BBC eVoice magazine for the month of September. This is the 24th magazine in the series. It has articles on mission, culturally relevant, managing your debts and youth inspiration. These are very topical issues that will guide you through the days.
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  BOULEVARD BAPTIST CHURCH | SEPTEMBER 2014 EDITION | ISSUE NO. 24 MAGAZINE Being Culturally Relevant Youth InspirationTestimony - Denville PowellManaging Your Debts  MISSION   Mission Statement: To develop our spiritual lives, evangelize the  wider community and infuence the world through Christ by organized preaching, public and private worship, Christian education and fellowship, while co-operating with other Christian bodies. Boulevard Baptist Church Boulevard Baptist Church 2 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20Telephone: 905-2422Email: | Website: Rev. Dr. Devon Dick  Opportunities For Worship Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.Sunday School: 8:00 a.m. – 8:50 a.m. Prayer & Bible Study: Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. ã 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.Prayer and Fasting: 1 st  Saturdays, 7:00 a.m. Editor-in-Chief:  Sophia Williams Editor:  Francine Dallas Other Team Members:  Claudette Reid, Emma McCalla, Hyacinth Brown, Verna Edwards, Simone Hull-Lloyd, Duvaughn Dick, Carla Wilson-Redden and Ricardo Holness.  In advancing the theme, “Crossing Boundaries”, for Mission month in September, members of the Mission and Evangelism team of the Boulevard Baptist Church interacted with Officers of the Duhaney Park, Constant Spring and Half Way Tree Police Stations. The Officers were grateful for the opportunity to share with the members, expressing that they were usually left out of these types of visits, which normally gave focus to persons who were incarcerated. This outreach served as part of our mission of building a relationship with the police, witnessing to them and providing support where necessary.It is an initiative in mission that would be viewed as being culturally relevant to Rev. Les Isaac, Associate Minister of Christian Life Fellowship, Greenwich, London and Founder of the Street Pastors’ Ministry. He acknowledged that the church is lacking in relevance, indicating that there are some places that we have to go in order to be culturally relevant today.Rev. Les Isaac who was delivering his sermon during Mission month on September 14, reminded us that our ministry is to our nation and to every product of society. He took his text from Matthew 5, with focus on verse 13, exhorting us to be salt of the earth, and according to the text if we are not, then we have lost the savour and has become good for nothing. He added that it is useless to society if we do not scrutinize and cause people to examine their lifestyles. When we are culturally relevant we are willing to go anywhere for Christ, he stated, explaining that in his ministry they were able to collect 10,000 illegal weapons. Isaac pointed out that when we are relevant people will become receptive.The minister advised that the gospel is about education, welfare, taking people out of debt, dignity, respect and to be loved and cared for. It cannot be  just about salvation. If we are servants of God, if we need to be relevant, we need to serve the nation of the world. Jesus will say “well done good and faithful servant.” BEING CULTURALLY RELEVANT CROSSING BOUNDARIES… | 1  | 2 Paul’s Mission Quiz Answers:  1. C , 2. A , 3. C , 4. C , 5. B , 6. C , 7. B , 8. D , 9 B , 10. C The Mission: Communicating God’s Word to God’s People in God’s World ‘Christ for Today’ … a testimony… a treasure… a time clock. Expressions from the General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union, the Reverend Karl Johnson at the 50th Anniversary service of the ‘Christ for Today’ Programme, aired on radio for 50 years. The General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU) expressed that ‘Christ for Today’ is a testimony to our listenership over the years. He described it is a treasure, being used as a medium to proclaim God’s Word, and a time clock, as many persons used the start of the programme to get up on a Sunday morning. “It meant so much, to so many,” he added.  At the anniversary service held at the Boulevard Baptist Church on Sunday, August 31, 2014, Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Dr. Hopeton Dunn offered congratulations and commendations. In his greetings he noted the significance of the JBU to use ‘Christ for Today’ to reach people with a sustainable delivery of the gospel, through a medium which added value and nourishment to the minds of many Jamaicans. The Mission of CommunicatingGod’s Word President of the JBU, Rev. Michael Shim-Hue, stated, “It is a calling to be consistent in communicating God’s Word to God’s people in God’s world.” In his sermon titled, “The Mission of Communicating God’s Word”, Shim-Hue, while referencing the Bible text in Colossians 1:1-14, requested of the congregation to let the mission be in tact as part of this commitment. He said God is asking, depending and demanding, that if we are serious about faith in Him transforming the world, we must respond to Him in continuing this mission. Special Mention Of note, the Reverend Luther Gibbs was the first preacher on the programme when it started in 1964. Also, the musical theme for the programme was composed by Jon Williams, son of Rev. J.J. Williams.  Video highlights were presented of some individuals who volunteered as preachers on the programme over the fifty years. Special guests  sharing in the anniversary service were Custos Rotulorum of Portland, Hon. Lincoln Thaxter and his wife. Christ for Today  50 th  Anniversary 
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