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1. SmartCity IoT Labs StartUP MVP Foundry @EdPimentel 2. Digital-Georgia, 500 StartUps, StartUP Nation, CTIA, GSMA 4- Partner with Global Investor Community,…
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  • 1. SmartCity IoT Labs StartUP MVP Foundry @EdPimentel
  • 2. Digital-Georgia, 500 StartUps, StartUP Nation, CTIA, GSMA 4- Partner with Global Investor Community, SiliconValley and Greater Atlanta Investors 5- Promote Atlanta Metro Chamber MobilityLive and Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce 6- Promote Greater Atlanta as a Smart City and Global Mobility HUB 7- To Foster cooperation among: - Wireless - IoT - WoT - Fintech Industry - Local and International Non-Profits - SmartCities and Regulatory Organizations - StartUPs and Entrepreneurs - Technologist and Marketing Organizations - CrowdFunding, Investors, Incubators and Research - Academia, Mentoring and eLearning - Digital Georgia, 500 StartUPs, StartUP Nation, CTIA, and GSMA MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential
  • 3. MobileMonday has partnered with Alpharetta - Greater Atlanta to Support Economic Development, assist StartUps & Entreprneurs to succeed and Glocally promote them. MobileMonday ATL provides Crowd Sourcing in the following areas: Crowd Funding, Investment, Virtual and Brick- Mortar Incubation, Mentoring, Cross-Border Investment Relations, & Legal Crowd Sourcing. Our Cross-Border strategy: focuses on assisting USA, EU and Asian StartUps/Firms with market entry strategies. We primarily work with companies that are interested in export, import or investment in Georgia. Focus industries include IoT Security, SmartCities, Cloud-based Mobility, Innovative Payments, Telematics, IoT, Wearables , BigData, P2P & OTT networking, BlockChain Services ,Industrial Internet, Connected Tech As partners with Incubators we offer Innovative virtual as well as "brick and mortar" Incubation. We draw from MobileMonday (world largest & fastest growing non-profit) 140 chapters in 50 countries and crowd source numerous services to accelerate their visibility and growth, leveraging our cross-border investment relations. We have partnered with Silicon Valley and Greater Atlanta Accelerators, Incubators and Corporate Investment firms to offer Atlanta StartUps a rare opportunity of a “no charge”12 weeks stay and ability to be featured at events, mentored and coach by successful founders, meet with the press, fortune 500 firms, angels and investors which will accelerate their startup. Our pragmatic approach has the highest success ratio for StartUps to of succeed in their venture by removing the roadblocks to success through removing information, network, and resource barriers. Connecting them with free office space, legal, web services, cloud development environment and most importantly mentorship with VCs, Angels, and seasoned entrepreneurs. In 2016 StartUPs Acceleration/Incubation will be in Atlanta MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential
  • 4. Mobile Monday is the worlds largest and fastest growing Mobile/Wireless & Advanced Technology Non-Profit. MobileMonday Atlanta = KickStarter + yCombinator like Crowd-Sourcing NonProfit We are organized to promote the latest Wireless – mBaaS / Serveless / Share-Economic biz models, latest innovative technologies, newest and best start-ups. To assist StartUps, Entrepreneurs and promote Greater Atlanta as a Global Mobile EcoSystem HUB. MobileMonday Atlanta will provide the following Programs & Online Services: 1- MoMoLabs – IoT StartUP MVP Foundry – supporting IoT, SmartCity, FinTech, mMaaS “MobileMoney as a Service”, SDN/NFV/SDR, mHealth, ConnectedCar, CyberSecurity, Wearable Electronics, Blockchain and BigData. Looking for partnerships with other Innovation labs, Product / Service Firms and Operators to accelerate go to market strategies with StartUps and Enterprises imagineering products/services in our Lab 2- MoMoCombinators – Partnering with Angels,Cross-Border Investors, Financial PPP Platforms, Chamber of Commerce, Accelerators, Incubators, Legal firms and Fortune 1000 companies, to help kickstart StartUps and Economic Development. 3- BootStartUP & MoMoAnswers- Coaching Mentoring. Assist StartUp to run their firm, Pitch to VC. 4- MoMoLocal – Directory of Mobile – Wireless professionals and Innovative companies, Web/Mobile Developers and Mentors…. 5- MoMoJobs – Staff Augmentation – Leveraging Global MobileMonday 140 cities and 50 countries community. 6- MoMoNews -( Tumblr, Twitter, Flipboard, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest) Looking for content providers / content managers 7- MoMoRadio – Looking for Broadcast Radio Partnership – content providers / content managers 8- MoMoStartUps – Shark-Tank like Reality Show, featuring best StartUps. 9- MoMoAcademy- MooC, Online Educational Service, Learn2Code, featuring Tech/Business Tutorials on the Latest Technologies, Business Models, Revenue Models, How to Pitch to VCs, and Development Languages. 10- MoMoCROWD – Crowd Funding Service 11- ReversePitch - Investor / Angels Pitch to Innovative StartUPs / Entreprenuers As a non-profit we always looking for volunteers to help us grow and to attract sponsors. Contact MobileMondayatl at gmail when you want establish mutually beneficial partnership
