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  MCQ Encircle the right answer 1.   It’s a fast flying bird of prey. a.   Falcon b. ostrich c.hen d. sparrow 2 .Birds have it over their body ,it helps birds to fly. a.   Beak b. feet c .feathers d.neck 3 . It is the smallest bird. It can fly backwards too. a.   Sparrow b. barbet c. humming d. sunbird 4. It is the size of a chicken , has a long bill and cannot fly. a. hen b. kiwi c. emu d .duck 5. It is the biggest , fastest bird and cannot fly. It lives in Africa. a. penguin b. ostrich c. barbet d.weaver bird 6.It is a common bird and found in cities around the world a.crow b .sparrow c .pigeon d.hen 7. This bird is now extinct. a .cock b. dodo c.ostrich d. dove 8.It makes its nest between stones a.sunbird b. weaver c. indian robin d.crow  9. Its teeth grows throughout its life a. cow b. snake c.squirrel d. cat 10. Duck has this type of feet. a. crooked b.webbed d. blunt

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Apr 16, 2018


Apr 16, 2018
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