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Monday, Sept. 12th, :00 Registration 3A 13:30 Tutorial Session 13:30 Philipp Neudecker (Düsseldorf) NMR relaxation dispersion spectroscopy for the investigation of conformational exchange in proteins
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Monday, Sept. 12th, :00 Registration 3A 13:30 Tutorial Session 13:30 Philipp Neudecker (Düsseldorf) NMR relaxation dispersion spectroscopy for the investigation of conformational exchange in proteins 14:10 Henrike Heise (Düsseldorf) Solid-state NMR-Spectroscopy Principles and Biological Applications 15:00 Manuel Etzkorn (Düsseldorf) Membrane systems 15:40 Anton Savitsky (Mülheim a. d. Ruhr) Introduction to modern EPR spectroscopy 16:20 Short Break 17:00 Conference Opening Henrike Heise Felix-Bloch-Lectureship Chair: Christina Thiele Björn Corzilius (Frankfurt am Main) Advances in indirect and direct dynamic nuclear polarization of 1 and 15N 18:30 Welcome Mixer Foyer Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2016, morning Plenary Lectures 1 8:30 Ernst Awards Chair: Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff Christian Hintze (Konstanz) Laser-Induced Magnetic Dipole Spectroscopy Katharina Märker (Grenoble) A New Tool for NMR Crystallography: Complete 1/15N Assignment of Organic Molecules at Natural Isotopic Abundance Using DNP-Enhanced Solid-State NMR Johannes Wittmann (Zürich/Frankfurt a. M.) Quantification and compensation of the influence of pulse transients on symmetry-based recoupling sequences 9:50 Arno Kentgens (Nijmegen) tba 10:30 Coffee Parallel Session 1 Parallel Session 2 Chair: Henrike Heise Chair: Burkhard Luy 11:00 Daniel Huster (Leipzig) NMR Investigations of the Structure and Dynamics of Mutated Amyloid Protein Fibrils Marcel Blommers (Novartis) Sealed sirnas: NMR guided design of novel therapeutic RNAs 11:25 Martina Huber (Leiden) Amyloid and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Methods 11:50 Franziska Weirich (Düsseldorf) The beta-sheet Core of Recombinant Fibrillar Human IAPP Includes the Central FGAILS Segment 12:10 Thomas Wiegand (Zürich) Conformational switches of a DnaB helicase upon nucleotide and DNA binding studied by solid-state NMR 12:30 Lunch Break Kerstin Münnemann (Kaiserslautern) NMR hyperpolarization: Fighting the lifetime issue Klaus Woelk (Missouri) High-Resolution NMR Relaxometry Wolfram Gronwald (Regensburg) Comprehensive metaboproteomics of Burkitt and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 2016, afternoon Plenary Lecture 2 Chair: Dieter Willbold 13:30 Stephan Grzesiek (Basel) Insights into GPCR function by solution NMR Parallel Session 3 Chair: Dieter Willbold 14:15 Sonja Dames (München) Characterization of the regulation of M. tuberculosis protein kinase G by NMR and MD simulations 14:40 Jerôme Boisbouvier (Grenoble) Structural and Functional Studies of a 1 MDa Chaperonin in Action by NMR 15:05 Robert Schneider (Lille) Studying intrinsically disordered proteins under true in vivo conditions by combined cross polarization and carbonyl detection NMR 15:25 Markus Schade (Aachen) NMR Fragment Screening for Challenging Targets 15:45 Poster Session 1 (+ Coffee) odd numbers presenting Parallel Session 4 Chair: Kay Saalwächter Jörn Schmedt auf der Günne (Siegen) Defects in inorganic solids Thomas Risse (Berlin) EPR spectroscopy of spin labeled protein single crystals: insights into structure and dynamics Ilya Shenderovich (Regensburg) Reconstructing the morphology of noncrystalline solids from NMR of noncovalent interactions Frank Haarmann (Dresden) Local order in Intermetallics resolved by NMR Plenary Lectures 3: Complementary Methods Chair: Bernd König 17:30 Gunnar Schröder (Jülich) Protein Structure and Dynamics from Single-particle Cryo-EM Data 18:10 Claus Seidel (Düsseldorf) hybridfret - deciphering biomolecular structure and dynamics 19:00 FGMR Members Meeting Wednesday, Sept. 14th, 2016, morning Plenary Lectures 4 Chair: Manuel Etzkorn 8:30 Guido Pintacuda (Lyon) Fully protonated proteins and proton-detected NMR at 100 khz magic-angle spinning 9:10 Enrica Bordignon (Bochum) Exploring conformational equilibria of heterodimeric ABC exporters by EPR 9:50 Volker Dötsch (Frankfurt am Main) Solution NMR