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Filcro Media Staffing provides highly specialized media executive search services for the recruitment of tactical and strategic media industry leadership globally. On this page Filcro Media Staffing exhibits industry acumen and efficacy recruiting media technology sales and media technology workflow solutions executives. For origination, production, post, workflow, hardware and software solutions providers Filcro Media Staffing offers executive search leadership in this highly specialized recruitment space for the media, broadcasting and telecommunications industries.
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   Filcro Media Staffing recruits media technology executives to monetize and implement abroad spectrum of media technologies.Recruiting for broadcasters across eight media platforms Filcro Media Staffing recruits media technology executives capable of building, operating, leading and monetizing essential business, technical and creativetechnology applications and services within the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries.TV, motion picture, online and advertising agency production and post workflow, transmission (BO&E), contentmanagement (CMS) VOD, sales operations, traffic, inventory and planning are all areas relevant to Filcro MediaStaffing’s media technology recruitment experience and the most active areas in the media technology recruitmentgroup.Filcro Media Staffing will recruit an entire technology organization for implementation in New York, Los Angeles,Chicago, Atlanta or Miami or single key media technology executives in any media market in the United States,Canada or South America.Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing has maintained a proactive media technology stance for the firm’s clients. Froma technological and legislative perspective, Filcro Media Staffing understands media technologies and their applications within context of the diverse media communities the firm services. Media Platforms & Environments OTA, Cable, MSO, Satellite, Broadband, Mobile, OEM Studio Production & Post, NOC, Headend, Control Room, Sales Operations, Origination Sales, Mobile Production Units and Satellite Trucks  Business, Technical & Creative Applications Workflow, Transmission, Production, Post-Production, Operations, Engineering, VOD, Sales, Sales Planning,Traffic, Inventory, Content Management, Antenna, Power, Media HVAC Facilities  Recruited CRO, CIO, CTO, EVP, SVP, VP, Director, Manager, Engineer, Technician, Scientist, Programmer, ProjectManager - Brief Examples: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 or read  A or B technology case histories below.   Geographics Regional, National, International For specialized media technology and workflow sales    Filcro Media Staffing Media Technology Recruitment Group VOD - Play-out - Cloud Distribution  Filcro Media Staffing Media Technology Recruitment Group  MobileCable & MSOBroadcast TVRadioOnlineMulticast & OEMFilmSatellite  A Filcro Media Staffing Media Technology Executive Search Review - Tony Filson OIC    Director Global Distribution  Engineering and New Technology   Global Multiplex Multiplatform Channel EnvironmentsBased New York, NY - USA The Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) with Tony Filson (TF) as officer in charge(OIC) reporting to Technology Human Resources in New York, NY - USA The Client Company Cable broadcasting environment of one of the the World’s largest mediaand entertainment conglomerates with global and domestic terrestrialdistribution. This Multiplex is considered the World’s eminent technologicalleader and premium programming provider in the broadcasting industrywith unsurpassed MSO and cross-platform dissemination modality. These14 networks (as of search initiation) enjoy international market dominanceand are SUB not advertising driven. This New York City based national executive search was“strategic” to assure the combined Networks and MSO’s continued global dominance withregard to broadcasting distribution and advanced operational technology. Executive Search Senior Director TV Network Global DistributionDirector Engineering and New Technology (DENT) Client Situation The Vice President of Network Technology Distribution (VPNTD) was referred to Filcro MediaStaffing from corporate human resources. The VPNTD had searched for over six monthsthrough other executive search firms and was unable to identify an appropriate Sr. Director.Filcro Media Staffing was called in when the situation became critical for the Network(s)distribution and MSO properties based on affiliate adaptation deadlines of proprietarybroadcast signal assimilation and dissemination.With synthesizing technology through the entire global distribution chain form NOC to Affiliate(s) being of timely and paramount importance based on set-top-box (STB) and newCODEC roll-out, Time Warner required aggressive, creative and media focused recruitmentindicative of Filcro Media Staffing’s recruiting modality and efficacy.The skill sets, experience and media technology specific to global broadcast distributionrequired existed in few