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  9.What do you do when someone is hypothermic? ã Give them a drink because of dehydration ã Feed them sweet things because of their diabetes ã Warm them up55.The memory can be aided by ã mind logging ã memory checking ã a checklist!.Whose decision must be obeyed? ã That of the most e perienced person ã That of the most forceful person ã That of the person with the higher status##5.Good aircraft maintenance supervisory $udgment is usually based upon ã the evidence available and forceful management ability ã knowledge and e perience and reference to course notes ã knowledge and e perience and reference to approved data#%#.&ue to our circadian rhythms' maintenance errors are more likely to occur when the body temperature ã reaches its lowest point ã is mid(way between its highest and lowest point ã reaches its highest point#%9.)ong shift work will ã initially decrease your diagnostic and maintenance ability but eventually increase your diagnostic and maintenance ability as you get used to it ã always decrease your diagnostic and maintenance ability ã always increase your diagnostic and maintenance ability  #!%.*leeping tablets can ã slow reaction and dull the senses ã increase alertness after waking the following morning ã help +,- sleep and realign circadian rhythms#/.Working e cessively long shifts during unsociable hourscan lead to ã increased ability to detect defects during aircraft maintenance ã decreased ability to detect defects during aircraft maintenance ã an increased immunity to stress0#0.*tudies have shown that working outside in a temperature of 551F will have what effect on hand de terity? ã 2round 534 ã ery slight ã 6one0#!., cess noise in a working environment can ã not affect performance ã raise resistance to other stresses ã lower resistance to other stresses0%0.7temi8ed checklists should be dealt with ã in any order' provided all steps are completed ã item by item' in order' to cover every step diligently ã as memori8ed05#.2 shift hand(over is where ã each individual person hands over their work ã a shift supervisor hands the work over to a completeshift ã the work done is written down by a company organi8ation  0#.isual inspection by an e perienced maintenance engineer is ã knowledge and rule base behaviour ã skill and knowledge based behaviour ã skill and rule based behaviour05.Whilst working on an aircraft a spanner placed on the wing surface is kicked off and subse:uently falls into an open engine cowl' breaking off a sensor connector. This is an e ample of ã -urphys law ã a skill based error ã a punishable occurrence0.2n engineer is performing a task in less than ideal conditions in order to meet an operational deadline is ã committing a situational violation ã committed a routine error ã making a rule based slip ã 192.An experienced engineer is fitting a valve. A required seal is not fitted. What type of error is this?a)Rule basedb)!ill basedc) no#ledge based
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