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  Copyright 1970 by Monastery of the Seven Rays, Quito, Ecuador, A rights reserved   Monastery of the Seven Rays Monastery of the Seven Rays,IInd Year Course in Sexual MagicIntroduction to Part II. The Deductions of Sexual Magic(essons !, ,#, and $%.&')TI*+RY SYY-I&S, S&CTI* I.There are to levels of evolution recognised in the field of sexual /agic. Theseto levels refer s0ecifically to levels of consciousness 0roduced hen the orld ofnature turns 1ac2 u0on itself and directs its 0athay of develo0/ent -odard or toardsthe Iconos0here. &verything hich reflects the highest of hu/an attain/ents is to 1efound in this ever ascending evolutionary arc of s0iritual groth. oo2ed at fro/ theoutside, this 0athay 2non as that of the evolutionary sy3ygies 0resents a 0erfectedunity of hu/an s0iritual co/0letion, 1ut hen exa/ined ithin, 1y esoteric /ethods itis 4uite 0ossi1le to distinguish to 0hases or develo0/ents, hich hile significant inthe/selves are related as co/0le/ents in this /ost refined of areas of sexual /agic.56irst there is s0ace, and /y /ind is ithin all of it7 yet, therein I havealso 0laced /y 1eloved as 0olar o00osite. Then there ca/e forth fro/ the0rocess ti/e, herein I sa to 0oles of learning, and these I 2ne to 1eithin /y on 1ody.5(eg1ha Revelations fro/ Ra8Ma8el%.There are to surging levels of evolutionary consciousness /oving, even strugglingtoards the divine iconos0here. The outer/ost level is s0ace8consciousness, herein thetotal 0resence of the glorious eg1ha is felt 1y sensitives, seen 1y clairvoyants, and2non 1y /agicians. This s0iritual 0resence /ust fill all of s0ace, for it is thetruest of the divine geo/etries. eg1ha is s0ace and 9e is the /ost 0erfect of alls0aces and degrees of consciousness, for having 0oured hi/self out in total sexual/anifestation, 9e no co/es 1ac2 to 9is on inner hiddenness. ess divine than eg1hais the 0resence of uage, no, a de/igod and indeed an evolving for/ of divinity. uagere0resents the 0erfection of s0iritual essence, and he is no hat hu/anity ill 1eco/e/illions of years fro/ the 0resent. uage re0resents the highest 0ole of hu/anevolution and his contact ith eg1ha re0resents the /ixing of hu/anity ith divinity,or the /eeting 1eteen the rising are of hu/an consciousness and the ingathering ofdivine s0ace80lenitude. This /eeting in s0aceconsciousness 1eteen the to 0oles ofevolution constitutes the 0rinci0le of the 0lero/a, s0o2en of 1y the -nostics of old asthe co/0leteness of the heavenly universe of orlds. Yet this 0erfect ingathering ofessence or eg1ha and existence or uage 2non 1y the -nostics in ter/s of their veryselect /eta0hysical categories is itself, as a 0rocess, inco/0lete for it too /ust haveits on sy3ygy, :ust as it is co/0osed of the sy3ygy of eg1ha8uage.The /ate or sy3ygy of s0ace8consciousness is the rising are of ti/econsciousness,herein is to 1e found to 0oles of doctrine, or to sources of teaching, unified inthe /eta0hysics of esoteric teaching, as sy3ygy, 1ut nevertheless re0resenting distinct0oles of /agical influence, in that they can /a2e se0arate contri1utions, and that henlin2ed in the coo0erative 0rocess of teaching there is an added richness. This sy3ygyis the source of the /agical teachings used 1y the Monastery, 1ut at the sa/e ti/e thissource is also a cos/ic 0rocess 2non as the evolutionary arc or sy3ygy ofti/e8consciousness. The to 0olarities ithin this 0rocess reflecting the sy3ygy of;.The sy3ygy of evolutionary arcs of s0ace and ti/e consciousness and theeternal.<.The sy3ygy of s0ace8consciousness and ti/e8consciousness.=.The sy3ygy of uage8existence and eg1ha8essence in s0aceconsciousness.  is the>.The sy3ygy of Michael +4uarius and Racine, in the ti/econsciousness of theage.&ach occult 0eriod of history evolves its on for/ and /atter in accord ith 1asicinner needs in s0ace consciousness and ti/e8conscious ness. The 0resent age, The +ge of+4uarius, is a con:unctive state of aareness existing 1eteen the 0olarity of Racine(March #, ;?>!% and Michael (@anuary ;$, ;?=!%. The 1oundaries of the 1eginning and theend of the sign of +4uarius, hen translated into the ti/econsciousness language ofsexual /agic, 1eco/e the conjunction of Pisces (Racine% and Ca0ricorn (Michael%, yet ithsufficient overla0 into +4uarius and ith sufficient s0ace/ent of 0lanets to insuretotal do/ination of the +4uarian +ge. This is the reason hy the highest ex0ressions ofoccult insight have co/e in these lessons hen there as this terrific /agicalcoo0eration 1eteen these to 0oles of /agical aareness in defining the teaching0rocess hich is 2non as the ti/e8consciousness of the +4uarian +ge.The rulershi0 of +4uarius having 1een given to the 0lanet )ranus /eans that )ranus/ust 1e defined as a con:unction of Saturn (Michael% and *e0tune (Racine%, and such a conjunction is 4uite 0ossi1le, for it i/0lies a 1lending of the /asculine (Ca0ricorn and*e0tune% and fe/inine (Pisces and Saturn% in 0erfect 1alance. Perha0s future ages illhave this 4uality, and 0erha0s it has already existed7 1ut calling the studentAsattention to hat has 1een said of the sexual nature of the eight 0lanets, e /ay notethatMale6e/ale;. 