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Transcript ISSN-0971-720X (Print) ã ISSN-0974-1283 (Electronic) An International Journal Medico-Legal Update   Volume 11Number 2July - December 2011  iMedico-Legal Update. July - December, 2011, Vol. 11, No. 2 Volume 11, No. 2 July - December, 2011 1 Forensic Odontology- A Prosthodontic Perspective  Ajay Singh, SK Singh, Priyadeep Banerjee, Vertika Srivastav, Sanjib Chowdhury  7   Acute Copper Sulphate Poisoning: A case report and review of literature  Amit Sharma  9 Intraneural Cyst of Common Peroneal Nerve – A Case Report  Amit Thakur, Rahul Agrawal, Romit Gupta, Vishali Kotwal, Manpreet kaur Bajwa  11 Iatrogenic Periodontal Injury Due to Pulp Devitalizer – A case report  Amitabh Srivastava, Kamla R, Jaisika Rajpal, Sunita Srivastava  14   Stevens-Johnson Syndrome- A case report  Pravin Gaikwad, Pratibha Kavle, Arun Singh, Anuj Garg, Shweta Singh  16 Identication of Humans Through Bones and Skull  Bhaskar Agarwal, Vikram Ahuja, Amitabh Varshney, Gaurav Singh, Abhinav Shekhar, Sanjib Chowdhary  19   An Unusual Case of Suicidal Cut Throat- A case report  Dhiraj D Buchade, Rajesh C Dere, Ramesh R Savardekar  21   Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Edentulous Segmental Mandibulectomy Patient: A case report  Himanshu Gupta,   Aruna M Bhat,   Krishna Prasad D, Rakshith Hegde  24 Study of Incidence, Innervation and Clinical Importance of Axillary Arch of Langer  Mallikarjun Adibatti, CM Ramesh, Venkatesh M Patil, Vijayanath V  26   Bio-Medical Waste Management: A review  Manjunath Badni, Dharmashree R D  29 A Retrospective Study on Different Aspects of Road Trafc Accident Victims in N.R.S. Medical College, Kolkata in Last 3 Years (2006-2008)  Shouvanik Adhya, Raviprakash Meshram, Biswajit Sukul, Suddhadhan Batabyal  31 Prevalence and Oral Manifestations of Iron Deciency Anemia: A short study  Prachi Nayak, Sushruth Nayak, Mandana Donoghue  34   Myiasis in Gingiva - A case report  Pradeep Tandon, Vinod Kumar, Amitabh Srivastava, Chetan Chandra  2  , Jaishree Garg  36   A Cross-Sectional Study of Poisoning Cases at District Hospital, Belgaum in the Year 2000- 2001  Prasanna S Jirli, Mahadeshwara Prasad, ESGoudar  38   Drug Abuse and Alcohol Consumption as a Social Habit in Nepal  Sidarth Timsinha, SM Kar, Prashant Agrawal  40 Studies on Medico-Legal Evaluation of Material Used in Hanging in Central Orissa  Rahamtullah Khan, L Ananda Kumar  43 Factors Inuencing Mortality in Flame Burn Cases - A Medico-legal study  Rahul Jain, Anupam Johari, K L Dhanak  46 India: A hot place for Medical Tourism  Biplab Kumar Lenin, Richa Garg  49   Variations in the Shape of Foramen Ovale in Male and Female Crania  Ruta N Ramteerthakar, BN Umarji  51 Palatal Rugae - A tool in forensic odontology  Sabin Siddique, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal  53 Medico-Legal Study of Cases of Death Due to Electrocution in and Around GMC Aurangabad  Sachin Gadge, KU Zine, AK Batra, SV Kuchewar, RD Meshram, SG Dhawane  56   Medico-Legal Study of Homicide in and Around GMC Aurangabad  Sachin Gadge, KU Zine, AK Batra, SV Kuchewar, RD Meshram, SG Dhawane  59 Newer Bio-indicators in Forensic Odontology  Saloni Gupta   iiMedico-Legal Update. July - December, 2011, Vol. 11, No. 2 61 Newer Method to Improve the Bond Strength of Silicone Based Denture Liner- An in vitro study  Saloni Gupta, Kusum Datta, Nikhil Dev Wazir  64   Prole of Medico Legal Cases in Shimla (June 2008- December 2008)  Anjali Mahajan, Sangeet Dhillon, HS Sekhon  67   Medico-Legal Cases Across Various Hospitals - A review & Understanding of Procedures   Sangeeta Rege  70 Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Periodontally Healthy Fluorotic and Non-Fluorotic Teeth Subsequent to the use of Various Types of Brushes- A SEM study  Sanjeeva Kumar Reddy, Vandana KL, Charles M Cobb,   J David Eick  74   Verbal Autopsy: A blessing in disguise for countries with poor registration of deaths  Shah MS, Khalique N, Khan Z  76 Ancient Neurilemmoma with Deceptive Clinico-Pathological Presentation – A case report  Shailesh Kudva, Bindiya, Shashidhar R, Anand T, Aparna  79 Study on Postmortem Artefacts  K Srinivasulu  82 Malignant Myoepithelioma of Palate – A case report  Sushruth Nayak, Prachi Nayak  85 A Case of Non Fatal Suicidal Stab Injury  Satyasai Panda, Uday Pal Singh  87 Estimation of Stature from Percutaneous Ulna Length  Umesh SR, Nagesh Kuppast  90 PNDT Act – A review  Vandana Mudda, Raghavendra K M  93 Comparisons in the Toxicities of Various Inorganic Salts like Copper Sulphate, Cadmium Sulphate   & Lead Acetate   on the Various Organs of Adult Female Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)  Vaneet Dhir, SK Gupta  98 Role of Smile Photo Analysis in Forensic Identication  Vinod Kumar, KK Gupta, Chetan Chandra, Jaisika Rajpal  101 Trends of Childhood Poisoning and Parental Negligence  Jaydeo Laxman Borkar, Vipul Namdeorao Ambade, Bipinchandra Tirpude  105 Accelerated elimination with Charcoal Hemoperfusion in Acute Phenobarbital Intoxication: A case report  Virendra C Patil, Harsha V Patil, Amit Sakaria  107   Analysis of Fatal Burns Cases – A 5 year study at Sri B M Patil Medical College, Bijapur, Karnataka  Vishal V Koulapur, K Yoganarsimha, Hareesh Gouda, Anand B Mugadlimath, Vijay Kumar A G  110 Comparison between CT Scan and Autopsy Findings of Head Injury Victims  Bhat VJ, Saraschandra V, Neena Priyadarshini AV  114 Trends of Unnatural Deaths in Nagpur, India  Ramesh Nanaji Wasnik  118 Study of Laundry and Linen Services in Pt. B.D. Sharma PGIMS Superspecialty Hospital, Rohtak  Brijender Singh Dhillon, Mukunda Chandra Sahoo 
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