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  MOBILE CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION   INTRODUCTION ã What had been thought impossible at one time was achieved by man. ã As technology advanced man was able to control everything from one place. ã Controlling electrical appliances with mobile is one of the examples. ã This makes the use of DTMF(Dual Tone Multi Frequency) technique. ã The DTMF Decoder circuit is made using M8870 Decoder IC. ã Just connect your cell phone headset (headphone) jack to the mobile phone and then mobile control electrical appliances and electrical equipment via DTMF key pad  of your cell phone.  REQUIREMENTS ã Regulated power supply ã DTMF decoder IC (M-8870) ã Resistors (100 Ω; 100 k Ω; 70 k Ω; 390 k Ω)   ã Capacitors (0.1µFx 2) ã Crystal oscillator (3.579545MHz) ã IC 7474 D flip flop ã BC547 Transistor ã 6 V Relay   CIRCUIT DIAGRAM
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