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  Off Campus & Assignment Handling Services Division of Information Services Nathan Campus GRIFFIH !NI"#RSI$ %D '((( ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Open Universities Australia   Student details  NameJason Taylor Student NumberS2823730CourseBachelor of Communication Unit details Unit codeCW320 Unit name!ublishin" in the #ar$et%lace & 'ssessment 3 Choice 3Unit tutor(r 'nne ichards Assessment Item details (ue dateWord count)*tension "ranted*+ No + ,es)*tension date-s this a resubmission.*+ No + ,esesubmission date ACADEMIC INTEGRITY DECLARATION Breaches of academic inte"rity /cheatin" %la"iarism falsification of data collusion1 seriously com%romise student learnin" as ell as the Uniersity4s assessment of the effectieness of that learnin" and the academic 5uality of the Uniersity4s aards6 'll breaches of academic inte"rity are ta$en seriously and could result in %enalties includin" failure in the course and e*clusion from the Uniersity6 Students should be aare that the Uniersity uses te*tmatchin" softare to safe"uard the 5uality of student learnin" and that your assi"nment ill be chec$ed usin" this softare6 - ac$noled"e and a"ree that the e*aminer of this assessment item may for the %ur%ose of mar$in" this assessment item • re%roduce this assessment item and %roide a co%y to another 9riffith staff member: and; • submit this assessment item to a te*tmatchin" serice6 This ebbased serice ill retain a co%yof this assessment item for chec$in" the or$ of other students but ill not re%roduce it in any form6 )*aminers ill only aard mar$s for or$ ithin this assi"nment that is your on ori"inal or$6 - hereby certify that  •  e*ce%t here - hae indicated this assi"nment is my on or$ based on my %ersonal study and;or research6 •  - hae ac$noled"ed all materials and sources used in the %re%aration of this assi"nment hether they be boo$s articles re%orts lecture notes or any other $ind of document or %ersonal communication6 •  - hae not collaborated ith another student or %erson in %lannin" deelo%in" and ritin" this  Off Campus & Assignment Handling Services Division of Information Services Nathan Campus GRIFFIH !NI"#RSI$ %D '((( ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Open Universities Australia   assessment item6 •  this assi"nment has not been submitted for assessment in any other course or at any other time in the same course6 •  - hae not co%ied in %art or in hole or otherise %la"iarised the or$ of other students and;or other %ersons6 •  - haen4t made this %iece of or$ aailable to another student6 !roidin" this declaration falsely is considered a breach of academic inte"rity6 I have retained a co! o" this assessment item "or m! o#n records$ (ate <<<<<<<<0=;=2;20=><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<6 /Ty%e your name aboe as an electronic si"nature1 Assi%nment chec&list ' lease tic& the (o)es - hae named my assi"nment correctly in the folloin" style #y  Name<Student ?<CW320 <'ssi"nment@@6doc- hae %ut in my Aull Name<Student ?<C#2=<'ssi"nment@@ into header of this document6- hae used 'rial or Times Ne oman =2%t font double s%aced and  ustified the te*t for my assi"nment6  Off Campus & Assignment Handling Services Division of Information Services Nathan Campus GRIFFIH !NI"#RSI$ %D '((( ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Open Universities Australia   The %ublishin" industry has itnessed a maor chan"e in the %ast ten or so years both online and off6 (i"ital technolo"ies hae chan"ed the rules for riters here once u%on a time they ere at the mercy of traditional %ublishin" com%anies no they hae the ability to %ublish hen they ant6 This %a%er ill analyse a number of innoatie deelo%ments in electronic  %ublishin" from self%ublishin" and %rint on demand to the rise of 'maDon and their manoeurin" to control the online boo$ mar$et%lace and the effects it has had on the su%%ly chain6 The %a%er ill also attem%t to analyse the future trends of the online boo$ mar$et%lace6There is a %erce%tion from many %eo%le that the )boo$ is historically 5uite ne hoeer theconce%t has been around for 5uite some time6 Eannear Bush4s essay F's We #ay Thin$4 hich as %resented to the scientific community in =G>H as the first to %ro%ose the idea of an electronic boo$ /Iolley  #anley 20=2 %6 2G>16 -n the time since Bush4s essay in =G>H there hae been a number of %eo%le and com%anies that hae tried to deelo% the idea of a  %ortable and %ersonal library6 -n the =G70s there as 'lan Kay4s !ortable Library and Thac$er4s noteboo$ siDed com%uter called FThe 'lto4 hilst in the =G80s it as com%anies such as Sony and -B# ith their Boo$man and Boo$#ana"er that tried to deelo% the conce%t further6 Ioeer it as