Media Preliminary Task Evaluation

media preliminary task evaluation
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  Media preliminary task evaluation Our preliminary task was to create a documentary on mobile phones. We recorded an interview with a mobile phone owner as the main base of our documentary. Then we recorded various cutaways and then edited them together and added graphics along with a music bed to the interview to follow codes and conventions of documentaries. There were many areas in our preliminary task which could have been improved on, although we followed many codes and conventions of documentaries we could have followed more to increase the validity of our documentary. One of the areas we could have improved in was the use of mis en scene in our interview. For example we could have had more props or a better location relating to mobile phones, we could have included mobile phones as props during the interview and recorded our interview in an area with people using their mobile phones in the background to follow conventions of documentaries and use props and locations. Another area we could have improved on is the interviewee’s lack of clarity when being interviewed as they are not experts on mobile phones. If we had an interviewee who was an expert, such as mobile technician, the interview would have more depth and detail in it, which would improve our documentary overall greatly. We could have also improved our graphics, we used very basic graphics. A way to improve this would have been to focus more on the graphics and allocate this part of our documentary more time within our group. Although a positive is the use of lower third titling used, which follows the codes and conventions of documentaries. Our music bed could have been improved by the general overall quality of the music, although in terms of songs which could have been associated with mobile phones I feel we chose well, the music in our documentary was slightly distorted and was low quality. The interviewee often answered questions which wouldn’t have made sense to the audience due to our voices being cut out when asking the questions. We could have improved by instructing the interviewee to add more detail to his answer so it would be clearer to the audience. Snippets of our question can be  heard a couple of times as the interviewee and us sometimes spoke across each other which decreases the quality of the interview. Overall I feel that we followed many codes and conventions of documentaries but we also could have improved in many other areas to make our documentary better. We could have added much more detail and also improved on increasing the graphics in the documentary.
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