'ulcan'enus<. )ranusSaturn=. *e0tune@u0iterthe relationshi0 in sy3ygy 1eteen )ranus and Saturn and *e0tune is the relationshi01eteena.the use of sexual /agic in its theoretical for/1.the total 0ossi1ility of all /agical syste/sc.sexual /agic in its /ystical for/, the analysis of drea/sand i/agesso that the entire 0attern of teaching is indicated 1y the conjunction of sexualcharacteristics as they are found in that earlier lesson. Thusly, the evolutionary areof ti/e8consciousness /ust 1e understood to 1e a true sy3ygy, and not /erely acon:unction of 0oints of agree/ent, for it has definite /eta0hysical roots 1oth inexistence and in essence. This is the test of any ty0e of ti/e8consciousness, na/elyhether or not it has its roots in the s0ace8consciousness hich as a /oreco/0rehensive sy3ygy envelo0es it co/0letely and har/oniously. ur inter0retation ofthe +4uarian +ge does satisfy this 1asic re4uire/ent, and therefore e are ithin thes0here of the evolutionary teaching of this age, 1ecause e have defined the +4uarian+ge in its innermost being as 1eing the con:unction in 1eing, or sy3ygy of Michael andRacine as the sources of doctrine.+s evolution is related to eternity 1y sy3ygy, and as ti/econsciousness is 1ysy3ygy related to s0ace8consciousness, and as uage and eg1ha for/ a sy3ygy, so indoctrine Michael and Racine for/ the sy3ygy of the +4uarian +ge. So/e ill say thatthis sy3ygy is /erely the reflection of a overall or greater har/ony of the age, andthat there are other 0ossi1ilities of inter0retation. Be are in a 0osition to denythis, for there is not the deductive 1asis in other vies for tal2ing a1out the+4uarian +ge su1stantively. Bhen other teaching grou0s or occultists s0ea2 of the+4uarian +ge they s0ea2 of it as an ad:ective to characterise hat they have 1eensaying or resaying for the 0ast fe hundred years. They si/0ly say 5+4uarian +ge51ecause this is the occult ay of saying 5the very latest develo0/ent5 or 5the neestidea5. thers ould say 5:ust off the 0ress5, or 51a2ed fresh this /orning5, and noneould deny that they are using these ords to /odify their on su1:ect8/atter, i.e.,  using the ords ad:ectively. ut, 1y /a2ing certain that it can 1e esta1lished that the+4uarian +ge is the na/e of the sy3ygy of ti/econsciousness and 1y shoing that it hasits 1asis in existence (@anuary ;$, ;?=! and March #, ;?>!% as ell as in essence(Saturn8)ranus8*e0tune and Pisces8+4uarius8Ca0ricorn%, the +4uarian +ge has 1een ta2enout of the category of the ad:ective and is no a su1stantive, hich /eans thatstanding on its on feet it can 0rovide us ith teachings and revelations hich hileshoing connection ith the 0ast, 0oint in an entirely different and ne direction.This is 0recisely hat the Monastery teaching is all a1out.The 0ur0ose of evolution is to 1e seen in the 0lace/ent or situs of theevolutionary arc of ti/e8consciousness ithin that of s0ace8consciousness, for therelationshi0 of ti/e to s0ace is the relationshi0 of effect to cause.Ti/e8consciousness is naturally fed and ins0ired 1y s0ace8 consciousness so /uch sothat the entire +4uarian +ge teaching 1eco/es an ela1oration of eg1ha /eta0hysics,hich ithout this 0a0er to ex0lain the /atter /ight a00ear strange to certain readers.9oever, the fact is that there is a continual source of ins0iration floing 1eteens0ace8consciousness and ti/econsciousness and it is only 0ossi1le 1ecause of theanalogy in sy3ygy hich exists 1eteen the to levels of evolution. Should therelationshi0 in sy3ygy 1rea2 don at so/e level then an entirely ne /eta0hysicalarrange/ent ould have to e/erge 1efore revelation ould 1e 0ossi1le. Be say this inorder to ex0lain the /echanis/ 1ehind our /ethod of receiving the teachings, since itis neither fro/ the orld of 1oo2s (there are no 1oo2s on our teachings% nor fro/ theorld of /ediu/shi0 in the traditional sense (a Piscean +ge 0ractice% that ourteachings can derive. Rather they reflect the /ost 0erfect use of the /ost 0erfect ofall /eta0hysical instru/ents, the sy3ygy. You have 1een ex0osed to this ty0e of/ediu/shi0 1efore in the first year course, here there as a discussion of the 1asicidea. 9ere e have given the 0rinci0le 1ehind the /echanis/, and it ill 1e our tas2 inthe re/aining three 0a0ers of this introduction to a/0lify the /atter further. Pleasenote the diagra/ hich follos as offering so/e2ind of gra0hic assistance.Michael +4uarius and Racine.
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