Molten Steel Social Media Proposal

Molten Steel Social Media Proposal
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  Desert Mountain Properties 2010 Social Media Proposal Incorporating Social Media into Desert Mountain Member Communications Prepared byCrystal HillisSandra HernadezPatricia O’Shea  Social Media Proposal Incorporating Social Media into Desert Mountain Member Communications Prepared for Bob JonesCo-PresidentDesert Mountain Properties To compliment the current Desert Mountain website and improveadvertising options we recommend setting up social media accountsfor Desert Mountain members. Our recommendation is to openaccounts with Facebook M! Space and Twitter. The onl! cost associated with this proposal is emplo!ee time. e recommend theset up take place during the summer when our member tra#c isreduced. There will be no additional hours needed for emplo!ees to set up these website accounts. Project Bacground “Our mission is to make Desert Mountain one of te !nest pri ate# residential and recreational communities in te $orld# b% pro idin& superior ser ice and outstandin& amenities# in an atmospere of e'cellence() *it our mission statement in mind# te club mana&er# retail director# and $ebsite administrator a e e'pressed an interest in e'pandin& e'istin& internet communications to include social net$orkin& $ebsites( +e members a e also e'pressed an interest in bein& able to ie$ Desert Mountain on social media sites( , small &roup of mana&ers met recentl% to discuss te possibilit% of social media at Desert Mountain( Some possible problems tat need to be addressed are o$ to set it up# securit% for DMP.s ser er and net$ork# member securit% and con!dentialit%# cost# and most importantl% $ould members use it( *e $ill also address te bene!ts to te club of usin& social media( Mr( Jones# Co-President# created our team to researc te possibilities and concerns( Objecti!es  +e mana&ement and sta/ are al$a%s stri in& to brin& te Desert Mountain members te most current and superior ser ices a ailable( +o do tis $e feel it is necessar% to embrace te social media mo ement( +o do tis $e $ill need to oin  acebook# M% Space and +$itter( Our &oal is address te concerns and issues brou&t up b% te mana&ement team( Set p  +e social media $ebsite $e recommend a e eas% to follo$ instructions on teir site for business to set up pa&es( +is task could be easil% completed b% Cr%stal illis our $ebsite administrator( acebook# for e'ample# can be setup in ! e simple steps( +e $ebsites also a e tutorials a ailable to elp make te most out of our social media pa&e( +e most time intensi e part $illbe addin& potos and &aterin& information for our blo&s( +e same information can be used to set up eac of te tree sites( Before te sites are a ailable to te public te team $ill pre ie$ te site to te senior sta/ forappro al and su&&estions( Our su&&estion for te set up and runnin& of te $ebsites $ould be Cr%stal illis# our current $ebsite administrator( ,ssistin& er in te proect $ould be our marketin& director Sandra ernade3 and Patricia O4Sea our tecnical $riter( Security *e tink usin& social media to disseminate information and to collect feedback about club e ents# scedules and oter club ne$s $ould be a bene!t to club mana&ement( +e data could be used to e aluate $eter club members feel te club is meetin& te desires and e'pectations of its clients( Of course our primar% concern is ensurin& te securit% of our members and our o$n ser ers(*e a e e aluated eac of te social media $ebsites( ,nd a e found tat eac $ebsite takes securit% of teir members er% seriousl%( *e $ill use acebook as our e'ample# as eac social media site as te same basic securit% features( acebook pro ides simple instructions for an%one $o oins to decide $o and o$ muc personal information te% $ant allo$ oters to see( Onl% te most basic information is isible to e er%one5 ã 6ame and pro!le picture are isible to e er%one so real $orld friends can reco&ni3e %ou# and so $e can displa% tem $en %ou $rite on someone.s *all( ã 7ender is public so $e can correctl% displa% %our &ender 8for e'ample# 9,dd er as a friend9:( ã 6et$orks are isible to e er%one so %ou can see $o else is part of %our net$ork 8and $ill a e access to %our information: before coosin& 9riends and 6et$orks9 for an% of %our pri ac% settin&s(Oter information in tis section# includin& ometo$n and interests# is isible b% default to elp friends and oter people %ou a e tin&s in common $it connect $it %ou(  acebook doesn4t sare personal information $it teir ad ertisers(   ,d tar&etin& is done entirel% anon%mousl%( Some partner sites ma% a e access te same basic information te public as to personali3e te members e'perience but te% can turn o/ instant personali3ation for speci!c sites or turn it o/ completel% from te ,pplications and *ebsites pa&e( Members can block people from interactin& $it tem or seein& teir personal information b% coosin& options in( +e% can also specif% friends te% $ant to i&nore application in ites from# see a list of te speci!c applications tat a e been blocked# and contactin& %ou(9Public searc9 on te ,pplications and *ebsites pa&e controls $eter people $o enter a speci!c name in a searc en&ine $ill see a pre ie$ of a speci!c acebook pro!le( ;t also controls $eter tin&s members speci!call%coose to sare $it e er%one so$ up in searces on and o/ acebook(Member con!dentialit% is a concern because $e a e a er% strict pri ac% polic% tat proibits te club from releasin& an% information about our members( *e propose addin& a disclaimer to eac of te social media pa&estat lets te members kno$ tat tis is a public site and teir identities are not pri ate and oinin& is optional( *e $ill also send out emails to te membersip about te ne$ social media $ebsites( +ese emails $ill address pri ac%# safet% and proper social media eti<uette( +o furter insure member safet% $e $ill pro ide trainin& classes on social media usa&e(  +o pre ent risk to our ser ers $e $ill continue to proibit emplo%ee use of social media sites on compan% computers( +e computers of tose creatin& and updatin& te social media sites $ill a e teir securit% soft$are up&raded( +is soft$are is currentl% a ailable to our ;+ department at no additional cost( +ose emplo%ees $ill also run dail% irus scans as directed b%,ndre$ eard# Director of ;+( =mplo%ees $it access to te social media $ebsites $ill meet $it ,ndre$ to discuss safe practices( Cost  Joinin& social media $ebsites is free of car&e( +e onl% associated cost is in man ours( *e estimate it $ill take appro'imatel% 100 man ours to set up all tree of te social media accounts( +e best time to complete tis proect $ould be durin& te summer( +e decrease in member acti it% durin& te summer allo$s for multiple proects to be completed $itout interferin& in te dail% routine of te sta/( Member Interest  +o determine member interest $e conducted a sur e% on te members4 onl% $ebsite( +e numbers so$ed tat o er >?@ of our member polled $ere
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