studies of detergent sensitive integral membrane proteins 10:30 Coffee Parallel Session 5 Parallel Session 6 Chair: Johannes Liermann Chair: Josef Granwehr 11:00 Patrick Giraudeau (Nantes) Ultrafast 2D NMR: from reaction monitoring to quantitative metabolomics Nicholas Cox (Mülheim a. d. Ruhr) High-Field Pulse EPR: A New Biophysical Toolbox for the Study of the biological water 11:25 Dariush Hinderberger (Halle) Elucidating the Nanoscale of Ionic Liquids with EPR spectroscopy 11:50 Christina Thiele (Darmstadt) New chiral alignment media based on polyglutamates and polyaspartates 12:10 Jens Haller (Karlsruhe) CLIP-COSY: A Clean In-Phase Experiment for the Rapid Acquisition of COSY-type Correlations 12:30 Lunch Break splitting catalysis Olav Schiemann (Bonn) EPR-based Metal Ion Trilateration Tufa Assafa (Bochum) Light-induced conformational changes of the sensory module of phytochrome Cph2 Jason W. Sidabras (Mülheim a.d. Ruhr) Micro-Resonators for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Size Limited Samples at 9.5 GHz Wednesday, Sept. 14th, 2016, afternoon Parallel Session 7 Chair: Philipp Neudecker 13:30 Paul Schanda (Grenoble) Solid-state NMR studies of functional dynamics in a half-megadalton enzyme complex 13:55 Katja Petzold (Stockholm) Characterizing transient structures of RNA using NMR 14:20 Petra Rovo (München) Proton transverse relaxation as a sensitive reporter on microsecond motions in solidstate 14:40 Nils-Alexander Lakomek (Zürich) Microsecond protein dynamics probed by solid-state NMR 15N R1ρ 15:00 Poster Session 2 (+ coffee) even numbers presenting Plenary Lectures 5 Parallel Session 8 Chair: Bernhard Blümich Peter Blümler (Mainz) Ultra-Precise NMR-Magnetometers for High Fields Siegfried Stapf (Ilmenau) Classical and dynamic phase transitions of supercooled ionic liquids in bulk and in confinement Jennifer Flohr (Aachen) Intra-aneurysmal flow and thrombosis Ulrich Scheler (Dresden) Dynamics in thin polymer films and at interfaces Chair: Wolfgang Lubitz 16:30 Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff (Osnabrück) Conformational dynamics of the phototaxis membrane protein complex revealed by EPR spectroscopy 17:10 Song-I Han (Santa Barbara, CA) Dual DNP and EPR capabilities at 7 Tesla enable mechanistic studies to new applications 18:00 Conference Dinner Thursday, Sept. 15th, 2016 Parallel Session 9 Chair: Raphael Stoll 8:30 Malene Ringkjoebing Jensen (Grenoble) Protein intrinsic disorder in the MAPK cell signalling pathways 8:55 Stefan Knauer (Bayreuth) Exploring RNA Polymerase Regulation by NMR Spectroscopy 9:15 Vineet Panwalkar (Düsseldorf) The Nedd4-1 WW domain recognizes the PY motif peptide through coupled folding and binding equilibria 9:35 Benesh Joseph (Frankfurt a. M.) EPR Spectroscopy on Membrane Proteins in Native Environments: New Developments 9:55 Wolfgang Hoyer (Düsseldorf) Beta-hairpin motifs of disease-related amyloidogenic intrinsically disordered proteins Parallel Session 10 Chair: Anton Savitsky Ümit Akbey (Aarhus) High Field DNP enhanced NMR Spectroscopy: Higher efficiency, limiting factors and applications Shubhajit Paul (Leipzig) Cryptochrome model compound F10T: photo- CIDNP NMR studies on low and Earth s magnetic field Monu Kaushik (Frankfurt a. M.) Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced solid state NMR using bis-gd3+ polarizing agents Yury Kutin (Mülheim a. d. Ruhr) EPR study of assembly mechanisms of the Mn/Fe cofactors in R2lox and R2c proteins Sigrun Rumpel (Mülheim a. d. Ruhr) NMR spectroscopy as a novel tool in hydrogenase research 10:15 Elisa Colas Debled (Grenoble) Chaperonin stabilizes aggregation-prone proteins and interferes with fibrillation of amyloids 10:35 Coffee Müge Kasanmascheff (Göttingen/Dortmund) Advanced EPR spectroscopy at high fields/frequencies sheds light on the radical transfer in E. coli ribonucleotide reductase Plenary Lectures 6 Chair: Henrike Heise 11:05 Józef Lewandowski (Warwick) Structure and dynamics of protein complexes by solid-state NMR 11:45 Ruth Gschwind (Regensburg) Intermediates and Interactions in Photo- and Organocatalysis 12:25 Closing, Farewell 13:30 Meeting of the AG Small Molecules 3B 14:30 G-NMR Meeting
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