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Methods of the White Brotherhood The White Brotherhood’s methods for work are variable. All of them are steps in the path of the Disciple in the Great School of Life. One part of the methods is well-known and generally accessible (or external methods). The other part of the methods is learned strictly individually by the Disciple in the course of the discipleship, through an inner way (inner methods). Of course, the limit between external and inner methods is conventional; there is a mutual pene
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  Methods of the White Brotherhood The White Brotherhood’s methods for work are variable. All of them are steps in the path of the Disciple in the Great School of Life. One part of the methods is wellknown and !enerall accessible #or e$ternal methods%. The other part of the methods is learned strictl individ&all b the Disciple in the co&rse of the discipleship' thro&!h an inner wa #inner methods%. Of co&rse' the limit between e$ternal and inner methods is conventional( there is a m&t&al penetration. The characteristic of the !enerall accessible methods' and for all methods of the WB in !eneral is that) ã the methods are s&b*ected to the principles of Tr&th and +reedom( ã the methods are s&b*ected to the law of nat&re of optimal &tili,ation of the ener! #the efforts that are made%( ã the methods are harmless( ã the methods are s&itable for the ph siolo!ical and spirit&al state of the modern  people( ã the methods are not oriented to the achievement of -&ick effect' b&t to a !rad&al and s&stainable !rowth that allows a contin&o&s development of the h&man  potential. The !enerall accessible methods of the WB co&ld be defined in the followin! main !ro&ps)  Work with the Word The method consists of workin! with the ol Script&re #the Bible% and the talks of the /aster. The infl&ence of the two cate!ories of te$ts has man levels and their st&d in! re-&ires persistence and a s stem' and makin! a connection with the real life e$perience.  ã Th&s' the talks that are !iven to o& in the occ&lt School sho&ld be st&died in a specific wa ' b&t not onl to be read. 0ver one sho&ld e$tract for oneself the mostimportant para!raphs of each lect&re and talk' and to appl them in one’s own life.1nowled!e witho&t practice is not knowled!e at all. 2n the same wa ' o& sho&ld read and st&d the Bible. Some of o& will stop at one para!raph' another will stop at other para!raph' either from the Old or 3ew Testament' and from there one draws a lesson for some hardship' or enco&ra!es oneself from some moral deed. 2n this wa o& co&ld also read some eminent a&thors. 2f o& don’t read the talks' the Bible or an other book in this wa ' the will seem ro&tine to o&' then o& will search for some entertainment' b&t the entertainment is not a science. 0ver bod sho&ld work to obtain concentration in their tho&!ht    ã 2 wo&ld like for o& to e$amine the e$amples that 2 have !iven in the talks'  beca&se there is a !reat law within each e$ample' a !reat method that people co&ld work with for their perfection. An thin! else co&ld disappear' b&t the e$amples wo&ld never disappear beca&se the e$ist in the animate nat&re.  ã As disciples of this School' o& have m&ch theoretical knowled!e' b&t o& have to p&t it into practice. Thro&!h practice o& are !oin! to form !ood habits that are necessar for s&stainin! of hi!h and *ovial spirits. The occ&lt st&dent sho&ld manifest one’s faith' patience and moderation d&rin! the !reatest hardships. 3o matter what diffic&lt occ&rs to oneself' one sho&ld sa ) 4This problem will be settled' 2 will st&d this iss&e even if man ears pass from now5. This means a stron! disciple. The stron! disciple never loses the presence of mind. One does not postpone the iss&e for the distant f&t&re' b&t one is workin! and e$aminin! each iss&e' beca&se one knows that the f&t&re is now' toda . 2f o& st&d and work  o& will be !ood' e$cellent disciples at present and for the f&t&re. The animate nat&re is alwa s of service to the !ood disciples. Be ,ealo&s in o&r teachin! and  pass on that ,eal to the others6 Occult ExercisesBreathing ã  2f o& do not breathe in a proper wa o&r di!estion will not be ri!ht either( if thedi!estion is not correct' the blood circ&lation does not happen in a proper wa either( if the blood circ&lation is not correct' then the tho&!ht and feelin!s are not correct either.When one is breathin! while standin! on one’s feet' the brain is infl&enced mostl . Another wa of breathin! is in a sittin! position then the s mpathetic s stem is infl&enced. 7o& can also lie and p&t o&r hands &nder the  back part of the head with open palms. At that time o& make a connection with the powers of earth. The spinal col&mn has to be &pri!ht. All the three wa s have specific res&lts. ã 7o& sho&ld inhale slowl and deepl . The breathholdin! sho&ld be increased !rad&all beca&se the or!anism needs time to ac-&ire not onl the o$ !en' b&t also the prana that permeates the air. 7o& sho&ld e$hale calml and slowl ' too.  3ever hold the breath after o& have e$haled. The breathin! sho&ld be cond&cted thro&!h the nose. 7o& sho&ld co&nt accordin! to the heart beat rate in one min&te. When o& breathe thro&!h one of the nostrils' the other nostril sho&ld be closed sli!htl b the th&mb' do not press it hard. ã The breathin! e$ercises sho&ld be done before eatin! or 89 ho&rs after that. 2t is advisable to do them in the open. ã When o& breathe in' hold in or e$hale o& sho&ld have nice feelin!s and tho&!hts.  