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  11. Critical _____ factors arethose that are vital if MIS MCQ QuestionsMCA-IVShalini Jaiswal(20) 1. Management information systems (MIS) A) create and share documents that support day-today office activities B) process business transactions (e.g., time cards, payments, orders, etc.) C) capture and reproduce the knowedge of an e!pert probem sover D)use the transaction data to produce information needed by managers to run the business . #he term used to describe those peope whose $obs invove sponsoring and funding the pro$ect to deveop, operate, and maintain the information system is A) information worker B) interna system user C)systems ownerD) e!terna system user%. #he person who ensures that systems are deveoped on time, within budget, and with acceptabe &uaity is a A) systems designer B)project managerC) systems owner D) e!terna system user'. hich one of the foowing is not a business driver for an information system A) business process redesign B) knowedge asset management C)proliferation of networks and the InternetD) security and privacy*. + task of deveoping a technica bueprint and specifications for a soution that fufisthe business re&uirements is undertaken in the foowing phase of the system deveopment process A) system initiation B) system impementation C) system anaysis D)system design . If a university sets up a web-based information system that facuty coud access to record student grades and to advise students, that woud be an e!ampe of aan A) /M B)intranetC) 0/ D) e!tranet2. hich of the foowing is not a technoogy driver for an information system A) enterprise appications B) ob$ect technoogies C) knowedge asset management D)collaborative technologies 3. hich of the foowing is a deiverabe of the system impementation phase in a forma system deveopment process A)technical hardware and software solution for the business problemB) business probem statement C statementofthesstemusers4businessreuirements  a manager is to make a full contribution to the achievement of an organization's goals A)  Tactical B)SuccessC) Decision D) Concise12. The manager of inventory would most likely be found in the A) nance function B) marketing function C)manufacturin functionD) information systems function1!. n which way is a managerial information system #$ %& suerior to electronic data rocessing #(D)&* A) t is batch oriented B) t is most cost e+ective C)It !ro i#es summar$ re!orts without #etailsD) ,ll of the above1-. ,n organization containing manufacturing marketing and nance areas is called a A) matri/ organization B) 0ow network organization C) modular organization D)functional orani%ation 1. Central urose of most decisionsuort systems is A)to &uil# a mo#el of the #ecision'main !ro&lemB) to build a model of the decision34making roblem C) to build an e/ert system D) to determine the key decisions in the roblem area15. %trategic information is re6uired by A) $iddle managers B)  7ine managers C)*o! manaers D) ,ll workers18. Data mining cannot be done if A)o!erational #ata has not &een archi e# B) earlier management decisions are not available C) the organization is large D) all rocessing had been only batch rocessing19. Decision suort systems are essential for A) day:today oeration of an organization. B) roviding statutory information.  C)to! le el strateic #ecision main+ D) ensuring that organizations are rotable.1;. <nline transaction rocessing is used because A) it is e=cient B) disk is used for storing les C)it can han#le ran#om ,ueries+ D)  Transactions occur in batches2>. (very record stored in a $aster le has a key eld because A) it is the most imortant eld B)it acts as a uni,ue i#entication of recor# C) it is the key to the database D) it is a very concise eld21. <rganizations have hierarchical structures because A)  it is convenient to do so B) it is done by every organization C)s!ecic res!onsi&ilities can &e assine# for each le el D) it rovides oortunities for romotions22. n motor car manufacturing the following tye of information is oerational A)  Decision on introducing a new model B)Sche#ulin !ro#uction C) ,ssessing cometitor car D) Comuting sales ta/ collected2!. (dit rogram is re6uired to A)  authenticate data entered by an oerator B) format correctly inut data C)#etect errors in in!ut #ata D) e/edite retrieving inut data2-. Tactical information is needed for A) Day to day oerations B) $eet government re6uirements C) 7ong range lanning D)Short rane !lannin 2. ?or taking decisions data must be A) .rocesse# correctl$ B) Collected from diverse sources C) $assive D) @ery accurate
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