Mid Term Transfer Policy 2013

Fagley Primary School Mid Term Transfer Policy
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  Pupil mid-term transfer policy Guidance for schools where parents request to change schools during the school year  Updated September 2011Dept of Children’s Services  1.Introduction This policy clarifies the roles of headteachers and the local authority when parents make a reuest to chan!e school durin! the school year and sets out the process for dealin! with such reuests The aim of this policy is to enhance pupil pro!ress by encoura!in! a consideredapproach to chan!es of school and provides a framework for the e#chan!e of pupil information The ma$ority of pupil transfers take place for le!itimate reasons% such as a chan!e of address and the aim is not to inhibit parents’ ri!hts to e#press a preference for another school is appropriate circumstances Background There is an e#pectation that pupils will remain at primary or secondary school for the usual period of time and only chan!e schools at the end of the primary phase wherever possible &oth primary and secondary schools liaise closely to ensure smooth transition and pastoral arran!ements are aimed at providin! pupils with continuity between phases 'owever% many schools in the &radford District e#perience hi!h levels of pupil mobility durin! the school year which impacts on the attainment of achievement of pupils and on school staff in terms of induction% administration and trackin! pupils’ pro!ress This mobility undermines the pupil’s continuity of pro!ress and that of other pupils when school staff have to mana!e pupils leavin! or $oinin! classes mid(year )t can also impede school financial and staff plannin! 1.Legal Framework Under the Schools Standards and *ramework +ct ,1--./ as amended by the ducation +ct 2002% a parent has the ri!ht to e#press a preference for a place ata school at any time &radford +uthority as the +dmission +uthority ,or in the case of +% Trust and *oundation schools and academies% the !overnin! body/ has a le!al duty to admit pupils on to the school roll% unless to do so would pre$udice the provision of efficient education% or efficient use of resources’ This means that% unless e#ceptional circumstances apply% the school must admit the pupil unless that particular year !roup is at or above the published admission number 3hile it is essential that children who have no school place are found one uickly% section 455 of the ducation +ct 1--6% permits deferment of admission until the start of a school term% sub$ect to certain e#ceptions ,see para!raph 7/ This would particularly be the case where reuests for school transfer has been made that do not involve a house move or where there is no need for an immediate move )n such cases% schools can arran!e for a child to start at the be!innin! of the ne#t term This does not conflict with the parent’s ri!ht to e#press a preference’% but does allow schools to mana!e the movement of pupils transferrin! mid(year . !chool ransfer Process The ma$ority of in(year admission reuests ,whether the child is already attendin! a &radford District school or is new to the area/ are co(ordinated by the +dmissions Team in Children’s Services There are a few e#ceptions to this% ie all Catholic schools% 8in!s Science +cademy% Shipley C and )dle C 9rimarySchools ,currently/ +pplications for these schools must be made to the school direct *or all other schools% an ‘In Year Common Application Form’   is available  from the +dmissions Team or can be downloaded from the Council website and must be returned to the +dmissions Team *or applications where no si!nificant house move has taken place ,or one less than two miles for under ei!ht years% and three miles for over ei!ht years of a!e/% parents will be reuired to ask the child’s current school to complete part two of the application form This section asks for details such as attendance and reasons for the transfer reuest )f the form is returned without part two bein! completed% the form will be returned to the parent for them to forward to the child’s current school The information provided by the current school will assist in determinin! whether the transfer reuest should be dealt with throu!h the *air +ccess 9rotocol )f a place is available% the +dmissions Team will inform parents that a place is offered and arran!ements can then be made for the admission to take place at the start of the ne#t school term #. $%ceptions :id(term transfer of a pupil may only take place sooner than the start of the ne#tterm% if; ã the headteachers of the current and receivin! schools a!ree that it is in the best interests of the pupil that transfer should take place sooner< ã the pupil has moved house to live more than three miles from the present school ,if the pupil is a!ed over ei!ht years/ or over two miles ,if the pupil is a!ed under ei!ht years/< ã the pupil has been unable to transfer at the start of the term as a result of illness or for other reasons beyond the parents’ control< ã the admission is into =ear > and ?eception only% where a place becomes available from the waitin! list durin! the autumn term< ã it has been determined that the admission of the pupil comes under the *air  +ccess 9rotocol’ or other si!nificant circumstances apply makin! the child vulnerable< ã the admission is due to a successful appeal heard by an independent appeals panel< and ã havin! consulted the headteachers of the current and receivin! schools% the local authority% considers that the transfer should not be delayed 3hen a reuest for transfer has been a!reed and the offer of a place made% the receivin! school must liaise with the current school re!ardin! the admission date and pupil data *or pupils with a statement of special educational needs% transfer between schools can only take place as a result of an annual review% an amendment to the statement and formal consultation with the !overnin! body Should parents  of a pupil with a statement contact a school directly% the headteacher should contact an S@ officer for advice &.Information for parents Auidance notes that accompany the in(year common application form’ informs parents of the detrimental affects that chan!in! schools has on their child’s pro!ress and that such decisions should not be taken without careful consideration 'eadteachers and !overnors may wish to add similar statements to their school booklets and websites '.Further information al Bordan% +dmissions :ana!er 012>4 5.760>mail; val $ordanbradford !ov uk@eil 'ellewell% 9rincipal ducational Social 3orker 012>4 5.7>50mail; neil hellewellbradford !ov uk
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