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1. MoreLab-Mobility Research Lab<br />Dr. Iñaki Vázquez<br /><br /> 2. 2<br />Our…
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  • 1. MoreLab-Mobility Research Lab<br />Dr. Iñaki Vázquez<br /><br />
  • 2. 2<br />Our work<br />Our mission: to collaborate with industry and R&D agents for technological development.<br />Our goal: to add intelligence to the relationship between people and their environments (at work, at home, at the city).<br /><br />SmartLab: Ambient Intelligence laboratory<br /><br />Home automation network and infrastructure EIB/KNX, indoor location, biometric devices, wearable gadgets, augmented reality, embedded development kits, sensor technologies, ....<br />Our team: 3 doctors, 12 full-time researchers (some PhD students)<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 3. 3<br />Research areas<br />Intelligent environments<br />Middleware for integrating heterogeneous elements (OSGi-based, EIB/KNX, UPnP, ...)<br />Embedded intelligence in devices: semantic technologies, soft computing<br />Collective intelligence: activity sensing and interpretation, indoor location, people (elder, disabled) monitoring, soft computing<br />Creation and deployment of Smart Homes in real use cases<br />Projects: Zaingune, Zaingune2, SmartLab, AutoSemAmI, ISMED,…<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 4. 4<br />Context-aware mobile services<br />Mobile terminals supporting user’s life<br />Mobile Social Interactivity: Web 2.0 through mobile terminals, mobile P2P, Sentient Graffiti<br />Advanced interaction: gesture-based, image-analysis <br />Semantic Web as intelligence enabler technology<br />Laboratory for application validation<br />Projects: MUGGES, mIO!, NEURONA, PIRAmIDE, CBDP <br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />Research areas<br />
  • 5. 5<br />Research areas<br />Design and prototyping of intelligent context-aware devices<br />Wearable computing: gadgets and smart wearable objects.<br />Interactive objects: anticipate users’ needs and develop reactive response<br />Enabling technologies: embedded systems, mobile applications, distributed and cooperative models, wireless microelectronics (802.11x, Bluetooth/ULP Bluetooth, 802.15.4/ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, ...), Semantic Web-based orchestration and choreography<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 6. 6<br />Research areas<br />Smart monitoring<br />Wireless Sensor Networks with embedded intelligence + WAN gateways.<br />Low-cost easy-to-deploy indoor location systems<br />Target scenarios: home, industryal facilities, health, environmental monitoring, human behaviour assessment, security,...<br />Projects: Flexeo, SmartMotes, Sentinel<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 7. 7<br />Research areas<br />Internet of Things + Touch Computing<br />Internet-enabled objects<br />Photo frames<br />Adornments<br />Toys<br />Books<br />...<br />New challenges: native IP connectivity + energy efficiency<br />New ways of browsing the Internet: no screen, no mouse<br />New ways of using RFID and NFC<br />Projects:<br />Smart-Umbrella<br />Souvenir-aware GoogleEarth<br />RealWidget<br />iCompass<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 8. 8<br />FlexChair<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 9. 9<br />RFIDGlove<br />Microdisplay<br />RFID Reader<br />Wearable RFID device plus wireless connectivity and organic microdisplay <br />Applications<br />Logistics<br />Inventory management<br />Activity tracking<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 10. 10<br />RealWidget<br />Wireless microdisplays: a micro-window open to the Internet<br />Desktop Widgets in the Real World!<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 11. Actividades actuales<br />11<br />Contratos, estudios, informes, tendencias,<br />…<br />Empresas<br />CCTT, Universidades<br />Tecnologías, prototipos, pruebas de concepto,<br /> …<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
  • 12. Ciclo del ecosistema de innovación 2009-2010<br />12<br />Ferias, foros, plataformas, networking, <br />…<br />Validaciones, informes de usabillidad,<br />…<br />Empresas, NEBT<br />Incubadora<br />Feedback<br />Tecnologías, prototipos, pruebas de concepto, …<br />Estudios, informes, tendencias, … <br />CCTT, Universidades<br />DeustoTech-Tecnológico Fundación Deusto<br />
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