ã When o& inhale o& sho&ld be aware how the prana permeates thro&!h the whole or!anism and !oes to each or!an and s stem of o&r bod . When o& hold the breath o& sho&ld become aware how all cells and or!ans of o&r bod ac-&ire the prana' and how it brin!s stren!th' health' life and renovation to all of them. When e$halin!' one sho&ld reali,e how all cells' or!ans and s stems' whichhave been filled with invi!oratin! power' are alread perfectl active and manifest o&tside in their activit the lifeforce that the have received. ã The mechanical breathholdin! is not eno&!h. +irst and foremost' one sho&ld tr to relate the breathin! to the solar ple$&s. The solar ple$&s is the capital of the h&man bein! and one’s !en&ine heart dwells there' in the pit of the stomach. At the lefthand side of the chest sits the ph sical heart' and the spirit&al heart' whichre!&lates' is the solar ple$&s. When we do not impede the solar ple$&s' then the  breathin! happens in a ri!ht wa and we accept ab&ndant Life. The h&man bein! associates with S&n or with the central point of Life b means of the solar ple$&s. +irst' one sho&ld relate this center to S&n' not onl to the vis&al one' b&t also to that Spirit&al s&n' which is risin! in one rational world. ã There is a kind of prana that is ac-&ired thro&!h the left nostril' and other that is ac-&ired thro&!h the ri!ht. Thro&!h the left one is received the ma!netic flow thathas a connection with the solar ple$&s. 2t is called Solar flow. Thro&!h the ri!ht one is received the electrical flow that is called /oon flow. The first flow has a connection with the heart' and the second one with the mind. 2f we want to c&ltivate the heart more' we sho&ld inhale mainl thro&!h the left nostril and e$hale thro&!h the ri!ht one. And when we want to c&ltivate the mind' we sho&ld inhale thro&!h the ri!ht nostril and e$hale thro&!h the left one. On the one hand we make a balance between mind and heart' and on the other hand between electricit and ma!netism. When we chan!e the wa of breathin! : now thro&!h the left nostril' now thro&!h the ri!ht one' then we balance the two flows. ã When we e$hale the air b whistlin!' it is like ! mnastics for the l&n!s' it serves for their reinforcement. When we e$hale with a breath we clear o&r nervo&s s stem. ã Since o& are -&arrelin! and irritated' this means o& are not breathin! deepl . When o& are indisposed or nervo&s do breathin! e$ercises. Breathe in deepl ' hold in the air as o& are co&ntin! &p to ;<<. 2f o& have a stomachache do =  breathin! e$ercises fo&r times per da ' and o& will !et better. 2f those who have wrinkled faces start breathin! deepl ' then after 9> months their wrinkles will draw ti!ht.  Physical and occult exercises  ã  3o matter what kind of e$ercises are those' if the can coordinate the ener!ies of earth and s&n in the h&man bein!' then the are !ood. While e$ercises that co&ld not do that are &seless. ã When o& meet a person who is coordinated with s&n and earth ener!ies' he?she looks like a blossomin! fr&it' a ripe fr&it. ã At first the reli!ion had the aim to coordinate the h&man bein! both with the earthl ener!ies and the heavenl ones. As the have lost the ori!inal meanin!' now the want to make man !ood. 2f the cannot coordinate him' how will the make him !ood@ Prayer, Cogitation, Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation The pra er' in a p&re occ&lt sense' is a real concentration' contemplation and meditation. +or d&rin! a state of pra er' when it is !rasped in that sense' one for!ets abo&t ever thin!aro&nd and devotes to contemplation of the Divine forms. As a res&lt of the contemplation one reaches a certain revelation.o!itation' concentration' contemplation and meditation are more special methods. The are for those' who want to recreate their tho&!ht' feelin!s and will and then to direct and control them accordin! to the will of the Spirit. B these methods one develops one’s spirit&al or!ans and !rad&all establishes contact with the Spirit&al World and the ational Bein!s of the osmos.2f one wants to develop ri!htl and pass from selfconscio&sness into s&perconscio&snes' it is necessar to take a s&ccessive co&rse where to test the thin!s. +or this p&rpose one have to st&d the lect&res that were !iven b the /aster' to do the e$ercises e$posed in them' and also to appl the specified methods beca&se the are not !iven accidentall ' b&tthe are an inte!ral s stem of work for the disciple. The disciple sho&ld also e$plore the S&nda talks and perform the e$periments that are !iven there. 2n this wa ' one co&ld
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