More Hypermarket Priliminary research

Priliminary Research for more hypermarket
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  Page 1 of 6   Proposal for Primary Research on MORE  Page 2 of 6   List of Hypotheses to be tested 1.   MORE does not have much loyal customers. 2.   MORE is trying to push more of its private products than other branded products. Justification    We are trying to check whether ‘MORE’lacks loyal customers. MOREsupermarkets were introduced in 2007. Currently it has about 500 supermarkets and 15 hypermarkets. Yet, in the Financial Year 2013, MOREincurred loss of 511 Crores INR. (We assume that lack of loyal customers may be one of the factors that impacted the profitability of the ‘more’ stores)      MORE offers a wide range of products under its own brand. In 2013, MOREexpanded its portfolio of in-house products. We are trying to check whether MOREis trying to push its in-house/private products. The list of information requirements to be collated    Information on the 'MORE' consumer satisfaction.    Comparison between competitors.    Information on the in-house products available.    Information about the availability, variety and price sensitivity of products.  Page 3 of 6   Instruments of data collection Research Methodology: The study is based on survey method. The survey will be conducted with the help of questionnaire which comprised of both open & close ended questions. All the respondents will be contacted personally & interviewed with the help of questionnaires. One of the most important use of research methodology is that it helps in identifying the problem, collecting, analyzing the information gained. Questionnaire Design: The survey method was the basic research method. The questionnaire is prepared according to designed hypotheses.The questionnaire is designed to obtain the customer perception about the store and their general shopping trends. Sampling procedure Random Sampling is the sampling procedure used. Method: The research is primarily both exploratory as well as descriptive in nature. The sources of information are both primary & secondary. A well-structured questionnaire is prepared and personal interviews will be conducted to come to the conclusion. Size of sample: 100 Hypermarket Customers.  Area of study: Joka Will you be doing the survey only among people who buy from MORE? Or a mix of MORE and other stores like SPENCER’s etc? It is not clear from the note  Page 4 of 6   Questionnaire: 1. How often do you shop from MORE? a. daily b. weekly c. fortnightly d. monthly 2. Do you feel any store among these better than MORE? a. Spencer’s  b. Reliance Fresh c. Others d. None of these THE ABOVE QNS ARE “LEADING”... NOT THE BEST ONES TO START THE Q’RE.  IT SEEMS TO ME THAT YOU ARE DOING THIS SURVEY ONLY AMONG MORE BUYERS 3. If a new supermarket in your locality other than MORE, will you visit it? SHOULD CHANGE THE SCALE INSTEAD OF MAKING IT BINARY  –  Definitely, May or may not, Definitely not  a. Yes b .No 4. What do you think about the price of products in MORE compared to other shops? a. Too High b. High c. Low d. same 5. Are you aware of club more program? a. Yes b. No
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