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  ME3112 Planar Mechanisms  –  Solved Examples  Solved examples  – mainly from Beer and Johnston, chapter 17. 1  Example 1  To determine the angular velocity of various components of a planar mechanism.  The following diagram shows a planar mechanism with BD hinged at A and CD hinged at D.  AB=BC=0.2 m, CD=0.1 m. The angular velocity of AB at this instant is 30 rad/s in the clockwise direction. Find the angular velocities of the members BC and DC at this instantME31122  Solution: (All angles in degrees)For link AB, v B = v A + AB x r  B/A v B = 0 + (-30 k)x(0.2 cos(60) i+ 0.2 sin(60) j) v B = 5.2 i-3.0 j Link BC v C = v B + BC x r  C/B v C = 5.2 i-3.0 j + BC k x 0.2 iv C = 5.2 i+ (0.2 BC -3.0) jLink CD v D = v C + CD x r  D/C 0 = v C + CD k x 0.1 iv C = 0.1 CD  j ME31123  Equating the two expressions for v C ,5.2 i + (0.2 w BC -3.0)  j = 0.1 w CD i Equating the i and  j components   CD = 52 k rad/s   BC = 15 k rad/sThe two angular velocities are both in the counter-clockwise direction. ME31124

IEC 60268-16

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