBureau, Clock p-cbmuteneefot lo itern^s^wiUby made J, .J. BLECnER ift '-ã*4 a. In ibe miiiftalUeimrtiueni,pui on ^au.;y» the anniiaiprenuimv is reqtiirea in <»snv w^nen^^ thein6W^ttce1» for life, anci theanniialpremiuni araoun.t» to oi pi^his annna^^ scrip issueddrawing inierest andtransfe^bVe, 4.Thelifeofthe hxisband maybe msur^ lorthe benefit oftheinsurancepayableto her~freefromfillclaimsofcr«inorsorrepre sentatives.Wearcnotawareofthisprovis ioninanyother Company inOhio;? itistii none oftheEnglish Companies,and butfowolthe EasternCompanies.5. The pfennunksmay bepaid#emi-anounllj%orquarteriv. it preter- re<l. d/The receivedwillbemvest- ^ed,andthemoneypaidannualiy for life insuranceretainedamong us. Whouk insnrj who arc not cer«am ^'fleaving theirfamiliesincomfortableciicut^tances, and {ill whose lucohi-^ dependupontheirper- sqniilexertions.^Ciergymen,Physicians, law yers* Mechanics,Clerks,Book-heepers, and .thosein pubUc ofikPrs,Also,Mcrcnunts, Tradesiiienfohd Manufocturera in active busi- nesW^'hose prapeiy depends upotrthevicissi- tuds of tfado.Ifoesewhoserealestate is. eneunibercd-. 4.Thosewho r^uire theoil- dorsement of theirfriends fortbeir security,o. Thelivesofitllpureiilswhomightleavetheirfamiiieannprovidisl for attheirdeath. ã Ommis AND Dfa^croKs:-;~H. Coodman, Presideiit.W.W,Cones,V.Fr^^t.L Ben- ton.Cec'y. 1JI«B:T0KS^-Cin4fliw«. H- & GoodtaoJi, Wrti. Bimiet, W.W. feam V FKey^ Wm.- McCammon, UeorgOCarusle% Cteffos^ Conebun, A.G. Bnr.C Charles Gb<^* man, E. tot, U. W. D68hter,;t« uit)baayO,, a B.' Paviif, CtevelandV O. Boako ^of Fl  kASCK-.—Hon. JacobBarbel, fe»Wii Wiggins, Esq. I - S.. Goo4taab> Es^l- ^„ Appiit^tiqq^nVay be made to3. . Kogersi Aientfor-WKynKStilk.^ ã«,  ãã » ,t ./> .v.ã Alcrficat ixi.iuxtnets, firs. B, .^IcCiiurn and <3. G:Bbtil- REGULARITY IN These advantages with oili iheniseivbsto the purchaser at fail torenderitiia Stove one Ol LATEST AND 1 that hasever BeeniRtroducedi May^,1851. FAIHTING The undersignedhas here that he would do all kifods th^t heineausHousd,3ign^^ everydescriptionotFajmy CKstomaryprice®.A share oi roiiage respectfullySolicited ãA.-If; SAMUEL G. SMG AVINGthoroughly refitta ed hisestablishment afb FRENCH SALd respectfully announced totlicthat hb wilt be mosih%py usual capRcitvoi BARi^R ANB ftAlS andassucR,willsparehopai comfortableaswelt as gentee Ofiics>i Main ^reet,, West  Nprth of BISEOLUTTDNlIf NUTICE is hereby ;shi0iherctoloreexmtihg d^ihsigTiedii isthisday disiSblV^ - t \^ay nesville,May 30?1851  ;ã 'ji' 11 I.11. U.I |i  -I Vi ,ii' ii.i.iiii Jt'Oij^-silylor sakby kyJbERib iSc BR(^^  ...v, .c^lgi  i a jRb X>^ jv/V, V, » -4£i
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