not until =GGG hen Nuomedia built the first )Boo$ reader that the %ublishin" landsca%e as shoin" si"ns of chan"e6 They called the reader the oc$et )Boo$ and as illustrated in the 9iDmodo blo" the com%any thou"ht that they ere transformin" the %ublishin" industry6 The %roblem as accordin" to 9iDmodo as that the connection beteen buyin" and readin" boo$s as too clun$y /9iDmodo 20=016 -t ould ta$eanother =0 years before 'maDon tied Kindle to a cellular netor$ and made it %ossible to  Off Campus & Assignment Handling Services Division of Information Services Nathan Campus GRIFFIH !NI"#RSI$ %D '((( ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Open Universities Australia    %urchase ith one clic$ for the reolution to truly be"in6 'maDon no dominates the online mar$et %lace hich ill be analysed in further detail later in the essay hoeer in the meantime this %a%er ill e*amine the conce%t of self%ublishin"6 Li$e the )Boo$ the history of self%ublishin" is not a relatiely ne conce%t ith many authors such #ar"aret 'tood William Bla$e and #ar$ Tain forced to ta$e this %ath6 Ioeer the self%ublishin" road that many authors choose to ta$e today is a by%roduct of hat ha%%ened in the =GG0s ith the mainstream %ublishin" houses6 's (ile$o and (ali allude to  the consolidation of mainstream %ublishin" houses into cor%orate behemoths meantthat inde%endent %ublishers become %art of the entertainment diisions of %rofitorientated com%anies anserable to shareholders %ension funds and mutual funds /200M %6 20G16 Aurthermore this meant that these %ublishin" houses ere forced to sho %rofits on each  boo$ they %ublished6 's 9laDer elo5uently %uts it FCom%anies li$e Simon  Schuster ant tofind (ee%a$ Cho%ra: they don4t ant to find a riter necessarily ho has an audience of =0000 %eo%le4 /9laDer 200H %6 =016 Therefore it can be ar"ued that in this conte*t it ould hae been hard for Fne4 riters to conince %ublishers to ta$e a chance on them and it as inand around this time that a ne "eneration of self%ublishers such as 'uthorIouse and iUnierse ere deelo%ed6 Today iUnierse is still in e*istence alon" ith a ariety of fee  based %ublishin" serices aailable to riters includin" 'maDon4s CreateS%ace6 Self%ublishin" com%anies such as iUnierse and CreateS%ace and other self%ublishin" com%anies hae dramatically chan"ed the %ublishin" landsca%e oer the %ast fe years6 iUnierse has %ac$a"es that start at 8GG and include "lobal distribution hich are made aailable to order throu"h 'maDon6com BarnesNoble6com and other retailers /iUnierse  Off Campus & Assignment Handling Services Division of Information Services Nathan Campus GRIFFIH !NI"#RSI$ %D '((( ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Open Universities Australia   20=>16 When analysin" the data in terms of "roth for the self%ublishin" mar$et it is 5uite mindbo""lin" to see ho the self%ublishin" mar$et has "ron oer the %ast number of years6-n 200G CreateS%ace released 2=8=G titles hilst 'uthor Solutions -nc6 said it %ut out 20=7=titles in that year /Alamm 20=0 %6 216 By 20=2 these numbers hae increased e*%onentially ith an analysis conducted by !roOuest affiliate Bo$er reealin" that the number of self %ublished boo$s had risen to 3G=000 u% HG %er cent oer 20== and oer >22 %er cent oer 2007 /Bo$er 20=>16 The donside to these statistics is that ith so many self%ublished titles %roduced each year: it is hard for riters to stand out from the %ac$ due to amount of titles bein" %ublished6 'nother transformation that modern day %ublishin" is itnessin" is  %rint on demand boo$s6 ne innoatie deelo%ment in electronic %ublishin" as the )s%resso Boo$ #achine hich as deelo%ed by %ublisher Jason )%stein and Jeff #arshall /CW320 20=> %6 =>M16 -n an article for Scholastic Scope an anonymous riter "ae a "reat analo"y as to hy the )s%resso Boo$ #achine has reolutionised the %ublishin" landsca%e6 Ie or she states Fima"ine al$in" into your faourite boo$store and as$in" the cler$ for a boo$ you hae been dyin" to read only to discoer that it is out of stoc$6 -nstead of al$in" out disa%%ointed you %lace an order online and ait for around fie minutes for the boo$ to %rint bind and trim a %erfectly  bound %a%erbac$ of the boo$ you re5uested4 /Scholastic Sco%e 200G16 Ioeer %rint on demand boo$s "oes further than this analo"y as SuDanne WilsonIi""ins has identified in her 20== %a%er6 WilsonIi""ins ar"ues that %rint on demand saes money by not inestin" cash in %hysical boo$ stoc$ in case a customer ants to buy one6 She also states that %rint on demand hel%s eliminate aste in the su%%ly chain for e*am%le oerstoc$s for distributors and returns from retailers6 !rint on demand also reduces the need for %ac$a"in" re%ac$a"in"

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