ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit (2017)

ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit (2017)
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  MAN Diesel & Turbo PrimeServ Copenhagen Teglholmsgade 412450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark Phone +45 33 85 11 00Fax +45 33 85 10 Scope of Supply ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit Marine Systems MAN PrimeServ – a service brand of MAN Diesel & Turbo  All data providedinthisdocumentisnon-binding. Thisdata servesinformational purposesonly andisespecially notguaranteedinany way. Depending onthe subsequentspecific individual projects, the relevantdata may be subjectto changesandwill be assessedanddeterminedindividually foreachproject. Thiswill dependonthe particularcharacteristicsofeachindividual project, especially specific site andoperational conditions. Copyright©MAN Diesel & Turbo. 1510-0281-00pprNov 2017 PrintedinDenmark, PRinfoTrekroner   Hydraulic driven cold-end pumps – 3 pieces    Compact vaporizer heated by glycol water    Cold-return line for continued circulation (no suction drum needed)    Blow-off valve and safety valves    Electrical cabinet with 3 x MPC    Hydraulic power supply (optional)    Sensors for control and supervision  Pump strainer (standard 160my)    NG filter after vaporizer (10my)  Filter for glycol water (250my)    Fully automated PVU control system including supervision of operational conditions    Class approval certificate for PVU (Hazop/FMEA submission to class societies)  Installation and operation manuals via MDT documentation system    List of capacities etc. Not included – Yard/LFSS supplier scope: Main components    LNG tanks    Bunkering station    Low pressure feed pump    Glycol water system    Nitrogen supply system  Master gas valve    Low pressure vaporizer (if needed)    Gas compressor (if needed)  Piping and cabling Installation    Installation of PVU, electrical cabinet, HPS unit, glycol water system, MOP screen    Piping; LNG pipes, HP gas pipes, Glycol water pipes, control air etc.    Hydraulic hose between PVU and HPS unit incl. heat tracing    Electrical cabling e.g. between PVU and electrical cabinet   Approval    LFSS class approval including PVU    Overall Hazop Control and safety system    LFSS safety system with input/output from PVU control system, e.g. NG outlet temperature and pressure  ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit Marine Systems The pump vaporizer unit – dedicated supply system for ME-GI engines  The MAN developed ME-GI pump vaporizer unit (PVU) is a standardized compact, high quality pump unit for supply of LNG to MAN B&W two-stroke ME-GI engines. The pump unit includes pump, vaporizer, filters and a control system with safety functions and a high degree of integration with the MAN B&W ME-GI engine. Working principle  The PVU is designed to pressurize and vaporize the LNG to the pressure and temperature required by the MAN B&W two-stroke ME-GI engine. The PVU receives subcooled LNG supplied by a cryogenic centrifugal pump and the LNG is pressurized by a high pressure reciprocating pump, consisting of three cylinders actuated by linear hydraulic pistons. The pres-surized LNG flows through a compact printed circuit heat exchanger, where it is heated by a warm glycol water. Fine particles present in the gas are caught by the high pressure filter, before the gas is directed towards the gas valve train (GVT) and the engine. The gas pressure is controlled by control of hydraulic flow to the pump.  The separate control of the three pump heads provide 100% redundancy. Schematic overview  Benefits Low cost with embedded redundancy With a compact and intelligent design, the PVU intro-duces a considerable saving in the complete low flash-point fuel supply system (LFSS). This is because of the simplifications implemented in the design, resulting in a reduced number of sub-systems and components and due to the cryogenic pumps being actuated individually, enabling embedded redundancy. This means that one pump cylinder can be taken out of service for overhaul, while the remaining two are fully operational, and can supply 100% of the required capacity. In comparison, traditional crankshaft driven pumps require two com-plete units to allow system redundancy. By choosing hydraulic supply for the PVU from the ME-engine HPS, the installation cost is further reduced significantly. Engine control integration  The PVU control system is designed based on knowl-edge of the ME-GI engine and the PVU mechanics.  This ensures dedicated control integration between the systems, and high gas supply control accuracy and condition monitoring features. The engine gas pressure and flow demands are quickly transferred to the PVU, resulting in a stable gas pressure control, in which it secures efficient ramp up and ramp down in all operating conditions. Further, the GVT downstream of the PVU is controlled by the ME-GI engine control system, ensuring integrated control with the ME-GI engine. The PVU control system is based on the same hardware platform as the ME engine control system, which means that no extra spare parts are required. Compact, lightweight design Compared to conventional systems, the PVU offers a significantly reduction in weight and size. This offers a further cost benefit considering installation costs. Integrated hydraulic power supplyfrom the ME-GI Engine  The PVU can be powered directly from the ME-GI engine via the engine integrated ME-HPS (Hydraulic Power Supply). Due to excess of hydraulic capacity, when operating on LNG, the ME-HPS has capacity to power the PVU. The ME-HPS power solution offers many benefits such as less required installation space and auxiliary genset capacity. Alternatively, the PVU will be delivered with an standalone hydraulic power station, the so-called PVU-SHPS. Easy maintenance and spare parts  The PVU skid is designed with the operators in mind.  This means that all components are easily accessible for easy and effective maintenance. There is also a limitation of required spare parts, seeing that both the control system, pilot valves, and other components, are the same as on the engine, and therefore already a part of the ships spares. The PVU can also be in-cluded in MAN’s EMC contracts. 3D model of the ME-GI Pump Vaporizer Unit  PVU-1000-1.1PVU-3000-1.1PVU-5000-1.1PVU-7000-1.1LNG (kg/h) -1,6001,601-3,0003,001-4,9004,901-7,100 Engine power (MW) -8.99.0-16.616.7-27.127.2-39.5 L × W x H (mm) 3,400x2,000x2,0003,700x2,240x2,0003,700x2,240x2,0003,700x2,240x2,000 Weight (kg) 2000-25002000-25003500-40003500-4000 MAN Diesel & Turbo can supply a range of PVU’s variating in size and capacities. The following PVU sizes are available:   P V  U-1 2  0  0  0 -1 .1  Un d  er  pr  e p ar  a t  i   on GVTN2 systemLP pump ME-GI LNG tank  BOG lineME-ECSGlycol system HP Compressor PVUcontrolsystemLFSScontrolandsafetysystem ME-GI PVUMAN Diesel & TurboYardLFSS supply Loading/unloadingstation Vent mastsME-GI EngineME OR Stand-alonehydraulicpower supplyHP vaporiserHP pump
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