  • 5. i2i Idea to Implementation Ed Pimentel
  • 6. - IoT Cloud Labs -Reverse Pitch - Sweat Equity - Pre Seed - MVP-Foundry – IoT Cloud Labs - StartUP Incubation / Acceleration - BootStartUP Day - Crowdsourcing - Partners - Cross Border Investor Relations - CrowdFunding - Seed - Fortune 500 Biz - Venture Funding - Reverse Pitch Ed Pimentel MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential
  • 7. MVP Foundry Proprietary - Private & Confidential MobileMondayATL(at)gmail(dot)com NOTE:The Lab includes a Grads to Grow Tech Garden and a MooC’s Student Fertilization Sandbox IoT Coud Labs by AgileCO Labs StartUP MVP FoundryMinimumViable Product IoT - Coud Labs XaaS IoS “Anything as a Service - Internet of Services” IoT - Coud Labs is leveraging HaT(Heterogeneous Hub of All Internet of Things) and uses: ServerLess, Unikernel CloudOS, BrowserOS, XaaS(MicroServices), Blockchain(Contracts,DNS, etc..) Cognitive Computing, ML/AI, Certificate-LESS (beyond IBE+)Encryption to develop MVP(s) for: SmartCities, FinTech, OTT Messaging, WebOfThings, InternetOfThings, Shareable Economy, Industrial-IoT, ConnectedCar/Home/X, mHealth, Wearables, Vetted-CyberSecurity Looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with other Innovation labs, Foundries, related Product / Service Firms and Operators to accelerate StartUps & Enterprise go to market strategies.
  • 8. MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential
  • 9. Banking / Payments mPayment IoT Payments mMaaS NB-IoT ATM BlockChain Bank2Bank BlockChain Fund Transfer IOT ENCRYPTION / SECURITY Consumer-ConnectedHome SmartHome control (Lighting, Security, Comfort) Optimized energy use Maintenance Industrial Smart Meters Mfg Control Climate Control Environmental Species tracking Weather Prediction Resource Management SmartCity Traffic Management Law Enforcement Emergency Alerts V2V V2i V2P V2C Smart Citizen Parking Waste Management Agriculture Crop Management Soil Analysis IoT-CloudInstANT Pullulated Internet of Services Connect your products, sensors, machines, services to the internet, and manage, administer, search and or Create Real-time IoT / WoT apps Health Wearable Devices Implant Devices Telehealth Services WebOfThings IoT-WoTInternetOfThings CLOUD MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential
  • 10. IoT-CloudInstANT Pullulated Internet of Services RaspPi Arduino Droid IoT-Cloud Gateway Connect your products, sensors, machines, services to the internet, and manage, administer, search and or create apps for them using our BBB WebOfThings IoT-WoTInternetOfThings CLOUD MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential LoRaWan NB-IoT LTE-MTC CIoT-GSM WiFi-haLOW LiFI LPWan(X) WebOfThings IoT-WoTInternetOfThings CLOUD
  • 11. MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential
  • 12. MobileMonday Atlanta Ed Pimentel Private and Confidential PvNo:“People Virtual Network” P2P-Mesh City LPWAN / LoRa / GroundCloud NET pCloud: Private-Hybrid Resilient CyberSecured IoT Cloud forVetted Providers/Consumers DwellIoT: IoT HardWare/Software ConnectedHome StartUP AutoFI : V2V - OBD2 - CAN - Ethernet - P2P Wireless ConnectedCAR Services YoUBIquity: ConnectedCar & mHealth - User Based Insurance - for Elderly - UnBank - Milleniums beePAY: FinTech BlockChain IoT POS / IoT-M2M ATM Kiosk / P2P Lending & Payment 3Dosthetics: 3D Bio Compatible - Knee,Ankle,Arm, Shoulder, Elbow,Teeth & Ear AgileCITY: SmartCity As a Service - Unwired GroundCloud Services AgilePI: Agile Programmable IoT XaaS “Anything as a Service” API
  • 13. MobileMonday Social Business Networking event, in support of Greater Atlanta Economic Development. We are organized to crowdsource StartUps, Entrepreneurs, Disruptive Business developers, Innovative Mobile Developers, Viral Digital Marketer, Investment Community. . 2nd Monday of every Month Proprietary - Private & Confidential Ed Pimentel Contact: MobileMondayATL at Gmail Join Our MeetUP, Facebook MobileMonday Atlanta Group
  • 14. Proprietary - Private & ConfidentialNO-CHARGE & NON-PROFIT Ed Pimentel
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