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bout xhibition articipating rtist : UVRL rtistic activity begins when man finds himself face to face with the visible world as with something immensely enigmatical.. n the creation of a work of art, man
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bout xhibition articipating rtist : UVRL rtistic activity begins when man finds himself face to face with the visible world as with something immensely enigmatical.. n the creation of a work of art, man engages in a struggle with nature not for his physical but for his mental existence. - onerd Fiedler (hilosophy of rt) bstract rt has varied definitions; it can be rt, which does not imitate or directly represent the external reality; for some the interpretation is restricted to nonfigurative art, it is also used to refer to, art which is non-representational though ultimately derived from reality. bstract is often used as a relative term. The real is not necessarily an objective reality which exists independently and which is transformed by the artist. t can also be a depiction of an experience. indscape is an attempt to explore such artistic minds, which transforms this real world into another reality of space, an abstract space. Historically, the movement of bstract xpressionism in merica, practiced by artists like Franz Kline, Jackson ollock, ntoni Gottileb, during the 1940s 1950s, was an attempt to explore the eastern thoughts of Z Buddhism. n the contemporary, ndian art practice we can see such attempts in the work of artists, like J. waminathan and V.. Gaitonde. With reference to the art historical context of modern art practice in ndia, the curatorial focus is an attempt to explore the continuous process of creating history, through a very local understanding of making art. anas charya urator-oordinator R H U L H R H B O J H W G H H T R O Rahul B Wagh Born : 1982 ducational Qualification : G.. rt (ainting). articipation 2008 Group show at Rangadarshi, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal hoomimal rt Gallery, ew elhi 2006 The ndian cademy of Fine rts mritasar 2006 ll ndia Fine rt & raft ociety,ew elhi 2006 rimal Force, Gallery Kolkata th ational rt xhibition Lalit Kala kademi,ew elhi Lalit Kala cademy, Rabindra Bhavan, ew elhi outh entre Zone Gallery, Lalit Kala cademy, Bhopal 2003 rt ociety of ndia, umbai 2003 Bombay rt ociety, umbai wards 2006 The ndian cademy of Fine rts mritsar RHUL B. WGH ainting is aya for Rahul Wagh, an illusory space where the forms are narratives of grace. Wagh, through the use of luminous colour and soft forms, creates sequences between ature and drama, sometimes bold and sometimes mild; he does this with frim, controlled but soft brushstrokes. RHUL B WGH RHUL B WGH Harish Ojha Born ducation : : 1984 B.F.. (painting & ural) University of llahabad articipations 2008 rt aestros, ew elhi 2008 pace rt Gallery, Hydrabad 2008 ontemporary rt Fair at ice kating Ring, Kolkata 2008 ll nnual xhibition Bombay rt ociety at Jehangir rt Gallery, umbai Genesis rt Gallery, Kolkata Hobi rt Fundation, ew elhi Variation, Lalit Kala cademy, hennai ystic rt Gallery, ew elhi... rt Gallery, ew elhi 7 th orthern Region art xhibition, amlin rt Foundation 11 th ll rt xhibition Lalit Kala cademy (U.) 2006 rimal Force, Gallery, Kolkata Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal (..)..L.. rt Gallery, ew elhi ll ndia xhibition Z, agpur hoomimal rt Gallery, ew elhi 2004 rayas Group Z, llahabad 2004 irala rt Gallery, University of llahabad 2004 ll ndia xhibition Lokmanya Tilak, une WR Research Grand cholarship Lalit Kala kademi ew elhi 2006 nnual xhibition ward, University of llahabad HRH OJH yth and agic are the two important elements of Harish Ojha s paintings. The artist appropriates his inspirations from traditional Folk rt. Ojha is not preoccupied with the mechanics of how a painting is done, he is more absorbed in how he can provide to his viewer, a source of delight. This is the principle behind the classical ndian concept of hamatkara. His paintings create a world of sublime magic. HRH OJH HRH OJH Hemant Rao Born ducation 1984 elf Taught rtist Working under guidance of r. Yusuf, rtist, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal OLO XHBTO2006 ndian Habitat enter, ew elhi RTTO 2008 ontemporary rt Fair ndia Trowncore rt Gallery, ew Gallery, ew elhi 2008 Homage to J.waminathan, hoomimal rt Gallery, ew elhi 2008 ontemporary rt Fair ndia at ce kating Ring, Kolkata 2008 Tritiya ratibim at Hotel aral, Bhopal Habi rt Foundation by Rang e ndia FX, ew elhi ight Wonders, Kala arishad, Bhopal (..) Variation at Lalit Kala cademy, hennai (T) Habi rt Foundation, ew elhi Genesis rt Gallery, Kolkata 2006 rimal Force, Gallery, Kolkata Kala arisad, Bhopal -06 nnual xhibition Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal (..) L Gallery, ew elhi.. tate xhibition, Jabalpur (..) hoomimal rt Gallery, ew elhi ational ortrat ompetition by waraj Bhavan, Bhopal (..) WR amel rt Foundation, Western rofessional ward, Barodara (Gujarat) Lokmanya Tilak, une (.H.) 2006 hoomimal rt Gallery, cholarship, ew elhi 2006 outh enter Zone Gallery, Lalit Kala cademy, agpur (.H.).. tate ward, ndore (..) HT RO This is the cartography of thought at equilibrium; in many ways, Hemant Rao s paintings can be described as, abstract fantasies. The dots are metaphorical for seeds - of contemplation and dreams. Rao says his work is not speculative, perhaps because he conveys so graphically the presence of stillness. Light and colour are the central principles of his paintings. Rao s reality is a matter-less one, despite the forms in his work. HT RO HT RO Venue TUO February 28 February, 2009 urator & oordinator anas charya Text Harish Ojha, Rahul B.Wagh, Hemant Rao hotography rtist/..inha esign & agination Vikash Rai First published by Gallery vt. Ltd., 2009 ll Forwards, text and subtext opyright Gallery vt. Ltd., 2009 hotographs opyright Gallery vt. Ltd., 2009 ll rights reserved. o part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any other means, without prior permission in writing from Gallery vt. Ltd. The cd is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher s prior consent in any form or binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchase. ublished by Gallery vt. Ltd. unny Towers, 43, shutosh howdhury venue, Kolkata hone: (91) / Faz: mail: Website:
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