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MgtOp 340 Topic 5

Operation Management
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  MgtOp 340—Operations ManagementProfessor Munson Topic 5 Process and Capacity Design “The federal government…is starting to issue citations against employers who don’t let workers go to the bathroom when they feel they need to…Some Hudson workers said they had accidents while waiting for relief workers or supervisors to make toilet breaks possible…And it’s pretty hard to leave the line when you’ve got thousands of chickens coming at you. “!eds rder #otty $reaks for %orkers& Spokesman-Review & '()*(+, “ ne uni-ue& etremely time/saving techni-ue was to build the fuselage 0of the $lackbird airplane1 on the half shell. The left and right half were assembled independently to create easier worker access& then fit together and riveted into place. That was a ma2or first in aircraft manufacturing. $en 3ich& Skunk Works & 4++5& p. )46 “3ecently& process innovations have become more important than product innovations in determining global success. 7ahra and 8as&  Production and Operations Management  & )94:& 4++* “;an %alked on the ;oon but ;an <an’t ;ake =nough 8evil’s !ood <ookie <akes Wall Street Journal  & +()*(+5 A manager gave her extra tickets for Schubert’s Unnished Symphony to her eciency consultant as a reward for his hard work in the rm’s recent cost-cutting initiative !he next morning she got the following#$ %or considerable periods the four oboe players had nothing to do !heir number should be reduced and their work spread over the whole orchestra thus eliminating peaks of activity & All $& violins were playing identical notes !his seemed unnecessary duplication and the sta' of this section should be cut drastically ( )o useful purpose is served by repeating with horns the passage that had alreadybeen played by the strings *f such redundant passages were eliminated the concert could bereduced from two hours to twenty minutes+ *f Schubert had attended to these matters he probably would have been able to nish the symphony after all  “;oving fast is not the same as going somewhere.  All I Need to Know Aout Manu!acturing I earned in Joe#s $arage% &''(% p) *(  #rocess 8esign >ideos ;odern Times?ucySustainability and the Amway <enter   <apacity Analysis@ Sample #roblems 8efinitions ottleneck  An operation that has the lowest effective capacity of any operation in the production system and thus limits the system’s output.  process time +at a station, The time to produce a given number of unitsat that station 9e.g. 4 hour for  cars:.  process ccle time +or% manu!acturing lead time, The time it takes one unit 9or batch: of  product to go through the entire empty assembly line from start to finish.  process !low diagram Traces the flow of materials through a  process 9assembly line:.
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