environments and there was virtually no success prior to Filcro MediaStaffing being retained. Other search firms from inside and outside of New York did notproduce results. Due to the immediacy and nature of the search Time Warner requested TheOfficer in Charge of Search (OIC) at Filcro Media Staffing be Tony Filson (TF).It was the consensus of FMS-TF that a national search was not required based on TonyFilson’s knowledge of technology succession planning at two “ideal environments” to drawfrom that were located in New York City. However, additional national candidates sourcedwith proper technology leadership experience were also presented by Filcro Media Staffing to assure success if the “ideals” could not be attracted from within New York City based on aperceived compensation issue that ultimately was moot. Media Industry and Media Sector Inclusions for Candidate Universe Recruitment Cable Television Network(s)Multisystem Operators (MSO’s)The Major Broadcast Television Networks - OTASuper Stations / Regional Station Groups / National Station Groups  Broadcasting Industry Technology (IT & Engineering) Consulting & Vendors Filcro Media Staffing is Retained Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge Tony Filson and the FMS Director of Research spenttime in person at the client’s New York City Executive Offices with Technology HumanResources. From the onset Filcro Media Staffing was familiar with the client technologyculture and technological infrastructure from a business and IT perspective. Tony Filsoncreated a engineering topography review to be utilized during identification and recruitment.Human Resources gave detailed guidance that was formulated in conjunction with theVPNTD to determine the desired experience, soft and hard skills. The departments culturewas equally as important and presented challenges if the autonomy capacity of the newDirector was lacking even if the technological acumen was above the mean. A searchdocument was quickly established and the client’s “ideal” was apparent to Tony Filson fromthe onset. Filcro Media Staffing’s broadcasting focus and experience with similar TV networktechnology searches was utilized immediately to set a positive course of action and cadence.Filcro Media Staffing was provided with an overview of all Network technical (IT) and (BO&E)operational facilities for terrestrial distribution. Based on the fact that this was a “multiplex”environment and few other competitors enjoyed their “current” technological superiority, aflexible compensation structure was understood that could be market driven to attract anideal executive regardless of a competing Network’s nomenclature without running into parityissues within the same department. Filcro Media Staffing evaluated all distribution facilitiesas they relate(d) to the new DENT and affiliate issues to include security, budget, current andfuture CODEC development and vendor considerations for STB, VOD, Mobile and Wireless. The reporting line was not an issue as the position was strategic and required calling uponexisting staff, departments and affiliates to work in synergy with the DENT to implement all“New Technology” and “Change Management”. This technology executive would haveunusual autonomy based on their technological acumen and capacity to implement businessinitiatives.This level of strategic autonomy is normally afforded to a VP of Technology within the client'scompetitors and we were recruiting and attracting a high-pot Director level executive.The Network's objectives with regard to domestic and international Cable TV, DBS, HITS,OD, broadband, etc. were timely and to assure proper deployment and continuity of servicewe needed to identify an executive who could evaluate new distribution technologies andmake recommendations based on past BO&E experiences. CMS distribution acumencreated challenges as others in the industry were a full generation behind the clientcompany.The VPNTD was very “hands-off” during the identification phase and let Filcro Media Staffingfunction with unusual autonomy during universe compilation, recruitment, attraction andtiering. Human Resources played a very active role to facilitate attraction based on the firm’srecommendations and they ultimately provided the catalysts to bring the search to fruition.Due to the Network(s) being six months behind schedule prior to engaging FMS, the firmgave FMS unusual latitude to facilitate very aggressive sourcing, identification andrecruitment. Some of the biggest challenges facing the new Technology Director  Strategic implementation on a Network and global affiliate levelContinuity during new distribution technology implementationNew business development with non-technical partnersRepresenting the Network to the industry from the Network’s point of viewDomestic and international PPV / VOD and new business development supportMaintain Network technology leadership in the broadcasting industryGaining Internal and External consensus with regard to vendors and affiliatesCross platform multicast for the entire family of muliplex Networks & products Filcro Media Staffing’s Solution
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