Mexico Says Drug Gangs Killed Kidnapped Students

Mexico says drug gangs killed kidnapped students S AT U R DAY 08 NOVEMBER 2014 Cartel members apparently confess to the gruesome murder of 43 students who disappeared in September. But angry relatives reject the official version of events. The college students clashed with police in the city of Iguala, where they were collecting donations and had commandeered public buses, on September 26. The Mexican authorities say local police, acting on the orders of the former Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, opene
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  Mexico says drug gangs killed kidnapped students SATURDAY 08 NOVM!R 0#$%artel &e&'ers apparently con(ess to t)e grueso&e &urder o( $* students+)o disappeared in Septe&'er, !ut angry relati-es re.ect t)e o/cial -ersion o( e-ents, T)e college students clas)ed +it) police in t)e city o( guala1 +)ere t)ey +ere collecting donations and )ad co&&andeered pu'lic 'uses1 on Septe&'er 2, T)e Mexican aut)orities say local police1 acting on t)e orders o( t)e (or&er Mayor 3ose 4uis A'arca1 opened 5re on t)e students1 killing six people,  6olice t)en took $* o( t)e young people a+ay and )anded t)e& o-er to &e&'ers o( t)e 7uerreros Unidos cartel1 +)o carried out a 'loody &assacre,Mexican Attorney 7eneral 3esus Murillo ara& played -ideo o( purported gang &e&'ers con(essing to t)e killings and descri'ing +)at t)ey did,Mr Murillo said t)e gang &e&'ers1 caug)t a +eek ago1 ad&itted setting 5reto 'odies in a du&p near guala1 t)en re&o-ing all t)e e-idence 'y du&ping t)e incinerated re&ains in t)e ri-er,Anot)er -ideo s)o+ed )undreds o( c)arred (rag&ents o( 'one and teet) t)at )ad 'een du&ped in and along t)e San 3uan Ri-er in t)e neig)'ouring to+n o( %ocula,Ot)er re&ains +ere (ound in a &ass gra-e1 ground up a(ter )a-ing 'een 'urned, T)e attorney general said t)e state o( t)e re&ains +ill &ake it )ard to identi(y t)e& using DNA, T)e aut)orities are using a specialised la'oratory  in Austria 'ut it is not kno+n )o+ long t)e process o( identi5cation could take,At a ne+s con(erence1 parents o( t)e students said t)ey did not trust t)e Mexican go-ern&ent9s -ersion o( e-ents,One (at)er1 :elipe de la %ru;1 said< =A(ter &ore t)an $0 days +e continue +it) t)e sa&e circu&stances and today t)ey are again )oping to &ake society 'elie-e t)at t)e t)e young &en are dead,=>e +ant to say t)at as parents o( t)e (a&ily t)at in no +ay do +e accept t)is declarationA &ot)er o( one o( t)e students said< =>e +ant to say t)at as parents o( t)e(a&ily t)at in no +ay do +e accept t)is declaration t)at +as gi-en 'ecause1)e )i&sel( ? Mr Murillo@ included1 )as said t)at )e is not sure t)at it is (or certain,=>it) t)is +e don9t +ant to say t)at +e9re closed to any results, >e +ant results 'ut +it) proo(, T)e &o&ent t)at +e as parents o( t)e (a&ily1 as (a&ily are sure o( +)at t)e attorney general is saying is t)e trut)1 only at  t)is &o&ent +ill +e accept it +)ate-er t)e result,= T)e relati-es said Mexico9s president1 ntiue 6ena Nieto1 )as not kept )is pro&ise to )elp t)e (a&ilies in e-ery possi'le +ay1 saying )e still re(uses to sign a petition t)ey presented to )i&,Mr Nieto pledged )is support (or t)e parents and -o+ed =t)e guilty +ill 'e punis)ed under t)e rule o( la+,=So&e B$ people )a-e 'een detained so (ar in t)e case1 including t)e (or&er&ayor A'arca and )is +i(e,A'out #001000 people )a-e died in -iolence linked to organised cri&e in Mexico since 00B, Posted by Thavam
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