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Minutes of a meeting of the Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board held at Kensington Town Hall at 10.00am on Wednesday 9 September PDF

Minutes of a meeting of the Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board held at Kensington Town Hall at 10.00am on Wednesday 9 September 2015 PRESENT Members of the Board Councillor Mary Weale (Chairman,
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Minutes of a meeting of the Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board held at Kensington Town Hall at 10.00am on Wednesday 9 September 2015 PRESENT Members of the Board Councillor Mary Weale (Chairman, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care (ASC) and Public Health) Dr Ike Anya (Deputy Director of Public Health) Dr Fiona Butler (Chair, West London CCG) Councillor Elizabeth Campbell (Cabinet Member for Family and Children s Services) Angeleca Silversides (Central and West London Healthwatch) Also in attendance (including deputies attending in addition to primary representatives and officers presenting to the committee or observing) Luul Balestra (Borough Manager, Kensington and Chelsea Healthwatch) Steve Buckerfield (Head of Children s Joint Commissioning) Lisa Cavanagh (Joint Commissioning) Reneta Charles-Guninska (Deputy to Angeleca Silversides) Councillor Catherine Faulks (Deputy to Councillor Campbell) Councillor Pat Healy (Health Scrutiny) Dr Thilina Jayatilleke (Public Health Analyst) Helen Leech (Director of Open Age) Chris Neill (Director of Whole Systems) Mike Potter (Head of Commissioning, Early Intervention) Louise Proctor (Managing Director, West London CCG) Angela Spence (Chief Executive Officer, Kensington and Chelsea Social Council) Johan Van Wijgerden (Population Health Practitioner Lead, NHS England) Councillor Charles Williams (Health Scrutiny, Deputy to Councillor Weale) Gareth Ebenezer (Governance Services, Clerk to the Board) A1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE A G E N D A Apologies for absence were received from Colin Brodie (Public Health Knowledge Manager), Liz Bruce (Tri-Borough Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health), Andrew Christie (Tri-Borough Executive Director, Family and Children s Services), Ed Knowles (Head of Service Development), Jessica Nyman (JSNA Manager) and Councillor Will Pascall (Health Scrutiny). 1 A2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST No declarations of interest were made. A3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING, HELD ON 15 JULY 2015 The minutes of the meeting held on 15 July 2015 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. On Minute A9 (Miscellaneous Matters), Paragraph 2 (The Link between Primary Care and Children s Services) Ms Proctor confirmed that a seminar session was being arranged to address the concerns of GPs in respect of Health Visitors. A4. IMMUNISATIONS IN KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA Johan Van Wijgerden (Population Health Practitioner Lead) introduced this report on behalf of NHS England and provided a brief commentary. Board Members made the following main points:- (i) (iii) (iv) The Kensington and Chelsea Immunisation Action Plan was referred to in paragraph 2 of the report, eight bullet point. Councillor Campbell requested that this Action Plan be circulated to the Board and Mr Van Wijgerden undertook to arrange this via the Clerk; Ms Silversides was concerned about the shortage of BCG vaccine (paragraph 3.2 refers). Mr Van Wijgerden responded that new supplies were expected the next week. Measures were in place to mitigate the backlog; it might be necessary to prioritise the areas where TB was most prevalent (North West London, Newham and Tower Hamlets); In respect of shingles (paragraph 6.1 refers) Mr Van Wijgerden confirmed to Ms Spence that there had been London-wide liaison with Age UK. Also there was liaison with GPs; Dr Butler made the observation that the range and complexity of the immunisation schedule had greatly increased during her time as a GP. Dr Butler also made some general remarks about immunisation in RBKC (high population turnover, a lot of children from other parts of Europe on different immunisation schedules, the need for Health Visitors to work closely with GP practices). On behalf of the Board, the Chairman thanked Mr Van Wijgerden for a very helpful paper and for his presentation. As helpful pointers for future papers on immunisation she requested that there should be a greater stress on actions (How was it proposed to reach reluctant groups?) and a little less use of jargon. Action by: NHS England / Clerk (to arrange circulation of Action Plan referred