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NHS in UK is in the brink of collapse. GP are said to be offering advice via internet, Skype and smart phone. We raised concern about mistakes that occur when doctors and nurses offer advice using protocol or algorithms but the people in power, managers and nurse leaders do not accept there exist any problem. Please be warned, the days of abusing antibiotics are gone. Doctors are finding it hard to offer the right treatment due to bacteria developing resistance. Please register and check out our tool MAYA..
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  • 1. NHS (Since April 2011)• Cost of phone call to NHS Gp: £3.70 (0.40/min)• Cost of Travel (£4.00) + Car Parking (£4.00/Hour)• Waiting time 2-4 Hours: Loss of income• Prescription cost £8.00
  • 2. ButHOW?
  • 3. Only 24% of patients required Doctors Appointment
  • 4. 2
  • 5. Patient Access Our Website or Use Apps
  • 6. User presented with this page allow to choose One “Type of Cough” : Here the user choose “Barking Cough”
  • 7. The cough type is displayed but ask user to choose “Second Symptom” 5
  • 8. When user click on Add Symptom 2 : This Main Symptom 2 Page opens : User choice was “Diarrhoea & Vomiting”
  • 9. User presented with this page allow to choose One “Type of Diarrhoea” : Here the user choose “Black Stools & Bloody Vomiting
  • 10. Here the user is expected to choose the “3rd Symptom” : User choice was “Sore Throat” 9
  • 11. User presented with this page allow to choose his 3rd Symptom : Here the user choose “Red Throat” 10
  • 12. Disclaimer Please note the following page may offer you suggestions, advice or request to consult a doctor. Our advice is based on the symptoms presented by you. Our doctors have compiled the next page based on clinical experience and updated based on new research and knowledge. Our mission is to help you certainly not to harm your family, friends or you. Please use the information and manage your illness as advised. We will not be held responsible or accept wrong doing knowingly or un-knowingly you may claim to have occurred. Healthcare advice is offered by doctors based on what and how you interpret your symptoms. Clinical examinations, blood tests and other investigations are performed only to confirm or rule out hypothetical diagnosis. Maya will help you differentiate an illness that may or m ay not require additional help from doctors. Please log-in or Try out one free consultation 11 Here We Collect Information orReqest Registration or collect fee
  • 13. Final Page Suggest Visit to Doctor, Nurses or ChemistRegistered user will get additional information and link to speak to doctorsNOTE: The Symptoms are Colored Red, Green or Yellow
  • 14. Registered user will get links to information
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