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A brief description of the latest trend in mobile technologies
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    WEB 2.0 Case Study Mobile Technologies Presented By: Soumyajit Basu Pranav Marathe 13030142011 13030142014 Div: B Div: B  INDEX Sr.No. Topic Page No. 1 Abstract 03 2 Introduction 04 3 Mobile Industry Information 05 4 Application Areas 06 5 Latest Trends 07 6 Windows Phone O.S 08 7 Symbian O.S 09 8 J2ME 10 9 Samsung v/s Nexus 11 10 Android O.S 12 11 Apple IOS 13 12 Brand-wise Statistics 15 13 O.S-wise Statistics 16 14 Disadvantages 17 15 References 18    Abstract Mobile Technology as the name implies  –   technology that is portable such as notebooks, PDAs and cellular phones . In today’s era of advance technology and education “Mobile Technologies” has  become an integral part of every human life. The boons of advance technology has caused mobile devices to be compressed from a laptop into a palmtop, tablet or more specifically mobile phones that we use now a days.    Introduction Mobile Technology refers to any device that can be carried by any person very easily and allows a  person to perform a task very comfortably. It is the technology that allows those tasks to be performed via cellular phone, PDA, laptops etc. A standard mobile device has gone from being no more than a simple two-way pager to being a cellular phone, a GPS navigation system, a video gaming system, a web browser, an instant messenger system and much more. It includes the use of a variety of transmission media such as: radio wave, micro wave, infra-red, GPS and Bluetooth to allow transfer of data via voice, text, video and more.
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