to in (i) above) 2 A5. YOUNG PEOPLE S MENTAL HEALTH - UPDATE REPORT Mr Buckerfield introduced this report and the Board was pleased to note the new investment in young people s mental health services. The Board considered the local sign off procedure for the Future in Mind Transformation Plan and indicated that it was happy that the Chairman (together with the Tri-Borough Executive Director, Family and Children s Services) would approve the plan. The Chairman stated that when it came to agreeing the Plan she would look for evidence of appropriate co-ordination (including with Public Health). Whilst happy with the report and the priority areas for attention identified, Ms Silversides requested that reference be made to young carers. Mr Buckerfield agreed to take this point on board. The Chairman informed the Board that a report on Youth Mental Health Training was expected at the November meeting. RESOLVED That the Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board together with the Tri-Borough Executive Director, Family and Children s Services sign off the Future in Mind Transformation Plan, prior to submission later in Action by: Director of Children s Commissioning A6. JSNA EVIDENCE HUB PRESENTATION TO THE BOARD Dr Thilina Jayatilleke made a presentation to the Board including a brief demonstration of the evidence hub. It was expected the online JSNA Highlight Reports tool would be ready for testing by January and deployed for use by March The evidence hub linked information that was already publicly available so there were no security aspects. Dr Jayatilleke assured the Chairman that the evidence hub linked data that was uploaded by other organisations subject to their safeguards. In thanking Dr Jayatilleke for his presentation, the Board indicated it was impressed by the evidence hub and it appeared to be an excellent time saving idea. A7. DEMENTIA JSNA AND COMMISSIONING INTENTIONS Dr Anya and Lisa Cavanagh (Joint Commissioning) presented this report and drew the Board s attention to the key themes of the JSNA listed on page 4 of the report. Board Members made the following main points:- 3 (i) (iii) Dr Butler stated that she very much welcomed the dementia JSNA and plans for strategic review and linkage to whole systems; Mr Potter queried that the needs of carers under the age of 20 might be different from adult carers; would the JSNA address the needs of young carers? Ms Cavanagh undertook to pick this point up; Councillor Williams noted that there was potential to take on good schemes from elsewhere. Ms Silversides mentioned a home share scheme where young professionals lived with people with needs providing respite and companionship. RESOLVED (i) That the dementia JSNA be approved for publication; That it be noted how the dementia JSNA and the North West London dementia strategy would be used to inform future commissioning intentions. Action by: ASC and Public Health officers A8. MINUTES OF JSNA STEERING GROUP ON 27 JULY 2015 The Chairman expressed a continuing hope that this Board engage with the JSNA process and for the time being JSNA Steering Group minutes would be put on to Board agendas. Possibly at some later stage, a one page summary might be considered a better way of proceeding. A9. PRIMARY CARE CO-COMMISSIONING Dr Butler briefly introduced this report. At the request of the Chairman Dr Butler and Ms Proctor gave some practical examples of how co-commissioning allowed for greater local involvement in decisions about primary care. A10. WORK PROGRAMME 2015/16 UPDATED The Clerk would update the Work Programme with new reports identified at this meeting (and other changes). Particularly with regard to the Board s next meeting on 4 November some changes to the expected report schedule were agreed:- (i) Mr Potter, Dr Anya and the Clerk might after discussion decide to combine the two Early Years reports earmarked for 4 November; The new Public Health Communication officer (Mr Paul Barnett) had just started in post. It would be checked if he was ready to report to the 4 November meeting; (iii) Ms Proctor indicated that the CCG would like to report to the next meeting on Commissioning Intentions. 4 Action by: Clerk A11. ANY OTHER URGENT MATTERS Dr Michael Robinson Dr Anya informed the Board that Dr Michael Robinson had been appointed as the new Director of Public Health. A12. EXCLUSION OF THE PRESS AND PUBLIC The Board did not take any such resolution as there were no items on the agenda, and no urgent matters, for consideration in private session. The meeting ended at 11.30am. Chairman The next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board will take place at 10.00am on 4 November
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