Modeling Honeycomb Structure in Patran - Nastran - Eng-Tips

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  11/8/2014Modeling Honeycomb structure in Patran - Nastran - Eng-Tips Smart questionsSmart answersSmart people GoFind A ForumGo  Join Eng-Tips Forums Home > Forums > Engineering Computer Programs > General Engineering Programs > Nastran Forum Modeling Honeycomb structure in Patran thread825-327723   Composite Radomes Design, Development and Delivery. Radome Solutions for Ground & Ships Pshell90  (Aerospace) (OP) 11 Aug124:45Hi guys!!I'm working with PATRAN and I wanna model a sandwich beam with honeycomb core. but I don't know how to model it in PATRAN? I used COMPOSITE in material anddefined facesheet and core !!I want to know if it is a good way to define a sandwich beam ?I want to have a flutter analysis at the end !!Please help me what to do !!Thank you all in advance . ESPcomposites  (Aerospace)12 Aug1217:20There are several ways to model sandwich structure. You will not be able to capture the effects of transverse shear stiffness with that approach though. If that does notmatter to you, then your approach may be sufficient. Brian   Share This  11/8/2014Modeling Honeycomb structure in Patran - Nastran - Eng-Tips Pshell90  (Aerospace) (OP) 13 Aug122:07Dear Brian,Thank you a lot ! but I just for checking, you mean that in this way that I said, the transverse shear modulus does not exit !! I'm sorry, but could you please explain more. I'm a rookie .Thank you again,Brian.  ZeroExperience  (Aerospace)14 Aug1218:46  (Aerospace) (OP) 17 Aug1213:25Dear ZeroExperience,Thank you so much. This is awesome !! Pshell90  (Aerospace) (OP) 18 Aug123:20Dear ZeroExperience,  11/8/2014Modeling Honeycomb structure in Patran - Nastran - Eng-Tips Could you please tell me how I can model honeycomb structure using MSC.Laminate Modeler ?!Thank you in advance, my friend. I Beam Find Quality Products from Verified Manufacturers.Get a Live Quote Now! Join | Indeed Jobs |  Advertise Copyright © 1998-2014, Inc. All rights reserved.Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without expressed written permission.
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