Moparm Action - December 2014 USA

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  1-800-932-7663 Restoration & Performance Parts for GM, Ford & Chrysler Muscle Cars © 2014 YEAR  ONE  Magnum Wheel 17”x9” aluminum “Magnum” wheel with 5 125” backspacing.17”x8” with 4.5”backspacing.Black powder coatedwith machined lip. Universal Seat Relocation Brackets Set of 4 brackets with hardware. Used to relocateseat rearward or forward by 1- 1  /  2 ” or 2”. Can be installed on top of or below the carpet. 70 74 E Body AM/FM Radio Looks like the srcinal but equipped with the latest technology. No modifications needed. Up to 180 watts of power. 3-Point Conversion FrontSeat Belt Set Aftermarket set for 68-70 A-Body models with bucketseats. Correctdimensions for the application. QA1 Tubular Lower Control  Arms 64-76  A-Body A direct bolt-on for your factory K-member. Sold as a pair.  YEARONE Muscle Car Parts License Plate Black background with red and white embossed letters.   KenHarrisonKick Panelswith Speakers These allow you to have great sound without modifying your vehicle. Paintableto match your interior. MA014 (ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE) Chrysler Catalog:Print: Mopar A/B/E-Body (1962-74)  SPECIAL 426 HEMI 50TH ANNIVERSARY SECTION 26 BIRTH OF THE ELEPHANT  Part 1 of a 3-part series. The srcin, development and engineering analysis of the most iconic street/ race engine of Detroit’s golden era—Chrysler’s Gen 2 426 Hemi. 78 JOURNEY THROUGH HEMILAND  How the NHRA dealt with the Hemi from the engine’s inception up through the present day. Plus, the first NHRA-legal 426 single 4-Bbl and dual-quad crossram Hemi that’s tearing up the dragstrips. HEMI MOPES 44 HERE COMES THE BRIDE What could be a better start for a successful marriage than to leave the church or house of worship of your choice) in a blaze of tire smoke from a 9-second street ’n’ strip ’70 ’Cuda “limo.” Sure beats getting rice down your neck. 84 FISH DISH  Our tasty eye candy ’73 ’Cuda that’s packed with trick stuff and a 635 HP 528 cubic inch Hemi. This one was a real catch. BIG BLOCK RIDES 18 FURR A FEW DOLLARS MORE  Clint Eastwood would even enjoy this warmed-up ’72 Duster with a 505-inch bullet under the hood, but the owner, Jesse Furr won’t give it to him. This is how the Furr flies. 34 MANN TOY  It took the Dukes to inspire Charger lust in this owner who went on to acquire a few. This one has some neat personal touches that did not break the bank. 66 GRAND HEFT AUTO  Like ’em big? You’d do well with a ’66 Chrysler 300. You’d do better with the convertible, and even better still with one that’s Ruby red. So now you have a hint that by turning to page 64 you’re not gonna find something like a Fiat. TITILLATING TECH 60 SLUGFEST  If you’re gonna significantly boost the power output of your 3G Hemi, one of the first upgrades you’ll need is more durable pistons. Here’s how to swap ’em, step-by-step in our signature excruciating detail. 70 SEAT TIME  Where do you spend all of your time in your Mopar? On your butt, of course. Here’s how to make those classic Mope seats way more comfortable while still retaining their stock appearance. FAST & FURIOUS FEATURES 22 BATTLE BEAUTY AT ROCKINGHAM  The Mega Mopar Action Series storms into Rockingham Dragway for another fun-filled, action-packed event (aren’t they all?). Here’s as much fun and action as we could stuff into 4 pages. 40 SIZZLING SIXTIES  Our Dodge 100th Anniversary Series continues with the ’64-’66 period as Chrysler uncages the game-changer Hemi for race and street while the curtain is raised on Coronet and Charger  Chrysler’s Stock Car Connection — Part 9 48 BACK TO RACING  Chrysler continues its winning ways going into the spring of ’66 as NASCAR plays fast and loose with the rules. 54 FISH FIGHT  We compare two kits that convert your late-model Challenger into a “’Cuda-ized” version. There are plenty of options up to and including superchargers. Here’s what you get and here’s what you pay. 76 TIME BOMB  Is your Mopar a deathtrap? You could be riding on four sticks of dynamite. Read this only if you’re interested in staying alive or don’t like loud noises. “When you care enough to read the very best.” 4  MOPAR ACTION   SOLD TO THE MAN WITH THE GREEN IGUANA   1971 4-speed Hemicuda convertible breaks all records for a musclecar sold at auction by fetching a cool 3.5 million dollars. But did that include the mudflaps? COVER STORY   YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS TOO   6 EDITOR’S NOTES 8 NEWS & NOTES12 TECH TOPICS14 RESTO TOPICS 91 MOPAR OR NOCAR97 COOL STUFF 98 ADVERTISING INDEX 7 0 40 34
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