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Model a 2D Frame with Robot analysis tutorial

learn how to model and analyse a 2D frame using Autocad Robot analysis
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  Set preferences and structural axes Learn how to start a new Frame 2D design session and how to set the preferences for regional settingsto  Eurocode (Metric) . You then learn how to create custom structural axes in the X-and Y-directions asthe basis foryour design. StartAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional.1.In the Opening Screen, click(Frame 2D Design) or select File > New Project… andclick(Frame 2D Design).First, set the preferences to use the Eurocode Regional settingsthat are usedthroughout this tutorial. Once these preferences have been set they do not changeduring your use of the software unless specifically modified.2.In the Menu Bar, selectTools>(Preferences…).3.In the Preferences dialog box, in the Languages area, set theRegional settings to Eurocode, asshown below. Note: These preferences control this copy of the software. Additional project specific settings can beset in the Job Preference dialog box (Tools>Job Preferences).You are in the Structural Model layoutand can now start the process of developing your structure.The first step is to create a structural axis on which you can build your structure. The axis is only areference and is not linked to the structural members. It is not always required.4.In the Menu Bar, selectGeometry>(Axis Definition).5.In the Structural Axis dialog box, type a name for the custom axis, such as  My Structural Axis .6.Three different types of axes can be used: Cartesian, Cylindrical, and Arbitrary. In this case, verifythat  Cartesian is selected as the type of axis.  7. On the X tab, set the Position to  0.00 , No. of repet. to  2 , and Distance to  7.5 as shown below. Note: If the Distance is not displayed as meters (m), close the dialog box, save and close the project,and then open itagain. The software should now be working in metric. 8. When you press <Enter> after entering the  Distance or click  Add , the new positions are added to thelist as shown below. Because these distances were an equal distance apart you could set a repeatand not have to enter each axis position.  9. Switch to the Z tab and set Numbering to Value as shown below.10.Set the Position to  0.00 and click  Add . 11.  Add positions for   5 and  5.5 meters. Because these axes are at different distances from each other you needto enter them individually. Additionally, instead of numbers for the labels, the label equalsthe value of the position as shown below.  12.Click  Apply and then click  Close . 13. The structure axis displays on the grid as shown below.14.Save the project as  My Structural Project.rtd .
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