Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping
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  Mind Mapping William Reed (2005)  Mind Mapping ã Drawings have been used for centuries to analyze problems and map out information ã Unless you retain and review what you have learned, you are likely to lose 80% of it within 24 hours. ã Students at a leading university who received an ‘A’ on the final exam were given the same exam a month later. ã None of them passed it, proving that ã the final exam was final indeed.  What is mind mapping? ãThe need for learning doesn’t stop at  graduation. ã Unless you train your memory it is likely to get worse over time, not better. ã Retention is the art of storing new information or skills. ã Recall is the art of retrieving it when you need it.  A Recall Strategy ã Mind Mapping trains your mind for more efficient retention and recall. ã Mind maps are tools which help you think and learn. ã University students have found mind maps useful.
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