Military Materialism

About how far Africa has come, where we are and where we think we are heading towards.
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  Military Materialism 1 MILITARY MATERIALISM Number of words (4886)  Military Materialism 2 Chapter one The Bar This story begins at a bar in the graveyard. In the bar you find African leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Haile Selassie seated around a table taking whisky . “ We have been drinking whisky for three days ”, says Haile Selassie and we still don’t have solutions to Africa’s problems.   “ I say we call this meeting off  ” . Thomas Sankara interrupts, ”  we cannot solve  Africa’s proble ms with three bottles of whisky and we need more time to come up with a strategy. ”   “ Fellow freedom fighters, comrades and friends, I thought our first African conference created a lacuna for our children to develop Africa. We were focused on what had happened and not what will happen when we are no more. I, Nkrumah, think Africa after her freedom had been restored, will see her children having the freedom to take  Africa to different heights in life. But take a look at Africa now. Africa is gradually turning into the hiding place for thugs, thieves and terrorists. I say it is good for our course to have periodic meetings of this kind to examine our position in the great struggle to raid Africa completely and forever of not just imperialism and its handmaidens, colonialism and neo-colonialism, but also greed amongst Africans. It gives us the opportunity to also review our strength, enemy and to reorganize our forces and strategy in order to ferry our struggle to victory ” . They all clap for Kwame Nkrumah .   “Before we begin today’s mee ting, I want to share my experience with two tourists from a well-known western country, Bahamas; where I spent a holiday in the  Military Materialism 3 year 1993. I was walking along the streets when I met this couple. The husband stopped and called my name, Mr Mandela? I replied, “ Many people mistake me for that champ ” . “ Will I be entitled to mistake you for that champ ?”  He asked. “ You will be doing what many people do. ”  He turned to his wife and said “ darling that is Mr Mandela ” . She was completely unimpressed and she asked, “What  he is famous for? ”  And his husband in his embarrassment dropped his voice telling his wife “ that is Mr Mandela, Mr Nelson Mandela ” . And the dear lady said, ”  But I asked you what is he famous for? ”  Without waiting for an answer from her husband, she turned to me and asked. “ What are you famous for? ”   “ To be honest, I couldn’t answer.”  Nkrum ah and the rest couldn’t help  but laugh. The waiter serves them with more drinks . “ I think we are having more drinks than necessary says Patrice Lumumba. I can’t have another glass.  Do you know the number of people who die from drinking much alcohol? ”   “We  are worried, but thanks to alcohol we can carry  Africa’s load   although it’s not an easy task. I understand Thomas, but like t he Greeks say ‘  A little learning is a dangerous thing ’ ; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring, there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain. ”   “ I agree with Patrice Lumumba says Julius. Let us leave the living alone. ”   “ No, I, Thomas Sankara, pledged to serve Africa and my country even in death. And as a true African, I will stand by my words. That is why when Kwame Nkrumah visited me in my grave to tell me about this meeting, I followed him here because I know his course is for the betterment of Africa. ”    Military Materialism 4 “ Thank you Thomas and thank you once again for accepting this invitation to join hands here in the grave yard bar to find a strategic solution to the problems in Africa. “ Some of the current leaders are up to no good. ”   “ That is very true ” , says Mandela. ”  I feel so bad when I see young men and women here at a very tender age. And when you ask them, they tell you it is as a result of war. Comrades, it saddens my heart when some African leaders sponsor rebels to help them win political power. This is not the democracy we fought for. All they care about is power. I read a political play titled ‘ once upon an evil genius ’  by Olabode Ojuniyi. This play talks about a military man who after numerous assassinations stepped down as president, and then tries to come back to power as a civilian. Some leaders curse themselves after stepping down because they think it is the most childish decision they have ever made in their lives. African leaders should be careful of such people. The Bible warns us against false prophets, and this warning applies to the political circles and our life in general. “ You are right Mandela. They tell lies to win power. Thomas, men cannot live without telling lies ”  says Patrice. “ The living call it a mistake. Honestly, we have all told a lie before. I do not tell lies. I made mistakes. In fact, I will call it a slip of tongue ” , says Julius. Haile Selassie brings out a sheet of paper. “ Shall we listen to this article as I read? It is by a man among the living called Patrick loch Otieno Lumumba and I read. Many times I ask myself, what would happen if Mwalimu was to rise up and see what is happening. Many times I would ask myself, what would happen if Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba were to rise up and see what is happening? What they would be confronted with is an Africa where the Democratic Republic of Congo is unsettled
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