Medical Errors and the Importance of Second Opinions in Radiology

Description | Seconds opinion services for radiology scans reduce the chances of a misdiagnosis or unnecessary procedure, helping patients stay on the right course of action for their ailments.
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  Just the Facts: Medical Errors According to the Institute of Medicine, there are tens of thousands of deaths every year related to medical mistakes, while the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services places the number of deaths related to bad hospital care with Medicare patients alone at 180,000 a year. 1  Just the Facts: Diagnostic Errors A 2009 study showed that of 583 physician-reported errors, 162 of these errors were rated “major” (i.e., resulting in a near life-threatening event, permanent disability, or death), and 241 of these errors were rated “moderate” (i.e., resulting in an invasive procedure, higher level of care, increased LOS, or short-term morbidity). The same study showed 44% of the errors occurred in the testing phase, 32% were clinical assessment errors, 10% involved history taking, 10% physical examination, and 3% were consultation or referral delays and errors. 2  Just the Facts: Radiologic Errors In an analysis of 656 imaging exams collected over an eight-year period by radiologist Young W. Kim, M.D. and colleagues, 1,279 errors were found. Of those errors, 42% were attributed to under-reading, while a failure to comprehensively examine anatomy after seeing abnormalities relevant to the primary diagnosis made up 22% of the errors. 3
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