Miroslav Klose

A sports News that gives information to the Achievement of Miroslav Klose as the top goal scrorer in the history of FIFA world CUP
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  Seth Adriel R. BaldovinoSports EnglishL10 LS 304The goal that made historyHistory has been reritten as !ermany s premiere stri#er$ %iroslav &ose' (lose$ be)ame the neall*time leading goal s)orer in the +,+A -orld /p ith 1 stri#es.The 3 year*old !erman 'orard s)ored his 1 th  goal a'ter drilling a shot to the bottom right)orner o' the net in the 3 rd  min/te o' the Semi*+inals mat)h beteen !ermany and Bra2il last&/ly  at the Belo Hori2onte stadi/m in Bra2il. -ith that goal$ !ermany as able to rally and p/tin a barrage o' goals leading to a *1 in 'or the !ermans. %ore than that$ the goal served as ati)#et 'or (lose to o''i)ially s/rpass the re)ord o' the Bra2ilian legend$ Ronaldo$ ho had 15 goalsin the -orld /p. %eanhile$ (lose has been )roned as !ermany s all*time top s)orer ith 1goals in the 13 games he played 'or !ermany.-ith all these a))omplishments$ (lose is no )elebrated as the 6lethal 'inisher o' 'ootball7$ and/ltimately has been renoned by his )o/ntry as the best !erman stri#er o' his generation.Hoever$ as he approa)hes an old age o' 3$ he is e8pe)ted to retire 'rom international play$ th/shanding over to the yo/ng talents o' !ermany the golden lega)y o' !erman 'ootball that he on)etoo# part o'.  Seth Adriel R. BaldovinoSports +eat/res EnglishL10 LS 3046Rise o' the 9is)7
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